Pendem Raju - Internet Marketing Expert in Hyderabad, SEO Blogger in India

Pendem Raju, Author & Blogger for Internet Marketing Blog

I am Pendem Raju, Internet Marketer and a pro blogger in Search engine optimization, internet marketing domains. Having 5.4 years of experience in SEO, digital marketing, internet marketing, social media optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing...

(See Pendem Raju's Internet Marketer Online Certificate scored 100 out of 100 in first attempt of SEO in Practice's Internet Marketing Course certification exam)

Pendem Raju Internet Marketer Certificate online scored 100 out of 100 in one attempt of SEO in Practice certification exam
Pendem Raju, Professional Internet Marketer in Hyderabad India              
I have interest internet marketing blogging, web content writing, wordpress & blogger blog development and SEO powerpoint presentation. You can find me at - http://website-seo-guide.blogspot.com in as author & blogger role.

Pendem Raju achieved Certificates 


1. Google Analytics individual qualified.
2. Google Advertising Fundamentals from Google (License 5893796545953792) in March 2014 and valid up to March 2016
3. Google Display Advertising from Google (License 5502093381074944) in March 2014 and valid up to March 2015
4. Professional Internet Marketer from SEO in Practice (License PIM-01579) in September, 2011
5. Google Adwords Professional Certified from Google in March 2014 and valid up to March 2015

Pendem Raju Google Adwords Professional in Hyderabad India
Pendem Raju Google Adwords Professional
Internet Marketing SEO Blog 

You can get Pendem Raju, frequently at Internet Marketing SEO Blog. Read the online blog to learn seo tips and tricks, advanced blogging ideas, website promotion and seo optimization solutions, how to seo, etc. You can get latest seo techniques, blogging tips on website optimisation process, organic seo education tutorials, internet marketing strategy for website promotion etc. from this Internet marketer SEO Blog.

Best Blogging Topics of Internet Marketing Blog

http://website-seo-guide.blogspot.com is an advanced seo education blog with useful content on topics such as Search Engine Optimization tutorial, website optimisation tutorials to learn latest seo marketing methods, organic SEO ranking tips and tricks, organic search traffic conversion improvement, local SEO marketing and Internet marketing tutorials, how to develop search engine optimization strategies, preparation of effective SEO marketing plan, online content writing tips, social media optimization tips, online reputation management with quality backlinks, marketing analytics, advanced online marketing, Organic SEO search marketing tips, money making Ideas with blogs and websites, web hosting tips, latest changes in earch engine algorithms, etc.....

Pendem Raju - Writes Useful Blogging Tips for Internet Marketing Experts, Beginner marketers.

On regular basis, the Internet Marketing SEO Blog is blogging on various interesting topics like professional search engine optimization techniques, seo for blogs, latest seo techniques, seo plans on onpage and offpage tips and tricks, advanced search engine optimization tutorials, seo online training, seo jobs in, long-term online marketing strategy, search advertising, internet marketing ROI, performance measurements with KPIs, online money earning tips with blogging skills and knowledge, content optimization tips, copywriting, seo manager job description and responsibilities, online marketing campaign, search engine reputation management, effective advanced SEO tips on how to search engine optimization for website optimization tips improve search engine ranking, technical content writing, online writing tips etc...

For further queries, requests or suggestions email us about this advanced seo education blog at "raaju104@gmail.com". 
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Suggest your Adsense Domain Earning with $ 5 to $ 25 per day - Require Adsense Money Making Website for Sale

What we need?

Here is a list of requisites of money earning blog / website or domain offering for sale. Read them now.
  1. We require a reliable domain (website)  earning 5 $ minimum per day
  2. Should belong to any category that supported by Google Adsense program' terms, conditions
  3. Proof of adsense earning dashboard monthly / daily report
  4. Website age must within 1 to 2 years only
  5. Should free from Google copyright and DMCA act
  6. Website design should with good user navigational 
  7. Website should be developed with non HTML, or Wordpress or any other
  8. Should with plagiarism free content and images, videos
  9. Should with at least 30 to 100 posts
  10. Should be promoted with organic seo services or seo quality backlink building activities
  11. Must earn $ 5 to $ 25 per day 
  12. Should transfer all copyright and domain ownership and belonging theme, template web files (folders)
  13. Should with individual adsense account
  14. Should not be with business / organization account
  15. Should not being promoted with Google adwords or any other website marketing methods
  16. Should receive search traffic organically
  17. Should be with user or audience oriented web content 
  18. Should have ith individual Google analytics account
  19. Should be with individual Google webmaster tool account
  20. Should free from any kind of search engine algorithm penalties for online content, backlink profile qualityness
  21. Should not be linked to any bad neighborhood websites
  22. Should be crawlable and indexable after updating the content
  23. Web page content should be in English only
How we'll pay?

Before you will get paid -
  • Day 1 we will discuss about website having individual adsense account and that earning minimum $ 5 to $ 25 per day. 
  • You have to show Google adsense dashboard statistics, Google analytics account and Google webmaster tool account. 
  • In addition to them, you have to show some of your other websites or blogs created for profitable with money earning purpose through Google advertising programs or affiliate marketing programs.
At the end of 30 th day to day 1 -
  • After confirming the website earning through Google adsense, website content, analytics visits, etc., you will be paid through Paypal or any other online payment method. 
  • You will be paid all amount that you bid or agreed in one time only.
After 30 days to payment -
  • You have to suggest your seo optimization and marketing strategy at least for coming 3 to 6 months.
  • Adsense account should not be banned after payment (We will not stress the website with any kind of malpractices) 
  • Website and online content should not suffered with Google adsense program' terms and conditions
Preferred website categories to buy adsense money earning site with $ 5 to $ 25.

Website content should be from following preferring adsense money making best topics or categories or niches
  1. Health
  2. Banking
  3. Technology
  5. Digital marketing
  6. Money saving investment
  7. Business
  8. Financial services
  9. Blogging 
  10. Digital photography
  11. Oil and gas
  12. Aquaculture and fisheries
  13. Marketing
  14. Entertainment
  15. Jobs
  16. Sports
  17. Web advertising
  18. Relationship
  19. Food / nutrition
  20. Insurance
  21. Real estate
  22. Shopping offers
  23. Psychotherapy
  24. Travel / tourism
  25. Web design
  26. Web development
  27. Website promotion
  28. Career advice
  29. Affiliate marketing
  30. Adsense money making
  31. Colleges and Universities
  32. Online education
  33. Special education
  34. Tax saving
  35. Home gardening
  36. Wealth building
  37. Web marketing
  38. Video marketing
  39. Outdoor activities like boating, trekking, skiing, surfing etc
  40. Beauty tips
  41. Skills development
  42. Hotel and restaurant 
  43. and those other content categories considered by adsense money making program terms, conditions...etc...
Timeline -

You have no any timeline to discuss about adsense money generating $ 5 to $ 25 website for sale.

Contact details -

Interested bidders or website owners those sell website earning minimum five dollars to twenty five dollars per day through ethical practices supported by Google adsense program and proper adsense optimization strategy. Send your information to email address "rasmanohar@gmail.com".

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SEO for Hotel Restaurant Websites - SEO Optimization Tips for Hotel Restaurant sites

SEO for Hotels and Restaurant sites

SEO for Hotels and Restaurant hospitality websites is with skillful practice for many seo companies. SEO analyst services providers treats the search engine optimization of hotel restaurant sites are more effective seo practice with online internet marketing strategy in order to achieve predefined web goals like booking the hotel room, enquiring the table meal reservation, party hall reservation, etc...

Hotels and Restaurant websites are getting the best seo services before targeting the summer or seasonal vacations to attain top search position in the search engines for localised keyword phrases like Best hotel accommodation in New York or budget family restaurant or Honeymoon Packages in Sydney or best hotel deal or stay option in California etc... terms.

If the launched restaurant or hotel website is not designed for good user experience, lack of effective keyword enriched online page content, attractive high quality room, amenities images, videos, then the site tend to receive high bouncerate at visitor end and poor online SEO ROI results for keyword ranking, online organic search traffic, online deals, leads, contact enquiries etc.


Use white background for chosen theme and template. Keep the page texts in black.
se search engine friendly programming codes like PHP, JQuery, HTML5, and CSS, basic java etc. to get user navigation functionality


Research for unique keywords like Stay option in Perth, Best hotel deals, honeymoon, accommodation, hotel with modern amenities etc... with local area names, offering deals, providing amenities...those most relevant to your site and your services too.


Use 1 primary keyword and at least 3 secondary keywords to develop the keyword riched web content. Your seo effort results are depends on this effective content. Visitor engagement is normal target for seo optimizer and content developers. But SEO writing for Hotel restaurant sites is different from other sites like seo for education school sites etc.
  • Include providing list of facilities as a part of hotel room services and customer retention. For example, candle light dinner, wifi-enabled hotel rooms, hotel for foreigners, last minute discount hotel, hotel nearby beach etc... 
  • Consider your targeted customer needs and requirements before or after staying in the accommodated rooms. 
  • Their age, purpose of hotel room booking etc are playing important role in creating the online content for hotel restaurant searcher on the web. 

Content optimization for hotel and restaurant websites is needs both primary and secondary keywords at important places on the web pages. In addition to this content optimization, the images optimization is highly require for the pages. Image alternate text (Alt text) should be written with primary keyword and what is the image.
  • Images should with high quality.
  • Should display the providing amenities like swimming pool, AC etc.
  • Should be with room paintings and wall paintings.
  • Should with sunlight and free air passage windows.
Page loading time

Larger images and lengthy videos, excess code etc. are interfering in site loading. So ensure the site koading speed under 6 seconds.
  • Avoid the larger sized on the page.
  • Minimize the complex code in above the fold area of each web page.
  • Especially focus page loading speed optimization for Packages or prices page and enquiry form or contact us, a lead capturing form page.
Quality backlink building

This is a most typical website promotion activity for most of the search engine optimizers and link builders
Many hotel websites and restaurant sites are disable the comment option and backlink option from their webpages.
  • So, focus on blogging sites, business blogs with hotel industry and local restaurant information etc.
  • Travel and tourism websites and blogs are best sources to get backlinks for family  vacation, accommodation, resort sites.
  • Top local classified sites, informative sites, pressrelease sites etc. are best online sources to build quality backlinks for hotel restaurant websites.
SEO Optimization Tips for Hotel Restaurant Websites

Here are best SEO optimization and marketing tips for hotels or restaurant accommodation sites to increase in room bookings and website search traffic, enquiries.

Business listing

Ensure the claiming the local listing in Google business page, Yahoo and Bing search engines.

Landing page URL structure

Create the landing pages URL name with visitor search words. Try to avoid stop words like in, a, an, top, with, for etc...

Example - Wifi-enabled-California-hotel

Title tag optimization

Keep your title in 65 characters. Write title with your primary keyword.

For example - California hotel accommodation with modern amenities for tourists, family, honeymoon couples.
  • At the end of title add your brand name or domain name
  • If you are providing many facilities for hotel visitors then write your title text very carefully.
  • Add visitors what are looking or enquiring online before staying in the hotel room.
  • For example - California hotel packages for budget accommodation facility with pool, wifi enabled fine dining restaraunt | besthotel.com
Meta Description tag

This is the description information is appear in search result for website, So add a effective Call To Action term in developing user click oriented description.

For example - Luxury California budget hotel offers outdoor pool for family and honeymoon couples facilities with pet animals allowed, wifi enabled, modern amenities, last minute fine dining at economy prices, Book here your room now.

Effective call to action (CTA) phrases

Use relevant effective call to action (CTA) phrases in meta description tag for restaurant hotel sites. This CTA text will appear and gains the reader clicks for optimized lead capturing landing page.

Web page content

Add at least 500 or more words page content with targeted primary keyword and helper key phrases. Include the Call to Action phrases and lead buttons on the web pages.
Add all providing facilities as a list of amenities according to targeted customers and their age, requirements etc.
  • Show the hotel rooms or restaurant rooms and their surroundings. 
  • Daylight images highly attracts the people.
  • Show where and how they can sleep or relax on the bed with comfortness.
  • Show additional facilities like sports room, beach games to spend the enjoyable vacation for family members, childrens, teenage, and honeymoon couples. 
  • Add local map from main transport area. 
  • Ensure that your visitors are more time on your website.
Header tag 

Use the header text H1 and H2, H3 depending on content length and keyword optimization. The H1 header tag conveys the search engines about the importance of the optimized title texts and will be shown in targeted search engines.

Responsive website design

Use mobile friendly responsive website with visible onpage content with quick loading speed. Nowadays many hospitality web sites are moving to redesign their sites to reach the customers searching on mobiles, laptops and smartphones. Don't compromise the website quality.

Be more Social

Social media optimization and promotion of website through social media marketing is become essential thing as a part of website seo optimization and promotion strategy.
  • Create a social profile on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, Google + etc. largest international popular social media sites and local / regional social media sites to grab the online searcher attention and referral traffic to your webpages.
  • Be every day on online and promote your site with your amenities images, room pictures, offering, best deals, prices, special packages, testimonials, customer reviews, ratings, etc...
Hire the quality seo company services on long term basis to audit your website and to strategise to acquire predefined your web goals with unique keyword phrases, quality web page content, online marketing strategy, through online search engine reputation service, search engine optimization service for your hotel, restaurant websites.

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SEO in Future Days - Continue SEO Education

Organic Web Traffic - Focus on your Audience

Search engines are prioritising the effective on-page optimization as a part of search engine optimization strategy for website designed and launched. After submitting in the search engines, the website will be crawled and the web content is indexed into database systems. Here the indexed content will examined with various algorithms in order to determine the relevancy, user value, visitor engagement etc. depending on pagerank, domain authority, page authority, content quality...

What is your Keyword?

If your domain is with high pageranked, your indexing process will be at good. If you have no any pagerank, you have to focus on unique keyword research, selection of best primary keywords, secondary keywords, best places to optimize these primary phrases and secondary phrases, in addition to high quality content with long tail key phrases.

Search Engines Indexing the Web Pages Content not Keywords

Your keywords are playing key role in getting success with seo optimization and marketing. Search engines are picking up your web pages when you optimize with relevant keywords only. The success of on-page optimization strategy is highly depends on best locations to optimize the targeted keyphrases on the web page content. Quality website content is with evergreen future in reaching the web goals through online resources.

Focus on User Content Writing

There are few other factors like keyword variations (synonyms), algorithms, user search intent etc. are playing the key role in determining the top position in the search results page for user entered search queries. All these factors are making their role in driving website traffic from search engines ethically and organically.

Search engine optimization is an constant evolving marketing channel. Internet marketers need to have expert knowledge on latest algorithms update changes, continuing seo education, developing seo marketing strategy, effective online marketing campaign creation, website promotion techniques, online content writing skills etc.

Hummingbird Content - Feed the Google Panda with high Quality Web Content

From recent days, The major search engine Google launched a content algorithm and named with Hummingbird algorithm update. From then, the online content writing style is entirely changed into FAQs, conversational, high user value oriented etc. Semantic style web content is highly essential to improve website or keyword ranking, page authority, domain authority and online brand, revenue generation etc. purposes.

Feed the Google Panda (another best Google algorithm) with your high quality and customer / visitor / audience centric on-page content. Panda is a content algorithms eats the low quality site content, low user value on-page content, thin content, etc. Periodic keyword research, analyzing the visitor engagement parameters, and technical seo factor audit etc. are helping in developing the user relevant, fresh content. Though priority to keyword ranking is decreasing, but keywords are essential to reach the targeted customers, online business leads, sales and revenue generation also to create effective web content writing...

Are you Social or Alone?

Social presence on web is playing the important in maximizing the website visibility, business exposure, online internet marketing, online revenue generation. Google Hummingbird content algorithm is considering the social signals to determining the authority. Social profile of business is important attract the new customers and retaining the existing buyers on online also to communicate periodically.

Social mentions like Facebook likes, Twitter's tweets, Pinterest pins, etc are playing their role in organic search results and viral share on online by known, unknown followers, audiences. To get more social signals, you need to write social content with both primary and secondary keywords. Online writing is different from social content writing.

SEO in future days is drastically change depending on many factors such as user search behaviour, search engines latest algorithms, writer skills, seo analyst job, user centric content, etc...

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Internet Marketing Certification Courses - Learn Certified Internet Marketer Skills

Internet Marketing Certification Course

Internet marketing certification courses are training the students and beginner professionals also business owners, marketing managers in how to use internet effectively to reach the existing and creative opportunities in business product marketing, services marketing over the internet sources with successful marketing strategies.

Enhance your Internet Marketing Skills

Many computer education training institutes and universities, colleges atc. are offering this internet marketing certification in the form of certificate course or graduate degree in online internet marketing or MBA in internet marketing course for students interested in advanced marketing career. The emerging e-commerce websites trends is best example for the demand of this marketing course.

Career in tomorrow days - in Internet Marketing Certification Course

The demand for internet marketing is growing day by day. Every business is moving to online advertisement to reach the available targeted customers on online. Internet is become revenue generating channel to every business. Web advertising and business promotion with online website marketing is becoming best in providing long term employment in advanced marketing industry.

Internet Marketing Skills = Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing

Every business organization and company are requires well trained internet market in order to promote business on online with  effective marketing strategies and web marketing campaigns. During the internet classroom training or online learning, the students and marketer professionals will learn how to develop effective web marketing strategy, how to execute marketing plan and email marketing, web advertising, mobile marketing, marketing analytics, web analytics, landing webpages optimization, conversion optimization etc. topics in internet marketing certification course.

Many academic universities and graduate degree colleges, MBA schools in major cities are partnering with top notch organizations providing marketing certifications. The internet marketer course is designed by digital marketers, experts in global marketing, web marketing consultants, online business marketing industry leaders.

The course is covers a wide range of marketing program topics such as SEO Search Engine Optimization, SEM Search Engine Marketing, Web Analytics, Customer Conversion, Online ROI, Content Marketing, Social media, Marketing Campaign Data Analysis, Usage of best Marketing Tools using to analyze the customers data statistically. Study your Internet Marketing Online Certification degree by learning Internet Marketing or master degree in advanced internet marketing or Diploma certifications in Internet Marketing programs.

Internet Marketing Certification Course to Improve Marketer Skills

Beginner and advanced internet marketing certification course is gives a brief ideas on how to design a user friendly website, ways to earn money online with websites and without any website, strategizing the effective online business, how to improve online income (affiliate marketing, passive income sources online), online customers conversions during today's fast changing web media environment and frequent changes in customer / buyer decision.

Internet marketing certificate programs are homestudy courses. Anybody can learn on online through online learning education training sessions. Many online schools and university colleges are including this online internet marketing as one of the topic in their marketing course outlines. Also many computer education institutes, corporate business education firms are offering continuing education in this advanced web marketing by conducting seminars, webinars, events and online digital marketing workshops in all major cities.

Internet Marketing Training Course Outlines

The syllabus is composed of multiple forms of web marketer skills using to promote business goods, company services, brands on online. Internet marketing is best credible marketing channel with cost-effective, global reaching and consumer data analysis to determine ROI...

The marketer course outlines are,
  1. SEO Certification Course to enhance your search engine optimization, website marketing skills 
  2. Google Adwords (PPC) Certification Course to enhance your web advertising, customer conversion skills. 
  3. Email Marketing Course to enhance your website business with the reach of focused customers with emailing the latest offering, updates, new launches, management tips, etc.
  4. Affiliate Marketing Certification Course to enhance your online earning in money making with business affiliation, marketing skills, online writing techniques, copywriting tips.
  5. Social Media Certification Course to enhance your marketer domain knowledge in attracting new and retention of old customers with effective social relation skills
  6. Web Analytics Certification Course enhance your skills in user data analysis, usage of tools to understand to monitor your website performance, business leads, sales and revenue generation etc.
There is no any software or free application to learn this new generation marketing course. Many training institutes are providing online certificate courses in this online web marketing. There is no any age restriction to learn or to attend this web marketing certification courses either in classroom mode or online training method.

Who Should Attend 

This internet marketer course is designed to explain how to use internet sources effectively to promote the business on online with best marketing strategies. The course is explains  the practical website management techniques for all kinds of small businesses and blogger individuals. The attendees can be...
  • Online business entrepreneurs
  • Corporate business owners
  • Small businesses owners
  • Students
  • Web designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Freelancers
  • Marketing managers
  • Sales executives
  • Consultant marketers
  • Finance accounting managers
  • Digital marketing professionals
  • Online content writers
  • Web copywriters
  • Marketing research analysts
  • Retired employers
  • House moms etc...
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Cineforest.com - a Successful Telugu Movies Tollywood Entertainment Website with Film Pictures and Videos

Cineforest.com - Success Story of a Telugu Movies (Tollywood) Entertainment Website with Film Pictures and Videos...

E-commerce web business in India is day by day is increasing the ecommerce shopping boom is spreading all over the country. Many ecommerce sites such as "flipkart.com", "myntra.com", "jabong.com", "snapdeal.com" etc. are becoming top five e-commerce websites in India with huge number of online visitors, web transactions, prompt delivery of ordered products, unique offerings, cashback offering etc. The new as well as return customers faith is helping these leading e-commerce sites with succeeding in Indian web markets with booming leap growth on online.

Best successful startups websites are in generally appears in ecommerce, education, web hosting, technology, and business websites. But achieving online success is not easy with sites in financial investment and entertainment industry with plagiarism free content. Recently it was found on online with two sites. One of them is http://www.shares-stocks.com and another is http://www.cineforest.com. Here are our greetings on their successful achievement...

Website  SEO Guide Blog is sharing the success story of Cineforest.com.

First, Website  SEO Blog is congratulating the cineforest site for its success on online...

Congratulations... Cineforest, for your Success within 2 years ...!

Success story of Cineforest.com site tollywood entertainment blog with Google Adsense
Success story of Cineforest site
Site profile:

Launched year - 18 th, October, 2012        
Theme - telugu film entertainment
Content forms - text, pictures, videos etc.
Language - English
Behind cineforest - Suresh Reddy and Seeta Pavan Kumar

Behind the success story of the cineforest site:
  • Unique logo design - Logo image itself representing the what is the site content and blogging topics
  • Clear offering - visitor entertainment and engagement with images, videos and relevant content
  • Simple user-friendly interface with site navigation, web page layout, effective call-to-action phrases
  • Social proof - Displayed the popular social profile links to get visitors and online audiences trust, testimonials etc. These links played a key role in sharing online with friends, friends of friends, those searching for online entertainment
  • White background - website with cleared white background and dark gray coloured borders for its theme template.
  • Homepage - Shows every category from homepage and internally linked to main inner pages and new pages too. Visitors able to find all newly created postings and content from homepage from body content as well scrolling texts.
  • Page layout - designed especially for visitor engaging and fun offering
  • Multiple content forms - If someone visits for most entertainment site for content. images, videos and other forms, the user navigation definitely helps them in finding searching content
  • Attractive pictures - Images with clear and high quality and eye catch in nature. The images are connecting the massive number of interested visitors. The surrounding content is clearly curated about what is picture or video is about
  • Serving relevant content - Content writer curated all efficient entertainment keywords to make relevancy to what they offering for users on the web pages. 
Reached Online Customers
  • Online searchers
  • Entertainment lovers
  • Latest image searchers
  • Latest video searchers
  • Actor fans
  • Actress fans
  • Telugu people
  • Foreign telugu NRIs 
  • Web content searchers
  • Journalists
  • Telugu film industry people
Continue reading this article on success story of best tollywood pictures, video bloggers in hyderabad' Cneforest.com site. Read the secrets behind the best telugu movies review site. Get it in their words....

2010 - 2011 is Year of our Programmer Job 

Once upon in 2010 we lost our programming jobs (as programmers) in hyderabad due the impact of global financial recession / slowdown to our companies. At the time of days, there are No salaries in our hands, empty shirt pockets, cashless wallets and saving bank accounts. The days were sleepless days in our daily life. We were the job seekers at that time in the early 2012...

Hope is Not Lost

We are started blogging without any other's support but depended on our bank credit card only. After few days of blogging, we decided to continue our website posting and concluded as blogging is our life...

Suresh Reddy is researched online what are the best topics to get paid for blogging. He finalized that Tollywood movies (Telugu films) is the best topic to reach the maximum number of online people. Suresh Reddy shared his ideas and the future growth of the entertainment blog on online with Pavan kumar, a dotnet (.net) programmer in Hyderabad. Pavan also researched and committed to movie blogging is their future.

Movie Blog Journey on Online

Suresh reddy created the strategy how to blog on regular basis, site design, how to engage the online visitors and ways to promote over the internet with search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), Social media blogging etc. He taken responsibility in content update on regular basis. Regularly he is updating the site with latest algorithms friendly user content.

Pavan developed the site in dotnet and other programming languages to provide the best user navigation function, user experience to retain the visitors long time on the web pages. He used his programmer skills in designing and developing the website to enhance the site function.

Pavan kumar taken all responsibilities of site development, code testing, site function and partial update of online content when in his free hours. He testing the site on regular basis and examining the website function, identifying the code errors to fix them immediately.

The site designed to entertain the people really searching for tollywood movies entertainment videos, actor pictures, actress images, latest heros, upcoming heroine in telugu movie industry. The gradual increasing entertainment lovers visits for this cineforest site is supported us to sticking what we promised to page visitors and online audiences and what our mission ... Pavan Kumar and Suresh Reddy

How we get famous fast?
  • Our website design
  • Our online content
  • Our keyword phrases
  • Our SEO skills
  • Our dedication
  • Our team work
  • Our mission
We received less online traffic in 2012 in beginner days. We are planned to improve our web traffic with organic seo company services in hyderabad. But finally we decided to learn seo course in hyderabad either in classroom or online education training mode. Attending seo course classes from a best seo training institute in hyderabad is helped us in making our site more popular on online and in the telugu movie industry blogs. We won the web competition among the existing top entertainment websites and blogs on telugu film based blogs...

To continue our blogging efforts, we had prepared a strategy on how to manage entertainment movies website.

Here is NO secret SEO Sauce Online

We curated content that provides value to our site visitors. As the website becoming more popular on online it will started generating good amount from web advertisements. The testimonials, complement from fellow bloggers, entertainment industry and telugu film industry people are made us to become more successful professional bloggers in telugu film and entertainment field. Thanks to all them.

Our biggest success is our custom webdesign and webpage layout. We designed what we believed user friendly with Webmaster guidelines and with the SEO optimization and marketing plan. With the organic search engine optimization strategy, we improved our online popularity and reach of targeted online searcher base. Now we had beaten a four  main competitor sites with aged of  5 years old in the tollywood entertainment video sites with actress images, actor wallpapers, upcoming hero heroin pictures, movie reviews blogging. 

Now the site alone resulting organic search traffic daily. To achieve this long term success we waited for 2 years. Today, we are "one-stop solution for Tollywood online entertainment". Our journey is from 2012 into successful days at now... No short cut ways to our successful moments..."Seetha Pavan Kumar"

Now, we are not Job Seekers... 
Today, We are Job Providers... 
with our group of companies.... "Cineforest.com" - "Bandarla Suresh Reddy". 
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Design Logo Graphics to Improve Brand Rebranding Business - Website SEO Guide

Improve Brand Awareness with Logo images

Here is a guide to improving your branding to have a better brand with Logo Graphics

Read this article to learn how to design a logo graphic to improve your brand visibility, business and customers. This posting will help you in finding the problems in existing logo design and distribution strategy with your brand and provide you effective ideas of how to promote the brand with logo, how to promote business with branded graphics and how to improve brand identity, Branding and Rebranding tips.

The brand is one of the most important aspects for your business so you need to get it right. Allocate time to really make your brand as good as your business. If you need any help with the areas above we would be happy to work through some exercises with you to improve and define an amazing brand.

This Brand management strategy is helps to promote the new logos designed to enhance the brand position. Brand reputation management strategy is useful to acquire long term positive lasting impression, drive brand growth and potential customer reach. Branding is a complex subject that's extremely important for all companies, big or small. By leveraging these 5 concepts you will advance on the path toward your ultimate goal, which is strong brand recognition.

Improve Your Lead Generation Campaigns Through Your Brand Logo

  • To strengthen online brand popularity
  • To create a new web presence
  • To promote the brand over the Internet
  • To protect the existing brand popularity over the Internet
  • To manage online search engine reputation about the working organization
  • To attract the new web visitors to convert into customers
  • To reach the qualified potential customers with web updates or offering
  • To ensure that your online identity is fresh, positive and unique than competitors
  • To get the long term positive reviews from your satisfied happy customers
  • To distribute the available update information to business partners, B2B or B2C companies
  • To improve the brand visibility with memorable impression, creating new logo graphics
  • To maximize the social reach, online reviews, search engine results and online conversions
  • To make available update information to regular online audiences, professionals and customers
  • To keep informed with all your guidelines regarding brand messaging, design elements, fonts, colors, logos, imagery, etc.
The benefits of having strong Brand Identity
  • Improve the competitive advantages in the niche online market
  • Helps in reaching potential customers and online audiences
  • Creates the value for good social presence on social media sites
  • Improves the brand and customers experience with simple creative logo and colors, messages, strapline etc.
  • Maximize the reach of targeted new customers towards the business and services offering
  • Helps in becoming an authority and top leading position in the niche market
effective logo design FAQs
Examples of best creative brands with effective logo design
Steps to Getting Brand Authority with Logos Design

A list of promotional activities required is listed below. The steps of activities are required to balance the existing brand image with logo graphics from after designing.
  • Backup of older logo image files
  • Design and developing new logo graphic 
  • Old logos vs new logos comparison
  • Getting Approval from your senior management
  • Preparing a report to publish on your Official website
  • Collection and replace on your Official web pages
  • Collection and replace on informative PDFs, ebooks
  • Collection and replace on brochures, catalogs
  • Creation and  Submission of new sitemap (XML & HTML)
  • Submission to search engines like Google and Bing etc.
  • Submission on social media sites
  • Information to Referral sites & business partners, online audiences
  • Information to your other in-house departments, local authorities
  • Submission into image sharing sites

"Logo" & "Look"

Your Logo Graphics Design should represent yours company brand image on online. Consider the following parameters of newly created logo image information to record to report to customers or senior management people. 
  • Logo image Format –
  • Logo image Font –
  • Logo image Colour –
  • Logo image Size –
  • Logo image Text –
  • Logo image Title –
Brand Strategy – Branding and Rebranding FAQs

FAQs... before designing a logo by graphic designers, 

Why many companies prefer bigger logo design?

There is an image in the customer minds about companies. Most of the customers think that every company is a bigger one and with an emerging or greater market share for offering products  or services.

Moreover, they want to deal or communicate with a larger company those having in savvy knowledge and project handling, customer relationship management, etc. So it is better to have trustworthiness creating logos for long term results ad customer, market share for your business services.

Will a logo image create SEO brand value?

Brand value is created by happy customers, regular clients, and frequent followers. But you can set up few predefined parameters and metrics to evaluate your branding image. Most of parameters like quality, regular communication, meeting the customers, high standards etc.

These parameters can help you in continuing your branding efforts on business continuity and long term as well short term basis. A good brand value will occupy the space in the mind of customers. Design the best creative logo that reflect your brand values. The brand logo graphics can can help you in promoting your branding values.

Is Colors Palette considerable one?

Check the competitor sites. Are they having any unique design and colors for their logo graphics? But don’t imitate those color pattern for your logo images. Own best colour palatte for your design. This is a good opportunity to create a better brand position in the market as well in the customer's mind.

Using colors for logo designing are can represent your firm brand culture and support in promoting brand values. The using colors can give a clear message to your customers.

Is Strapline important for business firms?

You can tell a film story in a single line even the moral of the movie story. But how can you tell about your company and following policies, motto, mission etc. It's a somewhat typical one to tell about company in single and short line. Just check the top branded companies in any industry.

You can find the creative and completely unique, relevant strapline that remembering the company name, offering business products or customer services. The creative straplines can attract the new customers and able to retain the existing clients, happy customers too. Add the effective strap line below your logo to appear to all and to send the message to your potential customers.
  1. Avoid technical jargon
  2. Keep very short and meaningful
  3. Keep relevant to your mission
  4. Highlight the benefits
  5. Create with transaction words
Is logo influence the business development and continuity?

The brand experience with logo graphic is can support the business continuity and growth of business at some extent. Your logo can as a reliable mediator between your business and customers with trustworthiness, comfort business environment, brand values etc. The company logo on the employee dress can attract the new customers, new business enquiries and brand distribution etc.

The business continuity depends on your logo and company message, offerings, customer relationship management, online reputation management, marketing research, new products or services development, business strategy etc. factors. All these business continuity factors help in rebranding.

Ways To Improve Your Brand - Improving brand recognition and Brand Identity
  1. Provide great customer service
  2. Tell why you are in business
  3. Work to keep your name in front of your market
  4. Provide value – exceed their expectations
  5. Regularly send tips and how to’s in either a newsletter or email.
  6. Write a blog
  7. Host a Facebook Group
  8. Use the same photo/logo on all your marketing materials.
  9. Create a social media presence
  10. Promote awareness of your brand by developing a website
  11. Hire an SEO and SMO, SMM company services to promote the brand
  12. Advertise by using traditional methods
  13. Optimize your web page content with customer searching words
  14. Stand for something that your customer requires
  15. Display your brand colors
  16. Offer customer support, 
  17. Start an email marketing services
  18. Establish Authority In your business field
  19. Reflect values through your Logo for long-term vision for your brand.
Most of the popular entertainment companies have a unique logo that designed to attracts the kids and adults at first look. These companies, highly prefer the traditional digital marketing channels like Radio, TVs, