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This advanced SEO Updates site is a blog on regular basis blogging about SEO resources, latest SEO tips, techniques and search optimization tutorials to support online business marketing and Internet marketers, entrepreneurs those want to own boss, working from home, bloggers, in-house SEO Analysts, copywriter tips, Adsense optimization, Advanced keyword research sources, Organic keyword search rankings, Content marketing, Technical SEO optimization, website analysis and SEO audit, Landing page optimization, Business leads, deals and sales enquiries generation,
Latest search engine algorithms updates etc...

This website guide blog is full of useful tips related to online blogging, business marketing, social media optimization and marketing on the web sources, responsive web design and latest SEO trends and activities. I consider this website guide blog as my experimental lab, practicing some search engine friendly creative experiments, personal opinions, knowledge sharing articles also postings etc.

It’s who I am

AS SEO Analyst in Hyderabad, i have 4 more years’ experience in search engine optimization; I use this seo guide blog to expand my knowledge and skills related to online marketing business and latest SEO trends. You can find guidance and inspiration, a combination of advanced educational information, marketing strategies, website promotion tips and ideas etc...
Career and Internet Marketing Jobs in Hyderabad
I Love Marketing Career

About Me - A Marketer

My name is Raju. I am a 4 more years old SEO Analyst with Master degree and PG Diploma in Business Management. Had 4 years of marketing experience in Small Medium and corporate companies with experience in both agency and in-house roles. I switched to this Online Marketing career from traditional marketing.

I fell into this online marketing industry by switching from regular product marketing and it turned out to be the right one. Today, it’s become to define myself and not take into account my web marketing obsession. It’s who I am.

Having Experience

Over the years, optimizing, managing and marketing of multiple websites including ecommerce, educational university sites, event conference, industrial, classified, web design (Australia), personal training, news site, entertainment, video sites, financial savings investment, search engine optimization and marketing, aquaculture and fisheries, health medical etc...websites and weblogs helped to gain a wealth of industry knowledge related to internet marketing on online, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, social media optimization (SMM SMO) strategies, web optimization and so on.

My goal is to help internet marketers to support their first beginner's step into the world of online market (specifically business bloggers and web marketers) and guide through.

As I started to learn more about HTML, CSS and the like, my interest in learning responsive web design, user experience is in my short term goal. Recently successfully certified with Google's Fundamental Adwords certification with a score of 88% and Advanced Search Display certification with 92% score.

Content Contributor Role - My additional Contribution

I am a regular content contributor to few websites. They are belonging to financial saving investment, fish and aquaculture India and advanced marketing guide, health medical industries.

Despite all these experiences, I loved every single moment I’ve spent on internet marketing on the web sources. I’ve gained valuable experience and learned the web marketing practices that are helped me grow in the field of my interest. This experience helped me to work for longer hours, meeting deadlines and sales force management, designing an online marketing strategy, reporting the update status of projects, planning managing the resources available in the team etc...

Google is my Motivator and a Teacher
Internet Marketing Course Training in Hyderabad India

As APJ Abdul Kalaam says, failure should be a motivator and a teacher. Blogging platform is helping me to share learnt knowledge, to acquire new skills and to market online.

Partly, this is why I’m creating this advanced search engine optimization tips blog, to share all the seo knowledge, marketing the business products and services to reach qualified customers and audiences, to market having skills and help others realize their potential productivity. I believe it’s important having support, resources and insight when going into new ventures. I honestly hope my seo education blog will be of little help!
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Best Copywriting and Content Writer Role in Internet Marketing

Read the advanced seo tips on best SEO Content Optimization practice to get Website Organic Search Keyword Ranking and online business conversions with Search Engine friendly visitor's intent based business content for your website and blog.

Content is become a dominated factor in the organic search world of SEO.

Several online business owners and internet entrepreneurs are now focusing in finding out the latest SEO developments to achieve their website goals with online marketing efforts.

When the search engines Algorithms changes and new updates are implemented from 2011 year, the importance of "unique and fresh" web content is enlightened.

search engine optimization jobs in India Hyderabad
SEO Writer Role 
The high user value based content is dominating the Google search results for organic search query for a entered keyword. In earlier years, copywriters and content writers are focused much on search engine friendly keyword riched web content creation over the internet.

