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Learn Advanced Writer Skills with SEO and Technical Writing

Improve your writing skills with online writer tips for beginner writers and fresher writing job searchers. There are various writing jobs opportunities to make money with yours writing skills. Copywriter jobs, content writer jobs, technical writer jobs and freelance writing, online writing jobs etc. are the best opportunities for beginner writer employees and interested seekers.

Create a strong identification

Without any kind of strong writing portfolio, it is not easy to impress your customers and yours boss, managers. Impressive content writing for business products, online services is not an easy job. You require creative writing, content presentation and few other skills to achieve return on investment with your writing efforts.

Language grammar, formatting skills, client needs analysis and adapting to new technology etc. are help you to become high paid writer in online writing. There are many institutes are offering free online writer courses and  writing skills improvement training programs also online certifications for interested persons, beginner writers, house moms, retired elders. These programs can help you in getting industry required skills and professional qualifications.  

Stand out from crowd with yours skills and knowledge

Add writing certifications to yours professional career to get best pay for your successive efforts. Learn advanced writing skills also very very helpful in achieving successful web content writing career. Link to best writing materials from yours blog and websites. Always make a copy of yours writing projects if possible. It can help you during yours interview. To develop effective writing copy or content, you need to become more creative and innovative.

First two years of your career is the best opportunity to improve your interactive and visitor engagement writing style, customer education writing skills. Join online courses or regular classes to gain industry required knowledge. Always follow effective and ROI providing writing techniques. No complex language is required. Write content in simple writing way to reach maximum audience. This will increase yours writing followers on the web.

Types of Writing
  1. PDF
  2. Ebook
  3. Articles
  4. Pressreleases
  5. White Papers
  6. Research documents
  7. Magazines
  8. Blogs
  9. Infographics
  10. Social Media
  11. Webpage content
  12. Forum
  13. Technical writing
Learn SEO techniques and skills to become high paid writer

Begin your writing practice with SEO skills. The fundamental knowledge of search engine optimization is always supports you in becoming effective seo content developer with advanced writing skills. Learn how web content reaching potential audience, how it is impacting the visitors, are they learning any new with your writing materials and online copies etc.

Return on investment like web traffic and business leads, social media engagement etc. are generally major KPI key performance of indicators. At present days, there is a high requirement of social media content writers. To become industry required social media engagement writer, learn the crafting of various types of content for available kinds of online audiences.

Dedicated content, informative educative content and social writing are requires advanced skills such as analysis of online customer buying behaviour, visitor search analysis, tracking of searcher intent etc... Apart of this social engagement writing knowledge, technical writer skills are highly essential to reach qualified online customers with effective copywriting skills. 

Basic and advanced search engine optimization course helps you in polishing yours keyword content writing skills. Various SEO writing techniques are useful in enhancing your copy creation and content development knowledge.

Learn Technical writing techniques

Technical writing skills are highly rewardable if you are dealing with business products and company or client services. SEO writer skills are helpful up to certain limits only when you are dealing with products writing.

Technical writer techniques are highly require in money making content and effective copywriting. So learn technical writing to become advanced writer. You can get the client satisfied copy presentation knowledge and product online advertisement techniques.
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Write SEO Guest Articles with your Writing Skills

Share your skills and knowledge with online readers

Website seo guide is a fact-based and informative seo blog regularly publishing unique and quality visitor education content about seo practices, sem tactic, social media and adsense, content writing, technical writing and other relevant area. This is a best opportunity to build quality backlinks to your website offering freelance seo services, online writing services, best affordable website seo optimization services, link building services etc...

Website seo guide is interested in working with other interested authors having experience in content writing.  Website seo guide is very happy to give an opportunity to all web bloggers and seo analysts, beginner content writers and other interested professionals. The key purpose of this Guest Posting opportunity is improving the awareness of internet marketing and digital marketing campaigns, on-going seo project management with effective industry required knowledge and skills.

Share your experience - Become SEO guest writer

We are promoting search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization, social media marketing and digital marketing, Blogging tips and tricks, adsense optimization tips, Affiliate marketing, technical writing and best seo services in India, how to hire effective SEO analyst job player, make money online, content marketing, content writing, business leads revenue generation, customer conversion, web tutorials etc...

