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What is Google Algorithm? How to Get Benefits from Recent Frequent Change in Search Engine Algo? - Best SEO Tips | Marketing Blog

Many of Website owners, commercial Bloggers and newbie of SEM, SEO are have to know about Google Algorithm? How to Get Benefits from Frequent Change in Search Engine Algorithms?

Google Algorithm…? What it is. Where it is available?

How it impact your website ranking?
How can  you avoid Google penalty for your website?
Will Google Algorithm Affect your website?

Like this many questions may rise in your brain, whenever there is a new update refresh appears on online.

To understand about Google Algorithm, continue to read this Best SEO Tips on Google search engine algorithms changes.

What is Search Engine Algorithm:

In Maths - It is a sequence of steps needed to solve logical or mathematical problems.

In SEO optimization – It is the process of filtration or penalizing the websites violating various guideline provided by search engines.

Search engines frequently change their Algorithms to help refine search results and to meet the needs of users.

Is there any benefit of frequent change in Algo by Search engine?

Exactly to say, YES. There is a benefit with frequent change in Algorithms by Search engine.

In what way you can see the changes in Algorithm?

The Algorithm changes appear in the form of Panda and Penguin, Page layout, and Search result and other etc.

Know here about more on SEO Penalties, updates and filters.

What is Google Panda?

Google Panda algorithm updates that works on content of your website. (Mostly on-page search engine optimization will be examined and get impacted)

This is a major one and launched on February 24 2011.
This algorithm penalizes the websites having,
  • Shallow or low user value based content,
  • Excessive duplicating,
  • Site with lack of useful information on its multiple web pages

How to survive from Google Panda?

Here are few SEO optimization tips on website survival after Google Panda

To protect from Panda impact,
  • Write unique content for all webpages
  • Do on-page optimization ethically
  • Be more social
  • Leverage your site bounce rate

What is Google Penguin?

Google Penguin algorithm updates that works to fix link profile and to penalize over optimized websites. (Both off-page and on-page activities of search engine optimization, however Off-site optimization link building and back links are examined and get impacted)

This algorithm penalizes the websites having,
  • Over optimization
  • Linking to low quality sites
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Black hat practiced sites

How to survive from Google Penguin?

Here are few SEO optimization tips on website survival after Google Penguin
  • Use static URL
  • Diversify your anchor text
  • Build quality backlinks
  • Monitor website health check up
  • Managing link profile quality

Benefits of Google Algorithms Changes and updates
  1.  These Algorithm changes help us to attract more online visitors and guides us to gain more natural organic website ranking.
  2. These helps to serve quality search results for search queries.
  3. Filters out the sites violating search engine as well content guidelines.
  4. Benefits of frequent change in Algo by Search engine:
  5. The frequent change in Google Algo helps in bringing massive web traffic towards our websites.
  6. The frequent change in Google Algo helps to drive more advertising revenue for search engines.
  7. Google Algorithm helps or determines in webpage positioning for a keyword in Google search results page (SERP).

Google SEO penalties, updates, filters at SERP index
  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Page layout
  • Search result
  • Unnatural linking profile
  • Online negative reputation
  • Site wide links
  • Pagerank penalties
  • Exact matched anchor text
  • Spam commenting
  • Black hat seo practice
  • DMCA copyright complaints
  • Practicing with poisonous words
  • Links to bad neighborhood sites
  • Long term broken internal links
  • Excessive server downtime
  • Low user value content
  • Anti-Google practices
  • Excessive Advertisements on web pages

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Online Audience to Target for Content Marketing - SEO Content Writing Tips | Advanced Online Marketing Guide

Here is SEO Content Writing Best tips on Online Audience to Addressing or Targeting for Content Marketing.

How to classify web traffic?

There are a lot of factors are to consider to classify the available web traffic. Visit time, number of pages seen, readingness, understandingness, frequency of availability online, demographic etc. generally used to get idea on webtraffic.

Based on online knowledge of the netizens, there are 5 kinds of online audience.