But from 2012 year, the equilibrium between online users, audiences and search engines is given high priority to rank at keyword search rankings in Google. Poorly written low user value based page content is eliminated gradually to offer good search experience for online searchers.

Content Creation and Marketing on Web Sources

During the 2013 year a major Algorithm known as "Hummingbird" are occurred and entirely changed the SEO optimization and internet marketing process for a website to achieve a long term keyword rank, website ranking, business conversion in terms of sales and leads, deals generation.

Due to this algorithm, a wide scope is facilitated to SEO copy or content writers. The copy writer's job responsibilities in online marketing or digital marketing job is entirely changed in terms of developing a user solution oriented content in addition to search friendly format.

Keyword Search is Replaced with Concept and Conversational Search.

Keyword ranking is replaced with conversion of visitors, audiences into customers.
This is created a huge scope to SEOs or online marketers in terms of internet marketing of business products and services global wise as well local regional market areas.
Content Developer and Marketing Tips for SEO Bloggers
Evaluate yourself to Web World from your Old style
Having a clickable "Call to Action" phrases are pushed the web traffic to enquire more about offerings, downloads, buying and selling the products, quoting your online business services from on your website pages.

So hire the SEO web copy writers to get best quality and original fresh content. This is because a SEO copywriter can craft the original and user value based unique content for your ecommerce or content websites, social media sites and blogs.

Regular communication with your skilled in-house or freelance SEO copywriter service provider will help you keeping ahead than your business or niche competitors. Not only this, they can market your business products or online services to reach qualified visitors, audience into buying customers with their web content development.
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SEO Guide to Get Benefits of Social Life with Web Blogging Skills - Advanced SEO Education

Read Advanced SEO Guide article on how to be more social living with fellow bloggers and niche website owners, targeted customers in order to get qualified business leads, deals and sales enquiries, search engine keyword ranking, web traffic, more online organic visibility etc...

Internet Marketing Education Course make you More social
Advance your Knowledge with Skill Development Programs

Why to Acquire More Social Optimization Life Needed?
Become Advanced Online Marketer with SEM SMO SMM Education
Advanced Online Marketer Jobs in Web World

I'm a regular blogger and seo content contributor to various industries (niche) weblogs and websites in addition to my 4 years SEO Analyst Job in Hyderabad India.

In my first year of SEO analyst career, just i am with blogging knowledge and basic website optimization ideas.

Link Builder SEO Analyst Roles and Responsibilities

At that time i have limited knowledge on off-page link building activities like press release submission and articles submission, directory submissions, blog commenting and forum submission, RSS feed submission etc...

Additionally user based press release content writing, article writing, webpage content writing etc. i did for almost 2 years. Per day i submitted pressrelease and article content in 120 websites along with 2 to 5 hyperlinks to homepage and deep inner (details) page also payment pages etc...

Also i submitted directory content in 30 to 50 sites on daily basis. Daily evening i checked the update status of submission to say, approved URL, awaiting approval sites list prepared in a excel sheet and sent to my senior to whom i am reporting on daily, weekly and monthly, whenever asked website wise.
Link building is not a Internet marketer Job
Link Building Services To get Quality Google approved Links

Later slowly we decreased the article submission to 80 to 90 sites ad started postings in social media sites (social networking, social bookmarking, social news). Fairly, it is like a mechanical robot work. In morning hours, coming to office at punctual time and beginning research for latest trends and trending keywords in addition to my content calender, preparing the search engine friendly content with given keywords, submission of created article in various websites. This is till evening hours. last hour of my duty hours, i prepares an excel report o daily status of submission of the postings.

Onpage SEO Analyst Role and Responsibilities

But after 2 years of search engine optimizer role, i started complete on-page website optimization. This is a new level in my SEO career life.

We started with SEO Audit for website and keyword research for products, services pages. Our SEO analysis is with meta tags, header tag, alt tags, HTML coding examination and backlink check, website health check, daily website pages check, technical seo factors check etc...

SEO Audit to Website Analysis with SEO Eyes

The SEO audit report is around 10 pages with insight of complete onpage factors, technical seo parameters and online reputation etc...

...List of SEO audit factors analyzed...

URL Canonicalization,
Meta Tags Analysis,
URL Structures Analysis
Content Audit,
Website Navigation,
Information Architecture,
Internal Site Architecture,
Google Index Audit,
Sitemaps (XML and HTML)
Brand Reputation Search,
Keyword Performance etc...
CTR and ROI for Online Efforts

Keyword Research Tips for E-Commerce Websites

During the keyword research, we identified both primary keywords and secondary keywords for each webpage with 100 % unique to our e commerce website.