So, grab this guest post opportunity in seo sem smo smm and digital marketing areas to improve your online brand and popularity in online marketing, social marketing, online writing, money make, advanced marketing, web analytics, digital marketing and other relevant areas you are interested.

Why write for us

Share your experience and knowledge with online bloggers and others. Most of the Website seo guide blog followers are search engine optimization service seekers and affordable seo company services providers, PPC service providers, online businesses bloggers and internet marketing agencies across the local, national and internationally.

Website seo guide blog will broadcasts your contributed post to a lot of web audience, giving you the credibility in this internet marketing space. To contributing your guest articles with problem solving and entertaining, consider the few guidelines to guest posting. This is to ensure that your contributed guest articles get published immediately.
  • Your article should be 100% free from online duplication
  • Spin content is not allowed
  • Posting article should be more than 600 words or more
  • Add at least 1 relevant picture within the article (should free of copyright)
  • Provide one relevant link (especially yours inner page) to link from this blog
  • Provide yours own image or yours company logo image to publish
  • PLR articles also allowed with spell and grammatical errors
  • Should be useful to solve web marketing issue or problem (should be with action points, screenshots, insightful)
  • add a wise and educative question in the content to encourages readers to comment or share their opinions
  • Should not be promotional or self-review oriented
  • Send your content in Microsoft Word or plain text document
  • Give post article with best eye catchy relevant title
  • Include an author bio (within 100 words) at the end of your post
  • Should have complete ownership of the content provided or written
  • Article must be submitted by a person and a company
Guest Author Requirements
  • Must have a verified Google+ Author profile (like here)
  • Should have in-depth idea on online digital marketing
  • Should write in English language
  • No restriction on working experience
  • No restriction on content writing skills
  • Your author Bio should be unique
  • We can remove unnatural backlinks if received any email by google in webmaster tool regarding these outbound links.
Write for us with your seo and writing skills
  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO
  3. Technical SEO
  4. Blog Marketing
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Website Marketing
  7. Social Media Optimization
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. Marketing Analytics
  10. Web Analytics
  11. Email Marketing
  12. Online SEO Tools
  13. SEO Software & Add-ons
  14. Affiliate Marketing
  15. Search Advertising
  16. Display Advertising
  17. SEO Agencies
  18. SEO services
  19. SEM Agencies
  20. SEM Services
  21. Social Media Agencies
  22. Social Media Services
  23. Bloggers - Blogs - Blogging
  24. AdSense Approval Tips
  25. Adsense Optimization Tips
  26. Web Designers
  27. Web Developers
  28. Web Advertising
  29. Beginner SEO optimization
  30. Website Optimization
  31. Website Marketing
  32. Inbound Marketing
  33. Brand Positioning
  34. Facebook Marketing
  35. Brand Marketing
  36. Search Updates
  37. SEO Trends
  38. Tools & Software Usage Tips
  39. Tools & Software Reviews
  40. Marketer Technology Trends
  41. Online Reputation Management
  42. SEO algorithms
  43. Website Health Checkup
  44. Customer Conversion Tips
  45. Interactive writing Tips
  46. Visitor education Writing Skills
  47. Customer Engagement Writing Ideas
  48. Or any other Online Digital Marketing topic...

After received yours guest submission, You will be emailed and informed with live link on immediate basis after though review.

If you have any query regarding SEO guest articles posting, please contact us through below Contact form or send a mail to "raaju104@gmail.com"
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Content Marketing SEO New Marketing Strategy

Why SEO content marketing practice requires today and future?

Search engine optimization and Content marketing are part of internet marketing and had crucial role in website marketing over the web sources. Online marketers have different kinds of web marketing strategy in order to promote content and website. They will use various kinds of content marketing strategy in their search engine optimization and marketing strategy.

Website Search Engine Optimization is a process of marketing tactic and a part of digital marketing campaign or strategy. Your SEO organic search efforts and promotional practices are requires to work along with all other efficient practices of your digital marketing in order to increase the maximum ROI and marketing plan effectiveness.

The problem with your traditional SEO optimization strategy working within its own limitation area and doesn’t consider other helpful and referral channels and its traffic sources rather than from organic searches when you are tracking and measuring organic search traffic from web search engine. Your traditional SEO organic optimization will not count all yours email marketing, content marketing or social media websites.

