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World Alzheimer Dementia Day 21 st September. Is it yours and Website SEO Alzheimer Day?

When is Alzheimer's Day?

What is world Alzheimer's Day is 21 st September (every year)

What is Alzheimer's disease?

Alzheimer is a cure less disease with symptoms of dementia (losing of memory) generally appears in older aged people.

What causes Alzheimer's disease?

There is no single biological or non-biological factor is identified as a cause for these Alzheimer's disease.
  1. Caused by progressive brain cells death
  2. Disintegration of tau protein in the brain neurons
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Genetic inheritance
  5. Brain damage
  6. Blood clot in brain
  7. Brain infections
  8. Environmental parameters etc.
Alzheimer Signs and Symptoms
  • Inability to carry daily activities
  • Memory loss
  • Language problems
  • Confusion and lack of judgement
  • Unpredictable behavior
  • Forgetfulness of the family members and address
  • Long-term depression 
  • Lack of sleeping
  • Frequent changes in mood etc...
Alzheimer Prevention

There is no cure for Alzheimer's disease in the current world. Know here how can you prevent Alzheimer's disease and dementia disorder in the current lifestyle. Many medical, neurological consultants, research associates are suggesting the few tips to take precautions and post-cautions for neurological disorder, Alzheimer's disease.
  1. Avoid smoking
  2. Manage hypertension
  3. Regular exercise
  4. Manage diabetes
  5. Manage cardiovascular health
  6. Improve physical and mental activeness etc...
Website Alzheimer and SEO Dementia

What is Website and SEO dementia?

Many web bloggers and web masters, seo managers, link builders are forgets the required activities and daily tasks of online marketing strategy. Generally they will forget the submission of update sitemaps, key task plan activities, periodical keyword research, primary keyword optimization and secondary keywords optimization, tracking of search engines algorithms, SEO KPI, ROI activities, etc...

Symptoms of Website and SEO Alzheimer

Most forgetting search engine optimizing and online marketing activities and website related activities are begins with domain registration. Read here regular symptoms of Website Search Engine Optimization Alzheimer dementia disorder.
  1. Registration of domain at right time
  2. Ignoring the domain history (when purchasing used domain(s))
  3. Domain renewal period
  4. Ignoring the web page unique layout
  5. Ignoring information architecture
  6. Ignoring unique site navigation
  7. Lack of of unique keywords
  8. Lack of original content
  9. Ignoring the effective marketing plan building
  10. Inappropriate content optimization
  11. Neglecting the update sitemap submission
  12. Lack of idea on latest algorithms
  13. Lack of working experience of various online seo tools
  14. Google analytics tracking code installation on all webpages
  15. Poor conversions of targeted customers
Results of Website SEO Alzheimer dementia impact 
  • Website disappearance from search engines
  • Loss of search engine ranking for targeted keywords, 
  • Sudden organic search position drop, 
  • Dropped website visits 
  • Loss of achieved backlinks
  • Domain penalty
  • Domain blacklist
  • Blog disappearance
  • Blog removal
  • Loss of authority and brand image
  • Loss of visitor trust and social signals
  • Website poor performance
  • High bounce rate
  • Loss of leads and sales conversions
  • Loss or decrease in online revenue 
All these are Website Search Engine Optimization Alzheimer dementia impact results are Website SEO Alzheimer dementia impact generally caused by the malpractice of website optimization and marketing methods. Long-term search engine penalty cannot be prevented completely, but you can eliminate the impact of search engine algorithm updates. The ethical seo practice can improve your online visibility through effective on-page optimization, off-page optimization and technical seo parameters optimization. So take precautions for your in-house or freelance or part-time seo employee job roles to avoiding website search engine optimization Alzheimer dementia impact.

What is an effective SEO strategy helps in dementia of your website by search engine?

Search engine algorithms are changes regularly and impacts the niche and websites at its degree level. On-page optimization is the major search engine optimization component having crucial role in success of seo promotion strategy. Primary keyword analysis, secondary keyword research, optimizing the targeted keywords in top locations, quality backlink building, tracking the SEO ROI etc. are helps in controlling the dementia of search engine for your websites and blogs.

Website forgotten by search engines and online users

Website dementia is caused by search engines through process known as site penalty by imposing various algorithms. These algorithms are works on site design, information architecture, user navigation, online content, backlinks and other... Search engine optimization process is playing a key role in algorithm impact and search engine Alzheimer and dementia of your website for non-ethical website promotion and marketing, poor site performance etc.

