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Adsense Optimization Tips for Niche Bloggers - Make Online Money with Blogging Skills

Adsense Optimization Tips for Bloggers

Create a blog or website to start regular blogging on focused profitable adsense niche with low competition, high CPC (cost per click) keywords and with a lot of organic searches etc. in order to create more online revenue through visitor clicks on approved Adsense web advertisements.

In short, the process of making money from online adsense, you need to identify better profit making niche topics and subtopics along with sufficient keywords those can generate money with visitors clicks and with user search intent based web content with proper on page SEO optimization and referral traffic with off page SEO content marketing and social media optimization.

Ways to find best and highly paid topics for your blogging

The simplest way to find top paying topics for your blogging is to what everyone search online every day. 

There are several niches are receiving a lot of web traffic coming from various major and minor search engines. But before blogging your focused topics, you have to analyze online audiences and web visitors. You also need to come to a conclusion on following blog objectives before beginning blogging on regular basis.
  • Who are your target readers?
  • What your readers are searching?
  • What are your blogging goals?
  • How your readers are meeting their requirements?
  • What are best methods to reach your customers?
There are two kinds of online bloggers are exists in the web world; one of them are just they will blog on their desired topics without considering adsense earning, and the other kind of web blogger are blog with commercial angle to make money with Google adsense and other web advertising avenues.

Decide yourself Are you a fun blogger or Adsense earner?

In web world, few bloggers are posting their desired content ranging from entertainment to learning knowledge in free hours. Generally these kinds of bloggers are ignores the adsense money making. Just they will post and leave the blog. Another important thing is they are just fun blogger, not your niche competitors.

Whereas few web bloggers are takes blogging seriously and post articles on focused topics only to earn money online with various web advertising programs. Example, Google Adsense. Almost these kind of bloggers are do blogging on regular basis with selected keywords those generates good amount of money on web.

So what is your main focus? Fun blogging or Money earning?

Here is a myth is exists that highly paying keywords are makes more money at Google. But the truth is generally they do not generate huge money with these keywords with less blogging efforts. Because, many online bloggers are continuously work on these keywords due to the availability of high competition on online.

Such highly paid keywords phrases are require a lot of postings to beat existing web competition to attain top position to get natural clicks for visitor's queries. You need to write bulk number of posting on daily basis if you prefer these top paying keywords list for adsense blogging.

Adsense is online money making program for blog and website owners with publishing web advertisement most relevant to blogging topics. Gradually it becomes most trusted money making avenue on online. Many online people are starts selective blogging with targeting high CPC keywords oriented web content. 

They will generally spend lot of time on creating content relevant to visitor's search intent. They spend much time in writing quality postings with seo writing tips and quality link building.

The content writer is professional search engine optimization services provider and posting on learn what is search engine optimization with website search optimization tips and techniques, how to use search engine optimization to make money online and to improve high search engine ranking, business leads conversions etc...

Follow up this blog for seo tutorials, on page, off page seo tips, technical writing, search engine optimisation expert ideas, how to use search engine optimization to improve your online business, seo optimization tips, latest seo tips, seo techniques, online search engine optimization training, adsense optimization tips and money make ideas. 

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Niche Blogging - Adsense Optimization Tips

Niche blogging is a best effective way for content writers, website holders and seo analysts to make money (passive income) from online with less writing efforts.

How to make money from Google Adsense with blogging skills?

Regular blogging skills are helps you in earning passive income with blog writing and content creation. Adsense money making process has 5 simple steps applicable for every bloggers and website holders.

Here are those 5 steps. They are,
  • Identifying a profit making niche topic
  • Finding efficient keywords those generate money
  • Writing unique quality web content with keywords
  • Ensuring the having planned on page SEO optimization
  • Begin traffic generation with off page SEO and social media
Remember every topic is not similar in money making. There are no boundaries in generating passive income. But adsense earning is specific to each niche. Creating a blog is not enough to make money from online.

Many people think that creating and content addition is enough to make desired amount of money. Here many of bloggers gets fail. One of the simple reason in failing is they will not pick the right topic that generate money.

Right topic selection is one of the success key for nowadays blogging. Your content makes profits on online

Simple ways to find best niche topics for your blog:

What is a "niche"?

A niche is a sub-division of existing industry. For example, "writing". "Writing" is with a subset of online content making market. Many website and blog owners every day spending a lot of money on paying for PLR Private Label Rights articles, postings, content writers, copywriters etc...