After determining best exact matched and transaction keywords identification for our ecommerce site to get best and top search engine keyword organic rankings with onsite optimization activities; we followed this following strategy...

On Page Keyword Optimization Report Preparation for Webpage Content
  1. Preparation of SEO overview report
  2. Approval of the report
  3. Content optimization with finalised keywords
  4. Creation of thank you page
  5. Submission of Google webmaster tool account
  6. Submission of Google analytics tool account
  7. Verification of website and addition of site tracking code
  8. Goal creation in Analytics account
  9. Tracking the business goals generated
  10. Preparation of site performance reports weekly, monthly and quarterly
Later, we begin the Knowledge Sharing to Acquire More Online marketing Optimization life with various SEO ideas.

In recent days i found and saw many online blogging professionals and beginner's bloggers are spending most of their free hours time on entertainment by watching web videos, online movie films, youtube videos and other. Do you know this ! you can make money with youtube if you created your own channel. 

How You can Get Money Online with your Normal Knowledge and Skills

One of my friend is with VMWare software engineer job and recently he created his own channel with movie comedy bits. Within 30 days in the Youtube analytics software, he saw the traffic data and got shocked... Around 1 lakh visits (in less than 30 days) he has for his videos...

Then he attended SEO course classes at evening hours in his working town and got how to promote Youtube and website marketing skills. Later every weekend he spent 2 to 3 hours to update with relevant content and funny, VMWare tutorial videos. Within the 4 months he received the Google Adsense approval.
Search Marketing and Adsense approval, optimization tips
Adsense Account Approval by Google

From started earning money online with website and video channel. To say with frankness, earning money online is a somewhat little tough task but everybody can make with little efforts.

As a part time free hours blogger he managed to get a monthly adsense income of $4500 from his two blogging sources. He not spent many years like lazy bloggers, even not joined in multiple money making affiliate marketing programs. He has no any kind of business products and services, not yet started several new websites. Even he not spent nights in front of the computer without any sleep.

Simply what he did is just he posted the user or searcher requirement articles like problem solving tips, visitor / customer solution ideas and latest techniques etc... These simple posting brought web traffic and audiences on regular basis and made some good money from the Google adsense program.

Even he motivated his junior employees and friends working from home towards this money making program. As a VMWare software employee, his salary is $2800 only per month. But his additional income for his free hours efforts is $4500 per month (for this February 2014). Think which job is better one...  

Now his juniors are earning around $1000. They are hoping a bright income in future days...
What are the benefits Has by Blogging Knowledge Sharing?
  1. Blogging Tips
  2. Traffic Generation Tips
  3. Money Making Tips
  4. Words from 3 Years experienced blogger
  5. Answer to your questions and doubts
  6. You can share your knowledge and Ideas
  7. Discounts on specific blogging products
  8. SEO content writing tips and content creating ideas
  9. To dominate in your blog topic niche
  10. Advanced keyword research tips
  11. Google Adsense Approval tips and techniques
  12. Business leads and deals generation
  13. Products and services online marketing ideas
  14. Suggestions and Recommendations for your problems
  15. To share Online Jobs vacancies
  16. Ideas on Affiliate marketing Programs in your blogging industries
  17. Domain naming and Registration tips
  18. Domain Hosting offers
  19. Latest Web marketing Technology
  20. Email marketing
  21. Content marketing
  22. On page optimization
  23. Off page link building ideas
  24. Securing website and blogs
  25. Interview Techniques and lips
  26. Business ideas
  27. Own Business planning
  28. Online projects and freelance works
  29. To meet industry expert blogger
  30. Online tools and software programs
  31. Latest happenings in your industry
  32. To follow expert's blogs and webinars
  33. To share inhouse company jobs and situation vacant in your industry
  34. Market research tips and techniques
  35. To get ideas on Return on Investment (ROI)
  36. To find fellow bloggers and competitors
  37. Mobile Marketing tips and techniques
  38. to find successive bloggers
  39. To meet global as well local blog owners
  40. To share your hobbies
  41. To analyze Google Webmaster Tool and Google Analytics reports
  42. To prepare efficient Marketing strategy plan
  43. SEO reports preparation and sharing sample reports
  44. Handling customer's queries
  45. Online friendship
  46. Relation with Like minded web people
  47. Works and projects to work from home or free hours
  48. To become your "own boss"
  49. Website goal conversions optimization methods
  50. Landing page optimization strategy etc...
So, understand the value of social presence on social media sites. Market your educational, working skills on social media websites by creating a profile page and add all your known people available online.

