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Start SEO Business? Get Success with SEO Job? Become Own Boss in Online Marketing Career?

Want to establish SEO Business?  How to Get Success with SEO Job Career?

Want start career with search engine optimization job in online marketing sector.
It is a very very good thought. Find here some best career advice on online marketing career jobs.

Requirements to start an SEO business

Required Education qualification for SEO Marketing jobs

Here are some prerequisites to begin with a SEO business after your graduation or post-graduation studies and other educational qualification.
All major companies and MNC firms are asking to have minimum qualification as graduation in Bachelor of Science (BSC), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), BSC in Marketing or B technology (Btech) or Bachelor of Engineering (BE) etc...
But few SEO recruiting companies are giving high priority to Post Graduation (PG) qualification holders with any specialization or Master of Business Administration (MBA) specialization in marketing.
Even they are considering PG Diploma in Business management and Software marketing courses.

Technical knowledge required for SEO analyst

For programmer jobs, the students should have a lot of programming languages courses knowledge and need to get training in all possible programming courses even with certification (includes training institute and industry level certification).
Whereas for SEO optimizer jobs, there is no official certification as certified SEO (search engine optimization specialist) at worldwide.
But many institutes are providing their own certification in SEO or online marketing or digital marketing.
Whereas global leading search engine Google is providing a lot of certifications in Google Analytics, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Adwards professional, Digital marketing courses etc...

Here are few relevant web links on these Google offering certifications

The basic required technical knowledge for SEO optimizer jobs is follows

At beginner's SEO level:

MS Office (knowledge in MS Word and Excel also PPTs)
Basic HTML language
At advanced or senior SEO job level:

In addition to MS Office and HTML, to play senior SEO job responsibilities, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, CSS, Javascript and basic JQuery etc. are enough.
But find that the technical knowledge is under constant change.
One who adapts to learn such new things evolving in the industry?
They can get success with online search engine optimization career.

Required other skill and efforts:

Other qualifications like analytical skills and go and getter aptitude also thinking in new creative way...
Listening skills and multitasking skills are need to have.
Analyzing the competitors and tracking their strategy is highly required.
Building and developing an efficient marketing plan to achieve Return on Investment with lesser SEO promotion efforts.

I trained in SEO course in my town. What are jobs for SEO persons?

There are 3 kinds of opportunities are suitable for pursuing search engine optimization and marketing career.

1) in-house employment
2) freelancer job
3) own seo business company

How to get in-house SEO employment?
  • You can get easily a search optimization online marketing job. Prepare a resume with your educational qualifications, technical back ground and additional qualifications like blog management, content writing skills etc...
  • If you have a blog or website  on any topic, provide the URL of your blog or website in the resume and explain about it on how much time you have spent, how did you written content, knowledge like keyword research, primary keyword and traffic bringing keywords selection and promotion activities at time of your interview.
  • This will tell out your earned skills on online marketing and seo on-page and off-page optimization for websites and blog.
  • This is to consider your efficiency and having skills in relevant field.
  • Job sites like and employment search engines like naukri, monster, indeed, career builders etc...are help you in finding a good seo jobs in your home-town.
  • Just you need to upload a updated resume and regular modification with your acquiring qualifications, knowledge and experiences etc... on regular basis.
Want be your own boss?

Then begin your search optimization and marketing career. If you want be your own boss, then there are two best options are exists. 1) freelance career and 2) own SEO business

How to become freelancer SEO?
  1. You can choose your own seo employment as freelancer career.
  2. There is a huge scope for freelancer employment as people are choosing affordable services.
  3. Most of the website owners and upcoming entrepreneurs are preferring budget oriented search engine optimizer and SEM marketer services.
  4. Another option is finding good online SEO projects in freelancer.com, elance.com or guru.com and other sites like odesk.com etc. to get best projects.
  5. Just you need to register with your details on these sites.
  6. Then offer your bidding price should at low than others. Attach your samples documents as a proof of your experience and supporting your biodata.
  7. Your bidding price is plays a major role in getting more online projects.
  8. In addition to this, you should have to build a communication network with web designers and web developers and copy writers to achieve more projects on regular basis.
  9. Building and developing a strong network is ongoing regular activity. So offer your talent, best skills, efficient work, commissions and free gifts and what not....Make sure that your offering is working....
How to start own an Individual SEO Business?

Want be your own boss? Is this your life goal?
  • Surely you can fulfill your goal with this SEO Business by establishing an own company to become own boss to your dream firm.
  • Just you need to start a website or blog on a topic in selected niche.
  • Register and host securely your domain.
  • Try to design your website yourself or hire a web designer at budget.
  • You can use free and paid automated design solutions to get a well-developed domain.
  • Do market research online and make confirm few best topics making you unique from regular blogging.
  • Do competitive and competitor research and analysis to identify best strategy to promote your website with search engine friendly on-page and off-page optimization and advanced website marketing activities.
Know first your readers are human beings... not robots and machines....
  1. Choose trending and user query based topics to write postings and articles.
  2. Focusing the user requirements will definitely help in establishing your seo business firm.
  3. Focus on money generating keywords and visitor and online audience traffic improvement key word phrases in order to meet your life goals as being own boss to your office.
  4. Write visitor oriented informative articles and posting on regular basis. Participate in relevant niche forums. Be found on social media sites.
  5. Don't copy and steal other fellow blog or website content. Announce a fresher copy writer job on your site and social media pages.
  6. Hire fresher content writer and just give brief overview of your life aim and basic seo fundamentals like how search query works and how web traffic if finding your site content through your unique keywords and site design and navigation etc...
  7. Don’t spam at any time and follow search engine guidelines and content guidelines and webmaster guidelines. Don’t violate these guide rules at any time to avoid SEO penalty either partial or permanent ban from search engine. This can impact your strategy and career goals too. Take care yourself.
  8. Build a relationship with like-minded people and share your thoughts and get best advice that works for you in achieving your dreams….
How to earn money with blogs and websites?

There are many ways to make with blog and sites. Few of them are Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Advertisements design and selling websites, content writing services, SEO services in home-town area, graphic design services and marketing research services, competitor analysis and solution to promote products and services at lower costs etc...
These practices are can support in establishing and managing your firm.

With you own website you can offer online webmarketing services that include SEO, Pay per Click PPC, eCommerce leads generation, Business products sales over the web, Internet Brand and reputation management, Web Graphic designing, Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization, Online Reputation Management and many more like Blog marketing, Local SEO service etc.

Just type in Google search "Top adsense earners in your country?" Replace the text "your" with your country name.


Top adsense earner in USA,
Top adsense earner in India, 
Adsense earner in Egypt country,
Adsense earner in Italy country,
Top adsense earner in Australia.

Study their back ground. Definitely their details and how they become top bloggers and top earners online with their websites and weblogs can motivate you to become your own boss...

Don't think like job seekers... Think like a job creator...

If you have will and plan there will be a way to evolve yourself.

Let search engines read your success....

Share your ideas on online marketing and becoming own boss. Share your experience whether success or to be get success with Search Engine Optimization and marketing career...
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Search Engine Optimization Job - Affordable SEO Services in India

What is Search Engine Optimization definition in India?

Search Engine Optimization is simply defined as "SEO = Art + Science".
Whereas in India, "SEO = Art + Science + Business".

What is SEO Marketing?

SEO is optimization the business or personal websites and blogs to improve more web visibility in order to acquire targeted goals and objectives on online. For online business promotion, just you need to have a user friendly website design and unique keywords and content. These are primary investments for your product or service based business sites.

Unlike traditional market, online marketing strategy should have the competition analysis, product analysis, marketing plan, market share, business turnover and market size and promotional activities, leads, sales also business targets deadlines etc... This is because SEO helps small and medium business owners to reach qualified online customers and users.

Every business has its market size and share also qualified customers on online. All IT companies and non IT companies, agencies are has own corporate website to available over the internet. All most all kinds of business websites are playing a major role in reaching internet customers, audiences to promote their products and services.

SEO Market Status in India

How Indians are getting advantages with SEO practices?

Many Indian firms are focusing on online SEO marketing to meet the service, product users and business customers. Before their presence over the web, they will do market research to determine the availability of market size, competition, Return On Investment, budget for business advertisement and competitor market share etc...