Types of web audience or visitors

Here are the available types of web audience over the internet. Namely they are,
  1. Newbie, 
  2. Intermediate, 
  3. Expert, 
  4. Temporarily audience, 
  5. Analytical thinkers, 
  6. Cynic…etc..
  • These are beginner learners available at internet
  • To target these newbie audiences, use simple words.
  • Write basic or fundamental content to attract them
  • Try to educate this kind of audience.
  • We can share option about our post
  • These kinds of audiences are generally having good grasping knowledge on a subject/ product/ service.
  • They want to learn or get more by reading companies technical content or expert reviews
  • They want to update their knowledge on selected topics/ products/ services etc…
  • Try to post with technically informative articles to target them and to gain their trust also to follow your website regular.
  • These kinds of audiences are with technically sound knowledge.
  • These kinds of audiences generally scan the content for required information.
  • Try to give expert title to attract them to follow your site and you.
  • High level content is required to earned trust of this expert audience.
Temporary Audience:
  • Generally these kinds of audience are subordinates or people who have no any idea regarding content.
  • They will collect the content information for boss or managers after request for data collection.
  • They are simply visual newbie not experts.
  • They will collect the data based on given title or headline, parameters, subject, product, service…etc…
  • After collection of data, they will prepare a report in a given format manually or with help of reporting tools and finally send to boss or managers.
Analytical Thinkers:
  • These kinds of audiences are referred as researchers.
  • They will examine the data with their knowledge.
  • Generally these audience needs comparative, too informative unique, fact based, knowledgeable content.
  • Generally they will collect the data for final decisions to make expert decisions in regards to a product or service etc…
  • These are informative readers and utilizers.
  • These kinds of audiences also referred as Pessimist.
  • To target these kind of audience, in our post we have to give relevant links from where we collected these data / content.
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Online Audiences Types and Gain Visitor (Audience) Trust with Website Content | Advanced Online Marketing Guide

Know about Kinds of Online Audiences and Gain Visitor Trust with website Content for Target Marketing.

How many types of web audience are available?

Based on searching method, there are 2 types of online audience. They are Broad Online Audience and Narrow Online Audience

Broad Online Audience:
  1. These category audiences are generally collect the information other than required.
  2. They will collect a wide range of informative news of relevant industry and non-relevant industries to improve general knowledge of what is happening in the world.
Content Writing Tips to Attract Broad Knowledge Audience Trust:

  1. Give examples of non-related industry information.
  2. Write a comparative content I the article or posting.
  3. These broad knowledge learners prefers and searches for various industries research articles, statistics, comparative data, short cuts, tips, top ways, best ways, new method, awareness postings, alert articles etc. So focus on these elements to attract the broad knowledge audience when writing content.
Narrow Online Audience:
  • These category audiences are generally collect the required information only.
  • Generally they will not or partially update their online knowledge.
Content Writing Tips to attract Narrow Knowledge Audience Trust:
  1. Give more details or insights of related industry information
  2. Write in-depth articles or posting content to attract this kind of audience.
  3.  These narrow knowledge learners prefers and searches for related industry information from best and industry top professional or industry experts blogs and websites.
  4. New ways, tips and techniques in solving the existing problems, new trends, practical examples, snapshots, precautions, post-cautions etc. So focus on these elements to attract the narrow knowledge audience when writing content.
Based upon learning methods, there are two more types of audience available over the internet.

Visual Learner Audience:
  • These category learner audiences will generally learn from what they watch online movies, videos, images, and from reading the content, e books, PDF documents etc.
  • These visual learners influenced quickly with web content.
  • These category learners generally search the online for graphics, video, statistics, charts and images, content.
To attract Visual learners:
  • Improved content or develop reader friendly content to attract them.
  • Give titles or headlines in bolding. Add boldings to important words to catch visitor attention.
  • Provide colored text and matching images, attractive graphics, and content titles even online tutorial videos.
Auditor Learners Audience:
  • The category learners largely influenced by what they hear.
  • Audio, video formats are most dependable for these category learners.
  • We have to use unique words or phrases
To attract Visual learners:
  • Develop user friendly content with problem solving tips or techniques to attract them.
  • Provide relevant information in audio, video formats to target these category learners.
  • Use unique words or phrases I the posting or articles while creating the content for them.
  • Provide attractive music bits and backgrounds in the video format...
  • Provide relevant links like video tutorials from YouTube or other video sharing sites.
  • Use impressive colored or plain white background, complementary images, attractive graphics and technical or industry based words based content to catch their attention
Hoping I covered most available visitors types and their learning methods and tips on how to get audience trust with your online content and types of web content to drag attention of online traffic. If any other classification if exists, share in your words with comments...                                                                                                                                                             
Thank you for reading this posting on User friendly content writing tips to gain web visitors trust and follow up.
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