If you want to create a blog about writing, you’d have less scope to make money with such wider blogging topics. And you need to face huge web competition.

The writing market has a thousands of sub niches, such as online writing training, blog writing skills, writing softwares, writer tools,  books, and so on. These blogging topics are too broad to consist of a real specific niche. Here you need to segregate these wider niches into sub niches to blog on regular basis.

For example, the web content writing training area is again divided into many smaller online niches units. These are most specific and are best niches make money online with content writing job and beginner seo analyst skills. These sub topics are online copywriting training, technical writing training, Social media writing classes, Web content writing workshops, and medical writer training in New york city etc...

How to find best profitable niches?

Here is a checklist of what kind of topics generates more online money with Google Adsense revenue program. The following checklist is with criteria before choosing and finalizing best adsense money making topics.

To finalize a profitable Adsense niche in order to create online revenue, consider following factors.
  1. Niche with high CPC (cost per click) keywords
  2. Should with low web competition
  3. Niche should with many advertisers
  4. Should with organic searches in Google
So, you can understand that some niche topics are makes money with less efforts like medical, insurance, banking, education, social media, health etc...are have a high CPC topic wise as well keyword wise. Generally not only these topics, many blogs and websites are need effective adsense optimization. 

If you don't find your theme or topics CPC; then start a website that you have well versed knowledge or an interest topic in the any industry you are working. But make sure that industry should have with a lot of advertisers.

Adsense Optimization Tips

Google AdSense is an online program that allows all bloggers and website owners to publish various sizes of web advertisement on blogs and websites. Adsense account approval checklist is helpful to get approve your Google adsense application to become a publisher to display relevant Google AdWords advertisements on your blog or website pages depending upon your content.

Google checks your content to provide online ads relevant to your site content. Most of these ads are what web visitors are looking on online, By Google, they will find the most relevant and interested ads on your site. 

The interested visitors can click on these advertisement displayed from your site. Then you will make good amount of money through these visitor’s clicks. Your earnings are depends upon how many visitors are you have. Your traffic number is playing a crucial role in online earning.

Your theme or content and ads placement on your site pages etc. are have major role in monetization.

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SEO On-page Optimization Best Practices

The On-page SEO Search Engine Optimization best practice is consists of various webpage based seo activities such as theme keyword research, primary keyword selection, choosing secondary keywords, web pages content creation with focused phrases, content optimization to make website more online visible and more organic search visible for users search queries. Your on-page optimization strategy will straightly reflect how your blogs or sites are behaves and performs in all search engines.

Onsite strategy includes the SEO practices of website optimization activities those help in promoting your website from current level to higher visible and best performing levels. These on-page elements are can easily managed and accessed with your webmaster account. Each these onsite attribute needs careful attention during optimizing with chosen keywords.

Website is one of the live online marketing tool helps in promotion of web based business products and services over the internet sources. There are two SEO components are exists. They are Onsite optimization and Off-page optimization methods. These both components are help the website marketing and business promotion on online sources.

Off-page or Off-site optimization includes the activities of quality link building, web promotion in business and niche directories, pressreleases submission, article submission, blog commenting, etc...

On-page or On-site optimization techniques are the activities require for every web pages on your website. Homepage and every inner web pages are you created are needed the regular crawling and indexing and more online visibility in Google and other major web search engines to get top organic search ranking for targeted and user search queries.

On-page Optimization Best Practices:

Above the Fold:

This is a place can visible for visitors without scrolling down after loading the web page. In web marketing terminology, this is a part of loading page appears during the first loads. This is one of the prominent areas that can gain maximum benefits in ecommerce websites and retail websites.

Hummingbird Content:

Web content normally will be created for users and search engines. Images and infographics are helps to illustrate your theme points. Search engines are crawls and index your pages content and categorize your web pages information depending upon their algorithms. This categorization based upon your content qualityness and keyword optimization. These two factors are makes your web content as fresh and relevancy for user search queries.

How to Write Content for Users?

Quality – The quality of your content will be determined by how audiences are engaging and spending more time on your site. Unique content writing for site audiences and visitors is the major KPI for SEO analyst jobs to gain good ROI for your SEO optimization and marketing methods. Always add keyword riched relevant information on every pages in your site.

Valuable Content: SEO copywriting is one of the toughest job on online. Copywriter or content writer are requires the grabbing the attention of various kinds of online visitors. Visitor engagement with content is one of the major factor used to measure the users online behavior.  