After having affordable responsive web design or corporate website design they optimize the all web pages with content created from keyword research. These keywords are includes of both primary phrases and secondary phrases. These unique key phrases are helping them in bringing a good number of traffic and reaching business goals. The firms are mostly utilizing affordable SEO services within India only.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) playing a key role in making the firms closer to online world across many nations. The SEO providers are offering various online marketing services like SEO, Adwords Pay per Click (PPC), web promotion and online branding, responsive website design, social media optimization etc...

Know the Benefits of SEO Marketing

SEO services helping them,
  1. To generate the online traffic
  2. To generate the brand image
  3. To reach the web customers and audiences
  4. To attain business leads and sales enquiries
  5. To acquire top search engine position / rank
  6. To advertise business products or services over the web
  7. To customer satisfaction online
  8. To attain brand reputation and regular business
Indian SEO Industry Statistics

Top 10 States providing SEO services in India are,
  1. Andhra Pradesh (including telangana and seemandhra)
  2. Tamilnadu-
  3. West Bengal
  4. Uthar Pradesh
  5. Panjab
  6. Gujarat
  7. Rajastan
  8. Haryana
  9. Madhya Pradesh
  10. Kerala
How they are getting efficient SEO services?

In order to promote websites through more online visibility with on-page optimization and quality link building off-page optimization practices they are following below methods. They includes of,
  1. Hiring a qualified in-house SEO (fresher and experiences)
  2. Through an agency or consultancy services
  3. with the help of Individual independent practitioners and
  4. Freelancer independent professionals or experts also
  5. Online SEO service providers etc...
Top Indian SEO organic search queries

Here is a list of search phrases made at top search engines like Google and yahoo. The top search terms are,
  1. SEO training institutes in
  2. SEO services in
  3. SEO Tools
  4. SEO Tips
  5. SEO jobs in
Top Indian Cities in SEO query results

Many Indian cities are appeared in search engine result pages (SERP) for SEO terminology. The major cities are,
  1. Hyderabad
  2. Noida, 
  3. Gurgaon
  4. Ahmedabad
  5. Kolkata, 
  6. Jaipur,
  7.  Bangalore, 
  8. Delhi, 
  9. Bhopal, 
  10. Chennai...etc. cities are appeared for various top Indian SEO organic queries.
What are Top Countries competing with India for Affordable SEO services?

Here is a list of top countries leading for affordable and result oriented SEO services. The top nations competing with India in providing affordable best search engine optimization services are,
  1. Philippines,
  2. Canada,
  3. Indonesia,
  4. USA,
  5. UK,
  6. Australia,
  7. Germany,
  8. Netherland 
  9. Malaysia
  10. Pakistan
  11. China
I would like to invite you to share your best experience SEO industry. Share your opinion in SEO job's roles and responsibilities and salaries, future career, income sources, search engine optimization affordable seo services in India for knowledge sharing with other online marketers... Give a word below and let everybody know about you all over India world.

What is SEO market turnover in India?
How to start a SEO business?
How become own boss with websites and blogs?
How to earn monthly income with Google and yahoo Ads?
How much a SEO can earn in India?
How is SEO career in India?
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Achieve Online Goals with Your Content

Create a blog in a niche that having more online visibility and efficient in money making even with low traffic and visits. Health, finance, business, investment, ecommerce, entertainment, hotel & restaurants, internet and computer, relationship, photography, electronic and other industries like jobs etc...These topics are highly paying at Google adsense. These are top sectors to help you to fulfill your aims planning.

Many people are available on online to collect required information from various internet resources like search engines, local directories, business classified sites, websites and blogs. So try to build a website or blog to reach maximum netizen people. Your writing topic and content presentation are shows a way to achieve your web goals like money earning from Google Adsense, Microsoft's Yahoo Ads etc...

As the beginner blogger you will write few posting on selected topic to receive organic visits from search engines and referral traffics from family members and friends, co-employers. they are the first reader and audience for your initial efforts like blog creation and posting also its promotion. This is just not help you to meet your site objectives like become a millionaire, making money with secondary income, become an own boss, establishing a new company, establishing ecommerce site etc... Here seo content and seo tips can support you in achieving your goals. 

What is SEO?

SEO can Guides You. Know here How
SEO is search engine optimization, a part of online or internet marketing to raise website visibility over the web sources in order to meet website or blog goals.

How SEO helps in money making over the internet?

SEO is a proven source with various online techniques to improve the website and blog visibility, visits, qualified customers from the various web resources. As the increase i traffic with your efforts, you can get more money from the advertisements, affiliate marketing products and services............. etc

How to earn money with blog and websites?

After building a website, you need to do keyword research to identify money making primary words and traffic bringing supporting words. Your keywords are need to be more specific than existing competitor site over the internet sources. Because your keywords are your investment on online to achieve your goals like money to meet future financial and health needs, or establishing own company business to promote products and services or becoming own boss. 

Chosen niche (in what industry you are blogging) also plays a key role. Example if you are planning a entertainment website, you should have own copyrights to promote audio music albums, videos etc... here competition also shows its role in bringing visits and audience also money. Simply to say, your commitment, targeted industry, its competition, your efforts to reaching targeted visitors etc are will influence your earnings...

Best earning method with websites and weblogs?

Set a New, Short-Term Goal. Example: like to achieve $ lOO with your blog in coming next three months? or to generate business leads for your antivirus program softwares?

After deciding the timeline to meet a planning short goal with your web content, you have to build a marketing plan for the period with a list of required activities. Content curation, writing resources, dependency works, marketing plan, content calendar, budget etc...

Match your ambition with web page content

After planning seo budget, the initial step you need to do is specifying your ambition planned is with your content. Because your website content acts as a powerful magnet in attracting web traffic, generation of online revenue, business leads generation, and sales increase, visitor reviews, knowledge sharing etc... Are you agree?

your primary keyword should be exact matched and secondary key phrases with generic in nature. This is because, if you are offering a new antivirus software with  a lot of unique features, you have to focus on the keywords like buy best antivirus software, antivirus plans and package etc... These kind of keyphrases will generates money online from various customers. This is because these terms are exactly matching to user requirements. These exact matched keywords are specific to each industry or each websites.

To improve the organic search traffic, you have to include few generic keywords like "best antivirus", "high user rating antivirus" or "antivirus program" etc...these kind of keywords are brings more traffic and online branding also reputation to your efforts...

To identify best performing keywords, just you need to understand the online searcher or user behaviour like what kind of search queries they are typing, what sites they are following, how much time they are available over the internet etc...There a number free web and market analytics tools are exists. Example, Google Analytics and Google webmaster tool, omniture etc... Another method to determine top player keyword phrases is keyword research and selection of main and helpful keyterms. Hire a SEO manager or analyst at affordable budget or contact freelance SEO executives, to get helped. 

here are some helpful articles describing you how to perform best keytext research within a few seconds.

Ask your content or copywriter to create unique content with your researched words. Tell him to match content with your efforts to sell over the internet. So your page content should meet the targeted user’s requirements and their purchase behaviour etc.

Finally you should have commitment and patience to meet long term as well short term goals to achieve over the internet. There are a number of methods are will support you in reaching your aims if you are with effective planning, marketing plan, activities, analysis of achieved.  Just need to step forward. Go ahead to write goals and your plans here to prepare a plan... Write your comments here...
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SEO Dos' and Dont's - Spamming Locations on Websites for Search Engine Optimization and Rankings

What is SEO?

The simple definition is "SEO is a Business".

Search Engine Optimization is suffering from MPDAs. i.e Multiple Personality Disorder Abnormality. It seems at times to be suffering from a multiple personality disorder.

(SEO - Research - Coding - Developing - Branding - Marketing - Market research & Analysis)

Before or after domain purchase, keyword research is helped to find the right domain name for planning industry or niche. After choosing relevant various kinds of keywords like transactional, informative, navigational (commercial, informational, branded keywords etc.) site architecture and information architecture is plays a key role in good user engagement and user experience.

For these SEO and web designers and developers will use various codes like HTML coding, CSS, Java script, PHP, JQuery and X-HTML5 etc.