This is because, it’s no longer about organic keywords ranking, and visitor engagement. You required to focus on producing highly educative and visitor search intent oriented content that your customers and readers need in order to solve their problems or overcome existing challenges now or future days.

Your onpage SEO practice is about the overall keyword optimization; content development with focused keyword phrases in order to improve the performance of your page content in the search. This is why you require of integrating SEO marketer strategies across all your available various marketing channels like emails campaigns, SEM, SMO, SMM, search advertisement etc. to enhance the website promotion opportunities rather than your traditional SEO approaches such as top ranking in Google.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an online internet marketing strategy used to acquire better natural ranking on search engines and receiving better web traffic from various available diversified web sources. It also helps in engagement with users.

Why SEO practice requires Content Marketing?

The major advantage seo practice is you will get is long-term benefits with regular business leads and web customers. This search engine optimization strategy is takes longer time to reflect the return on investment. This is because you website optimization practices should be with natural and free from any kind of violations, spamming.

After search engine algorithms updates, it is difficult to acquire long term rank on first page of SERP pages. Nowadays it is not possible without quality landing page content. Everyone online marketer must understand the SEO limitations in promoting website with on-page optimization, content distribution, brand reputation creation...

To improve your website performance, seo activities are not enough to improve your keyword rankings. It requires to adopt a new website content distribution and advanced online promotion strategy simply called content marketing.

Content Marketing & Distribution Channels
  • Blogs
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Reports
  • Case studies
  • Infographics
  • Whitepapers
  • Microsites
  • PDFs
  • E Books
  • Articles
  • Pressreleases
  • Guides
  • Social bookmarking
  • Social network
  • Social news
Why to use Content Marketing in SEO strategy

Preparing effective website optimization, marketing strategy in nowadays is should be includes of search engine optimization and content marketing in the website promotion strategy. To achieve business goals, seo is helps as main platform with on-page optimization and off-page optimization, technical seo elements optimization. 

SEO marketing strategy improves the website accessibility through crawling, indexing process. Through the improved online visibility of your business can be advertised in the World Wide Web world. Content marketing is an essential part of World Wide Web world and helps in distribution of online content, businesses content over the internet.

Developing webpage content with relevancy and user search intent oriented is improves yours search engine ranking. Search engines are promoting the websites that regularly publish high quality online content with freshness and original content with online customer engagement writing and visitor education writing. So add content marketing in your seo marketing plan to improve natural performance of your website overall SEO promotion strategy.

SEO organic search ranking and web traffic for focused keywords is a good indication of best seo marketing plan. The plan includes of web page writing with various forms of online content. The created customer oriented content can be acquires positive impression and motivates the visitors to make a purchase immediately or later in the future.

Why to add Content Marketing in yours SEO Marketing Strategy?

Currently Search results pages are loading with a large number of lower quality websites and keyword stuffed (optimized) web content. After implementing the content algorithms such as Panda, Venice, Hummingbird updates, the search results are filtered to get better and engaged high-quality content that relevant to searcher searches.

As part of an ongoing search optimization marketing and customer retention strategy, Voice and conversational search queries, location-based web and mobile search is enabled in order to retain the customers long term with relevant useful search results. The primary goal of internet marketer, internet marketing manager job and seo analyst job is to improve the website visibility to achieve business leads, sales, deals, online enquiries and customer engagement. 

Benefits of SEO Content Marketing - Role of SEO in your content marketing practice
  1. Content Marketing is mainly focus on creating and distribution of high quality online content to targeted customers and audiences, web visitors.
  2. This can help web marketers in engaging the focused customers for a longer period of time.
  3. Content marketing improves Brand Value.
  4. Content marketing helps in reach of potential customers.
  5. Content marketing helps the awareness of a product or service better than other practices.
  6. Increase your business profile visibility
  7. Improves business leads and sales, online revenue
  8. Improves the website traffic
  9. Improves the customer retention
  10. Increases the customer conversions
Content Marketing is Content Distribution

Similarly seo analysts and seo managers are strategies to get all these above results as SEO ROI as the part of search engine optimization marketing strategy. Effective content distribution is a key SEO promotion activity. Content marketers are also distributes the web content over the internet sources. This will result in achieving search results ranking.

Implement smart marketing tactics to promote your web content
  • Optimize content with relevant and targeted primary keywords and secondary key phrases within the page copy and at main on-page SEO places
  • Add social network buttons to allow customers to reach easily to your social profile pages
  • Add social sharing buttons to allow the customers to bookmark and share your online content
  • Build your social media pages and strong web presence to reach the targeted visitors and audience with your web content
  • Blog regularly on different trendy, evergreen and visitor educative topics, interactive customer engagement topics
  • Build a strong online brand around your offering products and services
  • Publish your content as Guest post on related website in your industry to improve your authority
  • Use your periodical newsletter or email campaign to promote your brand and products
Content Marketing KPI Measurement

Here is a list of common content marketing KPIs worth considering include to measure content marketing campaign.
  1. Organic search ranking position
  2. Organic traffic improvement for targeted keywords
  3. Quality inbound links
  4. Business leads, sales online enquiries
  5. Referral web traffic from social media sites
  6. Number of social shares and bookmarks
  7. Generated online revenue
  8. Unique visits
  9. Customer engagement (bounce rate; time on web page)
  10. Customer conversions
  11. Referral web sites
  12. Customer education
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SEO Content Marketing - Content Marketing is SEO

Quality content, domain authority, page authority and user experiences are current dominant factors at the search engines. 

All major search engines are constantly working on search engine algorithms to determine the qualityness of website marketing, content marketing practices in order to provide best user experience with quality search results.

SEO is essential success part of content marketing

Nowadays quality content and seo marketing strategy are not enough to win in the web competition with your seo tactics.  The keywords are still matters. Major search engine is currently having 65 to 70 % of marketing share across the world. Still Google preferring optimized keywords with relevancy of searcher's search queries to provide best quality SERP results.

There are two major SEO elements are helping in content publishing and website promotion are inbound linking and online engagement. Unique content crafting strategy is SEO-centric and supports the content marketing process: targeted audience research, online writing, keyword optimization, web promotion and ROI measurement.

Successful content promotion programs are result from in-depth audience research, online purchase behaviour, visitor search intent analysis. One who understanding and tracking the search engine functionality for searchers to make match with predefined business goals, the internet marketer managers will achieve greater online success in the current digital media technology and interactive writing with visitor education content writing skills. Prioritize the seo content writing.

Content is a Product

Search results for query - "Google Adsense"

To quote Ian directly, he stated: "Content is a product. Not a tactic. It is the customer’s first purchase."

From the search result for "Google Adsense", you can understand that Google is showing a number of webpages in the top position. Keywords and visitor search intent is playing to show relevant information from the indexed websites. In addition to searcher behaviour, domain authority, page authority and page popularity, user trustworthiness are playing crucial role in search engine ranking strategy along with other ranking factors or signals. Another thing you can understand that keywords are still matters in finding relevant web information locally, nationally and internationally.

How to measure to understand the Visitor search intent behaviour

From the above snapshot for "Google Adsense", you can understand what kind of search words typed by web visitors, how they are receiving the desired information, what are they checking i.e. blogs or websites, videos etc., typing keywords - informative or money generator etc. Measure the user search intent with visitor engagement writing tips and interactive writer ideas.

Determine the different user intents with yours single keyword
  1. The first result is about choosing Google account to use to Adsense.
  2. The second represent the login for Adsense.
  3. The third provides detailed information about Ad channels creation.
  4. The fourth provides updated, new Adsense FAQ information
  5. The fifth is for Adsense application page URL for Indians and their blogs and websites
  6. The below results are from Google associated pages informing about adsense.
All these search results for query "Google Adsense". Here you will understand how to determine the user search intent behaviour with yours query word entered in search box. Examine all these results; these all result links are fairly relevant to entered word "Google Adsense". This search results is standard example to determine the online visitor search intent and their behaviour.

The texts of result links are have no any standard keyword density. Proper keyword proximity does also not exist. Even first paragraph is not beginned with keyword. So understand well about keyword optimization. The keyword optimization is not a solution for all seo optimization and content marketing strategies. 

The major search engine "Google is not focusing on keywords but on user experience". Visitor engagement and customer education writing are the future of SEO analysts and SEO manager roles, internet marketer manager responsibilities, copy writer's primary job in coming future. Prepare your search engine optimization strategy for good user experience. Get adapt from now!
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