User value content always ranks higher in any search engines your optimizing. Good quality based user oriented content on your site easily attains web ranking. Less length content (with 300 characters to less than 200 words) or low user value content is generally treated as Low value or no value content.  This kind of user value lacking content will be filtered by algorithm updates and penalties.

Meta Titles:
  • Meta or Page Titles are describes what is your page content within 65 characters.
  • Create unique, page theme specific titles with focused keywords and should match the page content.

Best Practices:
  • Best format for title tag: yours Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name
  • Use hyphens to separate keyword phrases.
  • Use a pipe symbol to separate with your brand name.
  • Avoid duplicate or irrelevant title tags on multiple pages. Develop all unique page titles.
  • Keep meta title tag at 65 characters in length with spaces in the sentence.

Meta Description:
  • Meta descriptions are page descriptions helps in measuring Click Through Rates of optimized keywords from search result pages.
  • This is not a search engine ranking factor. Google ignored it, but other major search engines still prefer in web ranking.

Best Practices:
  • Write unique meta descriptions for each web page.
  • Use 150 to 165 characters to prepare page descriptions.
  • Include a efficient call To Action term i your description.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) Interview Questions - SEO Email Interview

Write Content For Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Your content on your website pages should answer to your audiences, customers’ FAQ questions, and should solve their issues. After Google Hummingbird algorithms, besides to keyword phrase search, concept search also enabled. Visitors can get most relevant answers if you are following question and answer type content paragraphs in your site.

This can helps in retaining online visitors and customer conversions, business sales generation, brand promotion etc… Your content calendar can tell you how to develop a best performing web content strategy user search intent based.

Your SEO search engine optimization strategy is a platform for your online marketing process. Your SEO optimization and marketing plan can help you in many ways on online. Best seo plan always deals with what you require on online to promote your website and online business products or services.

How can you get benefited with SEO strategy
  • Builds quality links from relevant sites,
  • Creates valuable customer relationships.
  • Improves your company brand online identity.
  • Generates online business leads and sales.
  • Produces online revenue on regular basis.
  • Provides a path to reach your customers.
Guidelines to best search engine optimization strategy on SEO don’ts
  • Avoid building large number of backlinks from irrelevant theme website
  • Avoid usage of exact match anchor text. Diversify your link keywords
  • Avoid linking to low quality domains and blogs
  • Remove bad neighborhood profile sites links

Why keywords are important still in 2014?
Keywords have been remains the users’ primary inputs to get answers from search engines. And with the below inputs keywords can perform well for a website to get more visits.

Time and Date:       Ex - "SEO Services 2014"
Quality and/or Price:       Ex - "Best SEO Services", "Cheaper SEO Services Package"
Intent:           Ex - "Buy Affordable SEO Services", "Find Budget SEO Services"
Location:      Ex - "SEO Services in London", "Australian SEO Services"

What are new trends in web content or information architecture?

The beauty of the Internet is that any user with access can become a publisher, but they should follow certain guidelines to write search engine friendly website content.
  • Freshness content for established websites (Rewriting the content)
  • Quality content (Unique Content)
  • Content Needs a Voice (Audio & Video), Personality(Images), or Branding(Well Known)
What are new trends in on-page optimization?
  • Content is king
  • Key phrase not Keywords
  • User friendly design matters
  • Mobile compatibility is important
  • Diversifying link text is ongoing
  • Authorship matters
How to improve search engine visibility of a new websites?

Usually for new website it will take at least three weeks to get search engine visibility. Google bots and crawlers index website based on inbound and outbound links and quality of the content. Social media presence is also one of the good weightage factors for a website to get search engine visibility in early days of a website. To get immediate results there is a way through Google AdWords channel.

How to track the user requirements?

First of all we should know our website industry targeted user’s requirements and then we can convert them into customers. 

Below are the possible ways to read the users mind.
  • Keywords search volume
  • Google trends
  • Google suggestions
  • Targeted Industry top sites in SERP (Competitors)
About Chinna Botla:

Chinna Botla is a search engine marketing expert, He has working experience in Digital marketing (Google AdWords), Search engine optimization (SEO) and Social media marketing (SMO). He is a Google AdWords certified professional. He can manage various content management systems DotNetNuke (DNN), WordPress, Joomla and Drupal as he also having some designing and coding knowledge. He deals with online reputation management activities. He always keeps himself update with latest trends in internet marketing. His presentations skills are awesome. He holds an engineering degree in electronics and communications. Now he lives in Hyderabad.

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