Developing a website in a unique way is time taking and required the high skilled persons or programmer to build website with user engagement design and development touch. These are all pre search engine optimizer's job roles and responsibilities. SEO involves in all these levels directly and indirectly at each level in terms of website design and development services according to search engine guidelines and webmaster guidelines to prevent from the content and site crawling and index errors.

Also SEO role appear again in content crafting service. Web content writers needs seo keywords to create user intent and search engine friendly efficient content. User keywords are investment for SEOs.

SEOs needs best efficient keyterms that gives best Returns on Investments with a little seo efforts and workout online marketing strategy. Fresh content (webcontent with latest statistics and data) and unique content (free from online duplication elsewhere) will bring maximum search optimization results in search engine and good branding, user engagement too.

As the part of search engine optimization, many SEO analysts and online marketing executives are optimizing their desired keywords generated from a lot of time taken activity key phrases research to identify both primary keywords and secondary words to insert in best places on website as well content. This optimization of websites and content with researched key terms is known as onpage or onsite optimization. This kind of SEO optimization shows a major impact on search results and search rankings, in influencing user and customer purchase behaviour by proper landing page optimization techniques.

In the onpage optimization for a website, the URL structure, Title tags, Page headings, Internal navigational structure building, Image optimization are done to attract search engines as well search users and online traffic. This make the webpages most relevant to users searches. Just know here how a search engine works with better performance. 

This knowledge will give a brief idea on attracting the online users and traffic towards the website with increase in organic ranking opportunities and better internal link structuring. Here few seo practitioners and consultants in order to meet website objectives and to achieve desired results with keyword phrases, following some harmful techniques like masking the webpages, hidden texts, over insertion of key terms etc.

These kinds of practices are against of search engines rules and policies for websites and blogs. On every day, thousands to crores of websites and blogs are getting filter with Search Engine's Algorithms Updates, Penalties and Filters. These impacts the websites and blogs not following their guidelines in terms of website design and development, online promotion, content guidelines etc...

How many times you read Search Engine 'Terms Of Service' page?

You can see search page at bottom the page for 'Terms Of Service'. (Snapshot for Google,

How many times you searched to read this Google Search Engine's 'Terms Of Service' page?

I hope not even ONE TIME at least from many years.

Each Search Engine have their own 'Terms Of Service' page and linked at bottom search page. This page dictates what a webmaster can do in optimizing a page and what they cannot. Also what are violations for websites?. Simply what to do and what not to do also how be within limits of search engine rules and policies foe websites and web masters... 

The non-ethical SEO activities like hiding text, masking original webpages, keyword over stuffing, excess html and other coding tags, having less content on the page, prohibited content and words on webpages, content scraping from other sites, building the sites with complex coding, etc. are leads to search Penalties and Filters from SERP results and site's keyword rankings. 

This kind of site and keyword downgrade will impact very much. Until removing this kind of practices, the search engines will continues the punishment for short term or long-term time period. After removing such things, you should apply re-inclusion request with a valid reasons to include your website in SERP index system. These penalties can affect your online earnings, business branding, unreachable to qualified online customers and loss of website rankings.

Do you need this... No right? So, read the TOS of search engine your planning to focus with your site.

I am still wondering about knowledge of 1 to 3 years SEO analysts and link building executives on search engine's Algorithms Updates, Penalties and Filters. When i am speaking with them i found their confusion on Algorithms Updates, Search Penalties and Index Filters, I asked them “what is a penalty and what is a web filter”. They unable to tell correct examples for algo update changes, manual penalties, site filter from index etc.

Having a "duplicate content" is at low level not a issue at search engines if the content with more user value based. While excess level of having "duplicate content" can not be displayed at index results. This is an example for "Filter". The search engines are not picked up this plagiarism webcontent with lower user value is removed from their index system. This is not a penalty.

Manual penalty is somewhat major issue for many website owners and SEO webmasters. Due to the violation of searchengine guidelines for websites, content, advertisement display, poisonous words in webpages and other reasons like.... are leads to this kind of penalty. Before reading these guidelines, it is suggested to read terms of Services, Policy pages etc... to be become familiar with all search engines you are working. Here you need to remove the cause and need to put a reconsideration request to crawl and index your site...