Search engines ignore your website through 3 methods. They are 1)  algorithms 2) manual penalties 3) filters.

SEO penalties are divided into 3 types. Namely they are 1) on-page, 2) off-page and 3) other types.
  • On-page penalties - works on website design, user navigation, and content optimization.
  • Off-page penalties - works on link profiles, link building, bad neighborhood links etc.
  • Other penalties - works on site ranking, poor loading, lower user experience, lower visitor engagement and website health check.
So, every online marketer have to manage online marketing project carefully at each level to protect the existing and receiving organic traffic ROI values in terms of natural web traffic, online leads, revenue, authority, visitor trust, customer engagement, etc. by providing user intent based search requirements etc.

How to prevent the website Alzheimer and SEO dementia disorder?

Don't become a regular site. Become an authority with your website

Many website bloggers are writing their blog articles (own unique and rewritten, inspired web content). But most of the published online articles are broad ones, not specific for users and medium to low user value based. hey are assuming that the targeted customers and visitors are always on their website or blog only. Think is this correct one?. Online audience optimization is not only just reaching the targeted visitors and site readers. Visitor engagement writing and interactive writing, online writing skills are helpful in producing the targeted customers base on online. You can get this by website authority in search engines and by your niche.

Online content writers and search engine content writers are can produce various types of content that useful in engaging various types of online visitors and audiences. Link bait content with interactive writing skills can improve your site authority and website promotion, online leads, sales generation etc. Writing fresh web content and updating the websites with latest postings, online modifications, content updates in the blog page, improving the domain and web page authority, gaining the online visitors and readers, web audience trust, author rank, brand positioning etc. are can support you in building high authority in your blogging industry. These can helps in preventing the existing or future website Alzheimer impact by search engines and dementia of search engine's algorithms.

Website promotion improve your online revenue 

Understand the role of on-page optimization and Keyword Analysis Process for New Websites, Content Types for SEO, How to Select Keywords to Meet User Search Needs, Effective ways to generate quality backlinks for website, How to Create Brand Online, How to Get Better Website Rankings for Keywords in the Search Results, Best Places To Optimize Keywords etc. articles are useful in promotion of your website and in maximizing the online visibility, in reaching the targeted customers, visitors base. SEO components such as on-page optimization, off-page optimization, website technical parameters optimization are playing the key role in enhancing the maximum reach of focused customers.

Make aware of World Alzheimer's Day is 21 st September of every year and take precaution steps to avoid Website SEO promotion in the targeted search engine(s), and the impact of the search engine algorithms those penalize your new website or old site for content penalty or link penalty or seo penalty reasons.

Celebrate the 21 st September as your in-house or freelance search optimizer's Alzheimer (memory loss disorder) day. But be ethical search engine optimization analyst and effective seo team leader or manager to avoid dementia of your website or blog from web search engines. Experienced SEO consultants, managers, online marketers can cure search engine alzheimer symptoms occurring during site promotion and marketing management. Aware your in-house or freelance employees for 21 st of September month to protect yours web marketing and online business promotion strategy and search engine reputation, brand and ROI values...

How to cure SEO analyst Alzheimer symptoms 

Tips for website SEO analyst Alzheimer prevention 
  1. Look at your existing SEO Marketing strategy
  2. Improve SEO skills of your Online Marketing employees
  3. Track latest Google algorithms updates
  4. Follow an ethical SEO website promotion plan
  5. Challenge your competitors with innovative ideas
  6. Enjoy your Social activity and customer base reach
  7. Focus on short-term and long-term web goals and online ROI
  8. Do regular site and landing pages audit and content audit analysis
  9. Experiment with new rising keywords optimization and measure keyword ROI
  10. Prepare reports, document on your domain and online marketing strategy and ROI with proper KPIs. 
Online readers and bloggers have a World Alzheimer's Day 21 st September of every year. Let celebrate your Website SEO Optimization Marketing Alzheimer disease (dementia disorder). Have a Fun day... 
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SEO Training - Learn Search Engine Optimization Tips and Blogging Skills

SEO Training is an essential part of continuing digital marketing education to anyone practicing various internet marketing activities and certification seekers in digital marketing certification in website promotion through search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, online advertising, (search and display) also others including traditional website promoting methods.

How SEO Training Helps?

Many computer education and training institutes are offering regular and advanced programs in Online Marketing, Digital marketing, through regular classroom mode, weekend, crash courses, online training and fundamental, advanced certifications for students, sales managers and working internet marketing practitioners and marketing professionals.

These Marketing certification courses will teach you how to make your digital marketing, online internet marketing campaigns more efficient to improve the business leads, sales and enquiries. The emerging trend of ecommerce websites, online portal sites is facilitating the huge growth of digital marketers and online marketers with high paid salaries.

Continuing education through workshops, webinars, seminars, conference, online training sessions, video learning methods etc. methods can helps the students, marketing individuals and middle level and senior level managers from sales, e-commerce, product, brand positioning, customer service, finance departments to become acquaint in marketing tactics, and business promotion.

What you will learn?

After successfully completing the SEO training course, the students and beginner marketers will be able to:

  1. Get the guidance on how to develop seo friendly and responsive website
  2. Determining business and revenue generating keyword phrases
  3. Content optimization and information architecture
  4. Learn the marketing strategies to improve website visibility and branding
  5. Understand the role of search-engine rankings and search traffic
  6. Improve visitor engagement and online writing skills
  7. Learns how to make money online with website, blogs and content
  8. Understand the online business promotion methods
  9. Fundamental idea on various types of web advertising campaigns
  10. Design and execution of effective web marketing campaigns
  11. Understand the role of social media for brand promotion and marketing
  12. Analysis of web analytics data and implementation of new tactics
  13. Usage of various online tools helps in business decision making
  14. How to get SEO analyst jobs in online marketing field
  15. How to make money with blogs, websites, social media sites
  16. Google Adsense optimization tips to get passive regular income

Acquire the advanced certifications in Digital Marketing, SEO, Social media, technical writing course trains in the efficient usage of online marketing methods with website promotion tactics, online content, interactive web content writing, educative technical content writing to improve business sales, leads and profits ROI with advanced marketing techniques and online user engagement practices.

SEO Training Institute in your local city

Many computer training institutes are offering this Search Engine Optimization course with regular and online learning mode, video learning mode etc. The seo course fee is from 3,000 INR to 15,000 INR depending on learning facilities provided, computer lab, SEO guidance courseware, seo technical writing booklet, online marketing career guidance, search engine optimizer job placement or assistance in seo marketer resume or bio-data etc.

How to Find Best SEO Learning Institute to Train in Search Engine Optimization and Blog Marketing?

During enquiring for seo training course, ask the instructor or trainer for search engine optimization course outlines. Collect the SEO syllabus brochure and examine thoroughly. Check for latest seo updates covered or not and what they included in their course syllabus, covering chapters and missing ones etc...

Attend the free seo demo in your local city offered by computer training institutes. Analyze what they are promising, how the instructor or trainer is teaching, search engine optimization knowledge, previous experience, support after completion of marketing course etc. factors. Then a take your decision to attend best seo training course with affordable fee.

Get training to learn advanced seo optimization and website promotion skills and blogging skills. Become a advanced marketing professional with high paid salary.

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Search Engine Optimization Course in India - Improve your SEO Skills

Search Engine Optimization Course in India  - SEO Training Institutes to Learn SEO Tips and Tricks in India 

SEO Search Engine Optimization is a practice of website promotion over the targeted search engines in order to improve the site visibility to get maximum brand image, to receive long term business leads, sales enquiries, through various seo optimization and online marketing methods. Read this Digital marketer website seo guide blog article on what are the SEO job descriptions and how is a SEO Analyst job in Hyderabad India and SEO Search Engine Optimizer career growth. Attend the seo course to get training in the search engine optimization and website marketing. Learning the online marketing practices will helps you to promote your website offering various business products and services, courses, online learning, classroom training, online certification programs and online education, etc. globally and locally.

Why to learn SEO optimization and online marketing

Ethical SEO optimization and marketing is a white hat online marketing technique, wherein the SEO analyst uses effective seo components such as on-page optimization and off-page optimization and technical parameters optimization in order to promote website for more online visibility. A career in ethical search engine optimizer, as a freelance seo consultant, in-house employee, online blogger and affordable budget based seo company services etc. has bright prospects.

Online marketing is considered as an effective advanced marketing practice in the current days of internet computer technology.  The increased demand for specialised seo talent professional with multi domain experiences is highly needed and getting high paid job in the ecommerce, real estate, education, health & medical, insurance companies etc.