Share your experience with beginners and expert professionals to get best ideas and problem solving tips, skills marketing, money earning tricks, organic search ranking management etc...
Finally, Don't waste your knowledge of subject / business / experience you have. This can make you second income in addition to your regular salary of job.

Join Internet Marketing Course with Online Training in Hyderabad India
How to Be Your Own Boss Yourself ... Know here

Share your Adsense experience and adsense approval tips, how you suffered and improved your knowledge and skills by reading other blogger postings to get writing topics, SEO content writing skills, How you want become your own boss with SEO job in your town....
Motivate the audience and visitors of our Advanced SEO Education Blog.

Be a Social Netizen...
Have a greater Social Life…...
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Best SEO Tips on On-page Optimization for Website Keyword Rank and Online Conversions

Read the advanced seo tips on best SEO On-page Optimization practice to get Website Keywords Rank and online conversions with Search Engine you are optimizing your site or business blog.

Advanced SEO Education helps you in Your Business Products, services Online Marketing
Internet Marketing Course to become Internet marketer
Here are the major On-page SEO factors that can hugely affect your ranking increase or decrease at search engines. Search engines are the major sources to retrieve the required data or information from online sources.

When a user or searcher enters his or her query text in search box after hitting search button, these search engines are executed themselves internally and shows the best suitable and matched results for the entered word.

The search engine optimization SEO is a kind of marketing of promotion of company business products and services on online through website by conversion of web traffic, audiences into buying customers those seeing the site with organic searches.

The old SEO optimization is just achieving the web ranking only. In later days it is changed to SEO marketing and conversion optimization
Online Marketing services, SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM service in Hyderabad India
Competition and Conversions Optimization with SEO Services
The recent changes in search engines algorithms updates are facilitated more scope to conversion optimization in addition to original content writing and quality online promotion, brand reputation management with various web sources like niche sites, industry related blogs, and forums, pressreleases, articles, local classified sites, rss feed directory websites.

Many online visitors and customers are confused about the latest SEO algorithms and prepared themselves as SEO is died of these algo changes. But at search engines one thing is very clear. That is basic SEO practice is never change for any kind of website.

The only change is the way you practice and adapting to new changes in order to improve the website keyword ranking with seo promotion activities at Google and the other search engines.

This is not only for websites but also for Internet blogs. Though you are promoting your business products and services or earning money online website or weblogs; this can applicable.

SEO Components: There are two kinds of Search Engine Optimization categories are available. They are,
  1. Onsite SEO - in other words it is known as keyword or content optimization. (Organic search optimization)
  2. Offsite SEO - in other words it is known as link building or online reputation management. (Website marketing)
Both these SEO techniques are essential in order to promote any business or company website's products and services online. Whatever the products or services are you offering on online though even you have blog should optimize with these seo techniques and methods for better rankings and site promotion.

Get search engine optimization training to learn effective seo knowledge and latest organic seo marketing methods. Learn seo course to understand what is search engine optimization (SEO) and components like Onsite and Offsite practices.
Join SEO Course and Get Online Marketing SEO Analyst job
Get Online SEO Training with affordable fee

Best onsite practices to achieve web rankings and online business marketing

On-page optimization parameters are highly impact your rankings increase or decrease at web sources. Here are few important on-page factors can show more impact on your web rank…
  1. Domain name,
  2. Exact Match Domain (EMD)
  3. Keyword in the domain
  4. URL of a webpage
  5. URL length
  6. Page content
  7. Content length
  8. Keywords variants in Content (LSI)
  9. Titles used
  10. Heading texts
  11. Image Alt phrases
  12. Internal linkings
  13. Keyword placement
  14. Keyword proximity and density factor
  15. Site design,
  16. avigation and hierarchy
  17. Anchor texts
  18. Priority of a webpage in Sitemap
  19. Page age
  20. Site Uptime
  21. Breadcrumb Navigation
  22. Site or page usability
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