Algorithms are used to sort out or to promote websites for keyword searching and for other reasons. Major and minor search engines use a variety of algorithms to demote and promote the indexed website pages. The promotion is ranking of a document for a search query. The demotion is elimination of webpages on partial or permanent basis. The partial results is pushing those pages to some ranks (SERP ranks) back. 

Example from first SERP pages to 15 page or some thousands pages even based on cause. You can get back or rank recovery after clearing the cause from website. The permanent result is banning website entirely from search engines etc... We can't get it back...  I these both cases, no need to apply for reconsideration request for ranking. After clearing the cause, automatically searchengines are crawl and index your content again.

Why most of Algorithms Updates, Penalties and Filters still continued?

The changes in Algorithms Updates, Penalties and Filters  are still continues due to the unethical activities and over optimization techniques also ignoring the guidelines of websites, webpage content guidelines at search engines etc. One of the major reasons is "web spamming".

What is spamming? What are considered best spamming activities?

Spamming: This a kid of seo (no ethical, in other words Block hat) technique used to manipulate search engine rankings.

All search engines are considering this technique as one of main cause that resulting in degradation in quality of the query results page at search engine level. Examples usage irrelevant keyword phrases, over optimization, usage of high keyword density, blog commenting, sending unsolicited bulk email and using invisible texts etc...

Why most of people spamming the websites and blogs? How find spam on sites?

There are thousands of reasons appears when we pursuing a valid reason for spamming a website i ethical way and nonethical ways.

All these are depends upon,

Website niche (belonging industry)
type of site (static or dynamic)
type of page (static or dynamic)
Click depth of page (where the page exists on the site)
Type of audience targeting
visitor sources
objective of the page
user intent...and many other potential causes.

Best Spamming Sources for a Website:

Here are the best Spam locations or sources for Blogs and Websites:

They are 3 main locations for Spamming exists for Blogging Websites.

They are, 

1) Pre Site or Website sources: 

These sources includes of

Domain Registration...
Excessive targeted words based domain name

2) On Website sources: 

These sources includes of

Keyword stuffing
Low value content with repeated single keyword
Virus and Malware...
Illigal content with poisonous texts
Excessive links to affiliated market products
Links to bad neighbourhood sites
Search engine crawl barriers
Hidden texts......

3) Off Website sources:

 These sources includes of

Sending bulk emails,
Blog comments
Forum sites submissions
Submission to low quality and suspicious sites
Building too many backlinks within a short time
Negative practices of SEO......

Other spamming sources for a website includes,

Directory Submissions
Blog Directories
Article Marketing
Content Syndication
Social Media Sites Optimization
Profile signature
Pressrelease sites
Local directories
Business directories

Few Safest Sources:

Guest Posting at relevant theme sites
Industry Blogs submission
Social BookMarking submission
Local resources submission
RSS feeding directories submission
Industry specific Niche Directories submission etc…

and finally following the terms conditions for search engine usage, policy for website, proper way of following the guidelines etc can make your SEO optimization and internet marketing practice in ethical way to produce more benefits for online visitors and search engine systems...
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Bouncerate Management to User Engagement to Improve Business Profits and ROI | Advanced Online SEO Marketing Guide

This article is to get a clear idea on What is bounce rate and How to manage it in order to improve Good user engagement to gain more profits and returns on investment  in terms of SEO job roles and responsibilities.

"Bounce rate" is an user engagement measurement in Google Analytics. This metric used to evaluate the website traffic and user engagement with proper landing page optimization.
in other words it is a % of single landing web page visits on the website.

To say simply, "I came... I read... I left"

When it is generated?

Bounce generates when a visitor exited from the landing page, without going another page.
It begin with user or visitor entry, reading the page content, leaving the webpage immediately

What it tells?

Bounce rate is one of the content analytics metrics and an indication of content relevancy with user search needs also how the visitors/audiences are engaged on your website.

It denotes the relation of website content with search engine practice and audience engagement.

How to measure Bounce rate in Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization is a component of an online marketing. Every website is get optimized with content. Content generates the web traffic with more site visibility on online. This visibility causes the qualified traffic over the web sources.

For online businesses and content based websites the Bounce Rate is a major SEO success measurement parameter.

Formula to calculate Bounce Rate

Google Analytic calculate Bounce rate = Visits With Only 1 Page view Divided by Total Visits

Activities causes Bounce Rate

What makes bounces for a website:

Here are few ways to identify how visitors leaving your site.

A bounce can occur for several reasons, they are,
  1. Clicks the back button (most common)
  2. Closes the browser (window/tab)
  3. Types a new URL
  4. Does nothing (session times out after 30min)
  5. Clicked on external link
  6. Different tracking code settings for each webpage
  7. The visitor clicked on one of your ads.
  8. The visitor used the search box on his browser
  9. Page is not compatible with the viewing device
  10. watching an embedded video on a social sites profile via the widget, Ex: Facebook page
  11. More than 30 minutes of inactivity on a web page
  12. Visits a inner page with different Google analytics tracking code (ex: sub domain)
  13. Visits a inner page does not contain Google analytics tracking code (ex: sub domain loading in the same tab instead of opening in a new tab)
How do you track bounce rate?

The best and easiest way to track bounce rate on individual pages is by installing the Google Analytics code. After the code is added on the webpage in the HEAD section, it will take a little time one hour to few hours to collect the metrics to analyse and identify the generating content engagement on your site.

Best way to find out the bounce rate of a particular site

What is standard % or % good/average bounce rate?

Bounce rates vary from industry to industry, and from business to business. They can vary even from season to season and website to website.

There is no exact percentage of good bounce. The good bounce rate can be varies by:
  • Industry
  • Brand credibility
  • Type of site
  • Type of page
  • Type of content
  • Optimized keywords
  • Keyword efficiency
  • Click depth
  • Type of audience
  • Visitor sources
  • Purpose of the page
  • Stage of the customer lifecycle
  • User intent ... and many other content, traffic and user search engine factors.
What is a good / standard bounce rate for a website?

Google Analytics Benchmark Averages for Bounce Rate

40-60% Content websites
30-50% Lead generation sites
70-98% Blogs
20-40% Retail sites
10-30% Service sites
70-90% Landing pages

Pages with high bounce rates on each website
  1. About us - Add history, add summary of all services and product categories, link to imp pages
  2. Contact us - retailers, restaurants and other localized event services need to focus more
  3. Blog articles - Add interesting article on product usage with snapshots
  4. Thank you page - Give image based links to top pages + Good page layout
  5. News and dynamic webpages - add conversational keywords, decrease the number of external links
  6. Payment or Checkout - Focus on site and page security, use exact matched conversional keywords
  7. Customer support pages / forum - Answer the user FAQ, Add FAQ page, Add call tracking code like Marchex or Mongoose Metrics or Google call tracking. Get more here at  - http://certifiedknowledge.org/blog/integrate-phone-call-tracking-and-google-analytics-with-mongoose-metrics/.
How to consider user needs and intent
  • Location SEO (Local SEO)
  • Device - desktop user, tablet user and a mobile user
  • New vs Returning
  • Medium - direct, organic, paid etc.
  • Landing pages vs exit pages
Reasons for a high bounce rate

Here is the probable reasons for high bounce rates on websites -

These causes can help you in identifying the exact and specific reasons for high bounce rates on your site.
  1. Single page site
  2. Incorrect implementation of tracking code
  3. Poor Site design
  4. Changing in keywords
  5. Improper Landing Page Optimization
  6. Lack of relevancy to user search queries
  7. Pop-ups
  8. Improper Navigation and Usability
  9. Lack of calls-to-action terms on pages
  10. Irrelevant calls-to-action terms on pages
  11. Too Many Calls to Action phrases
  12. Lengthy video or audio content
  13. Confusing Page Layout
  14. Intrusive Ad Placement
  15. Pagination
  16. Non display of relevant (Series of) articles/content pieces
  17. Related content links in the content area of the site
  18. Static content pages
  19. Complexivly coded pages
  20. Low Code to Text ratio
  21. High pageloading speed (slow loading websites)
  22. Unclear Headlines (non search intent based)
  23. Multiple link texts or tabs linked to the same URL
  24. Attracting wrong type of traffic from search engines, referral sites, emailings
  25. Targeting wrong keywords
  26. Flash contents on your landing pages
  27. Offering download option on external site links from on your page
  28. Lack of proper conversion path (1 to 3 steps. Ex- product page-form filling page-thank you page)
  29. Achieved search rank position SERP results
  30. Email marketing and News letter marketing
  31. Lack of organic rank for domain name or brand name
  32. Links loading in the same window
  33. Excessive direct visits
  34. Larger image file sizes
  35. Excessive webpage file size
  36. Lack of visitor friendly and user oriented Page title (Meta Title) and Meta description
  37. Crawling errors or barriers
  38. Hiding the Product quality indicators like color, price range, brand, rating, and size, reviews,
  39. Technical information
  40. By analyzing page quality indicators like page layout and loading speeds,
  41. Lack of branding image for your products
  42. Outdated webcontent
  43. Lack of or less number of internal links
  44. Thin or shallow content
  45. Broken landing page URL
  46. Negative testimonials and reviews, ratings for your brand or products or services
  47. Lack of Effective Headline
  48. Lack of Effective visitor click oriented meta title and meta description
  49. Improper readability
  50. Turned On the Autoplay option of video
  51. Non mobile friendly website and content
  52. Lack of minimal amount of useful content on your landing pages
How to determine Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate can be determined by calculating from website level and individual page level.

1) Individual Page Level: Bounce rate is the ratio of visitors exited from the landing single page without visiting internal or external pages.
   Formula = single page visits / total entries to the site through that landing web page.

2) Site Level: It can be calculated as single page visits / total site visits.

Required data to find the bounces of website:
  • the amount of unique visitors of a site over a chosen time period for a particular page and
  • the amount of single pageviews for a landing page over that same time period.
Divide (B) by (A), then multiply by 100. That’s the entered page’s Bounce Rate percentage.


If A is 5,000 total unique visitors, and B is 4,000, According to formula "Divide (B) by (A), then multiply by 100". i.e. single pageviews/unique visitors*100

then 5,000 divided by 4,000, = 0.8 multiplied by 100 = 80% is Bounce Rate.

Tools used to track your site pages bounce rate:

Bounce Rate is a content, visitor traffic source quality indicator for a website. So to track this rate, it needed to submit the website to some online softwares and tracking code on all webpages in the head section.

There are 2 methods exists to track the content engagement and performance.

They are namely 1) Installing analytics code 2) Collecting user feedback from various sources.

Installing analytics code

These online analytical tools will provide all clear details on audience and visitors engagement.
  1. Heatmap
  2. Crazy Egg
  3. ReInvigorate
  4. ClickDensity
  5. MouseFlow
  6. TeaLeaf
  7. Google Analytics
  8. Omniture  
Feedback feature
  1. 4QSurvey (FREE)
  2. FreeOnlineSurveys (FREE)
  3. Ethnio
  4. SurveyMonkey
  5. Qualaroo
  6. Kampyle (Feedback feature)
  7. Shortcomings
  8. FiveSecondTest
  9. Loop11
  10. Usabilla
  11. UserTesting
  12. Visitor Surveys - knowing visitors’ experiences on your site and  reasons for leaving your website
  13. Website user-behavior analysis with On-Screen Video Recording with enables the recording of mouse movements, clicks and website browsing behavior of the site visitor
  14. Page analytics in Google analytics
  15. Conducting Usability Tests - To Understand your site from the user’s point of view and track any
  16. Website internal search analytics
  17. Determing the Click-through rate
  18. Retun on Investment calculation
Content writing tips to manage Bouncerate

Before asking to your content or copy writer, tell to your in-house or freelance content writers about your idea on engaged customers. "Regular visitors won’t make your business more profitable, Only engaged visitors will". 
  • Update the regular or previous content with fresh statistics
  • Find new examples
  • Add a case study
  • Incorporate new insights and analysis method
  • Know your target and qualified audience
  • Develop content for all kinds of online visitors
Here is the helpful interesting posting on Best tools for content writers http://blog.crazyegg.com/2013/05/21/tools-for-writers/

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  6. Find here how to adjust - http://analytics.blogspot.in/2012/07/tracking-adjusted-bounce-rate-in-google.html -(Tracking Adjusted Bounce Rate In Google Analytics)
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How to manage your site bounces to improve traffic engagement?

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