Career in Search Engine Optimization

An ethical SEO consultant is employed by an organisation to promote the website with ethical search engine optimization. The seo has to be maximize the website visibility, regular crawling, indexing, promotion over the various online sources to achieve predefined web goals. The search engine optimizer work is to attain top long term position in the organic search results for visitor queries, managing the search engine rankings, acquiring the business leads and sales, online revenue, promotion of business offering like products or services or education courses or online training programs etc. depending the employer industry or freelance seo projects...

SEO Analyst Job Profile - Day Work Schedule 

9 am           :  Entering to office
9. 15 am  :  Testing the website' all pages
10 am        :  Attending the team meeting
10.15 am  :  Assigning the work like seo audit etc.
10.30am  :  Starting the work to complete within deadlines
1 pm           :  Lunch
2 pm           :  Again back to work
4 pm           :  Tea break
4.15  pm    :  Again back to work
5.30pm     :  Study the current trends in SEO optimization & marketing
6 pm           :  Reporting prepared reports
6.30 pm     :  Leave for home

Payoff or Salary or Income of a SEO Professional

After becoming a seo optimizer and marketer, one can make RS 5,000 (minimum) depending on the size of employer organization and website niche. Experienced seo analyst can be paid up to RS 25,000 to 40,000 and can grow rapidly depending on his/her online marketing skills and seo knowledge, certification achieved etc. Size of the organization and website belonging industry, seo ROI, budget investment etc. are playing major role in salary of SEO in Indian cities.

Skills or Traits for a SEO Analyst Job

The most important prerequisite is basic ideas on search engine optimization methods for websites
Training in SEO course through classroom training or online training can help you to become an search engine optimization analyst and online marketer
Attend the continuous learning programs to improve the existing SEO optimizer and marketer skills to get high paid job in internet marketing.
Expertise in MS Office and online research skills
Knowledge of the content writing
Online blogging
Any marketing experience
Competitor analysis skills
Link building knowledge
Idea or knowledge in HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript
No limitations for education qualification

SEO Coaching Institutes, Training Centers, University programs

To become an expert online marketing consultant or before starting a seo company in your local cities, first of all, learn the basics of online marketing or internet marketing. Try seo internships to learn the work in a company on various on-page optimization, off-page (link building) activities, technical parameters audit and landing page analysis, etc. to gain an improved skills while earning basic seo analyst salary.

There are hundreds of computer training institutes, internet marketing coaching centers, free online marketing certification websites, few universities are offering this seo course in classroom training mode and online education mode, web learning mode etc... Choose your learning method. Learning this seo skills is not enough to get high salaries and higher designation in search engine optimization field. Achieving industry recognized seo certification will help you to reach higher levels in your organization. After learning the seo marketer courses, you can earn money online with your blogging and writing skills.

Want to become an online marketer to get high paid SEO analyst salary. Learn the search engine optimization skills today. 
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SEO Course Training Learn SEO Optimization Marketing

What is SEO Search Engine Optimization?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a marketing practice use to improve website visibility through regular crawling and indexing processes in order to reach the targeted customers to get online leads, sales revenue generation etc. There are number of computer programs training institutes offering this beginner and advanced seo course for bright career opportunities as online marketer or digital marketer or seo analyst etc.

Who can Learn SEO?

Students, beginner seo, marketing personnel, house wives, working women, mom with kids, bloggers, online money seekers, graduate degree holders, business men, digital media marketers, web designers, copywriters, content writers, online writers, computer programmers, website owners. managers, etc.

The Scope for SEO Optimization Marketing Career

The usage of internet is greatly increased in business marketing field. Many business are limited to local or regional areas only. Website marketing is a practice of local or regional or national or international. Attend seo course to learn best search engine optimization tips and tricks and website promotion ideas for various websites. Welcome.

This is Digital marketer SEO blog. Blogging on varours online internet marketing topics, digital marketer tips, website promotion advanced practices, technical content writing, user engagement writing, online content crafting, online leads, customer conversion, online revenue generation etc. topics. You can learn various SEO optimization and marketing methods if you join the seo classes through classroom training, self-study, online training, online learning modes etc.

The instructors will explain you the theoritical and practical tips on how promote a website with the help of search engine optimization practices to meet the predefined web goals. These seo practices will helps you become acquaint in improving your website visibility, search engine index, website crawling, keyword ranking, business leads development, content optimization and quality backlink building, content marketing, seo analysis, website audit, visitor engagement, seo writing etc.

SEO Course Fee

Mainy computer and IT training institutes are providing the regular seo training and advanced online internet marketing training with various options like classroom training, online education training, instructor training, video training mode. You can choose your learning option depending on your skills, interest etc. Many webmasters and website owners think that the seo practice is very easy and one time based. This is very very wrong thought. Search engine ranking and getting good amount of organic search traffic from various online sources is not an easy job.

SEO classes and online marketing education classes will gives a brief idea on how to optimize the website for users and targeted search engines, how promote a new website with search engine optimization, marketing methods, effective SEO ROI achievement etc. The SEO training programs can illustrate you about in-depth concepts on advanced website promotion tips for new and older websites, avoiding search engine penalties, latest customer conversion ideas, online leads generation etc. those work for your individual or company business websites and blogs. The fee amount for seo course is around Rs. 3000 to 15,000 depending on institute, training method, lab facilities, courseware, SEO trainer or faculty experience etc. The seo training duration is depending on your training mode and your skills. Maximum course duration is 45 to 60 days, simply i.e 30 working days in regular classroom mode and online learning mode.

What will you Learn with SEO Training?

Many IT & computer coaching organizations are offering the redesigned and advanced seo course training programs after monitoring the latest Google algorithm updates. The changes in the algorithms are generally impacting the website promotion plans, search engine optimization and marketing strategy, but these algorithms in recent days are changed the seo course outlines and courseware material in order to improve the students and beginner seo practitioners, web designers, seo consultants, seo analysts, link builders knowledge and making them aware of latest search engine alorithms and best website promotion practices, ethical seo etc. 

On-page optimization, Off-page optimization and Technical seo elements optimization and website marketing practices are the best inputs of these seo training materials and needed by every digital marketing, seo analysts, seo experts to become advanced marketer. Here is an overview of seo course outlines. All these website promotion methods are part of digital marketing course and training programs essential for every website promoters and marketers. Here is a best syllabus content for SEO training.

SEO Training Course Outlines

On-Page Search Engine Optimization:
  1. Role of Internet and Search engine types
  2. Introduction to web marketing
  3. SEO career and roles, job descriptions
  4. Keyword research and analysis
  5. Selection of money making keywords
  6. Website design and navigation architecture
  7. Creation of Meta tags, and H1 tags, ALT tags
  8. URL structure and Internal linking
  9. SEO content writing and user content development
  10. Content Optimization with primary words and secondary words
  11. Creation of HTML & XML Site maps
Off-Page Search Engine Optimization:
  1. Search Engine submission
  2. article writing and marketing
  3. Pressreleases writing and marketing
  4. Directory Submission
  5. Social Bookmarking
  6. Business blog Posting
  7. Blog Commenting
  8. Getting Profiles links
  9. Backlinks from Classifieds & Forums sites
and additionally you can get knowledge in following aspects.
  1. Tracking the targeted keywords
  2. Measuring the SEO ROI
  3. Website index
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Google web master tool
  6. Google keyword planner tool etc.
  7. Latest Google algorithm changes
  8. Measuring the algorithms impact on websites
Find here the role of on-page optimization in promotion of websites and business blogs.
Get here how to promote your college education website
Find here Online writing tips
Read here Visitor education writing tips
Read here Visitor engagement writing tips
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Pendem Raju - Digital Marketer SEO Analyst in Hyderabad

Pendem Raju - Digital Marketing SEO Analyst in Hyderabad

Who is Pendem Raju?

Pendem Raju is a Digital Marketer SEO Analyst

Where P. Raju is working?

Pendem Raju is currently working as a Digital Marketing SEO Analyst in Hyderabad,  for US based multi-billion dollar company in Hyderabad, India.

About Pendem Raju

Digital Marketer, Online Blogger, Google Certified Adwords Professional. Currently working in Hyderabad India. His age is just 30 years. Pendem Raju written morethan 100 web articles on SEO search engine optimization, beginner technical writing, content writing etc.

4 years experience in SEO, PPC, and web analytics, digital marketing
Google Certified Adwords Professional in Hyderabad
Google Certified Digital Analytics professional in Hyderabad
Founder of Website SEO Guide Blog
Founder of Saving Investment Blog
Holds Master and PGDBM degree

Pendem Raju Role at his Digital Marketing SEO

His job at US based company is promoting and managing the websites by developing and implementation of various internet marketing strategies to improve the website online visibility through organic and ethical SEP practices and paid search results, generation of online leads, sales and online revenue, protecting the website from various search engine algorithms, creation of SEO friendly technical content etc.

Website promotion with developing various on-page optimization, off-page optimization, technical elements optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization marketing strategies and implementation of web marketing activities to improve the online leads, sales, business deals, customer conversions and ROI with effective marketing skills.

Pendem Raju is follows highly practical and realistic approach in web marketing. He is currently managing 5 blogging websites on various topics. From 2009 onwards, he is in internet marketing consultation service. Pendem Raju have experience in SEO, link building and SEM, SMO, SMM, and working knowledge in advanced components like technical SEO, website index management, traffic management, visitor engagement writing, content marketing, online reputation management, seo marketing strategy for established and new websites.

For more on Pendem Raju's professional background please check here his Linkedin Profile

Achieved Certifications:

1. Google Analytics individual qualified.
2. Google Adwords Professional Certified from Google in March 2014 and valid up to March 2015
3. Google Advertising Fundamentals from Google, in March 2014 and valid up to March 2016
4. Google Display Advertising from Google, in March 2014 and valid up to March 2015
5. Professional Internet Marketer from SEO in Practice, in September, 2011

Google Certified Adwords PPC Professional in Hyderabad
Pendem Raju,  a Google Certified Adwords Professional in Hyderabad
Summary of Digital Marketing SEO Roles

  1. Reviewing client's e commerce website, education website etc.
  2. Creating SEO Optimization and Marketing Strategy
  3. Developing and executing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and web marketing plan.
  4. Developing effective SEO plan for client websites to improve the organic and referral traffic.
  5. Optimizing website components such as site architecture and information architecture etc.
  6. Improving the user engagement with relevant page titles & descriptions, landing pages, etc.
  7. Monitoring, analyzing and reporting whenever required daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly reports
  8. Preparing SEO Audit, technical audit by analyzing all the Technical, On Page & Off Page factors
  9. Performing online competitor website, keyword, content, backlinks analysis
  10. Keyword research and choosing primary and secondary keywords depending on the campaign
  11. Determining the efficient keywords from brainstorming with various online tools
  12. Preparing web site's effective user navigation friendly layout for good user experience with breadcrumbs, HTML sitemap, and quick links.
  13. Developing user friendly and search engine friendly information architecture on website
  14. Developing the effective URL structure for client website pages
  15. Managing the HTML, WordPress and DotNetNuke (DNN) content management systems.
  16. Developing the effective SEO overview report on on-page optimization strategy
  17. Generating Sitemaps XML Sitemap and robots,txt file and developing HTML site navigation
  18. Checking for internal and external content duplication practice
  19. Optimizing the content by writing web content, meta tags, header tags, keyword based image alt text, Anchor texts, applying font styles
  20. Developing linking structure by internal and external links per page with diversified anchor texts
  21. Coordinating with copywriter to get the SEO friendly articles and press releases and submitting those into top free and paid PR submission websites.
  22. Optimizing the images and videos embedded on web pages
  23. Creating and optimizing blogs and managing the business blogs
  24. Distributing company profile or improving brand awareness on business profiles websites such as Crunch Base, About Us and etc.
  25. Blog commenting on live content and participating in industry forums with related topics and websites.
  26. Creation of effective Ad copies for search engine PPC marketing campaign
  27. Creation of social profile and optimizing the social content for branding
  28. Developing Content & Set up campaigns for Email marketing
  29. Managing the clients Google Webmaster Tool and Google Analytic Tool accounts
  30. Creating lead generation pages in website and set up goals in Google analytics.
  31. Creation of documents, reports on website performance periodically
  32. Managing the website health check and reporting to fixing the existing issues
  33. Setup projects in Advanced Web Ranking tool and tracking results in terms of keyword rankings, website visits, keyword impressions and goal conversions.
  34. Managing and updating the client's social media accounts Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites by using free tools such as Hoot Suite.
  35. Measuring and evaluating website and online advertising performance to determine effectiveness and ROI results
  36. Measuring performance of SEO efforts and tracking the marketing ROI of clients' websites and marketing promotions campaigns
  37. Preparing daily, weekly, and monthly, quarterly, annual standardized reports whenever needed.
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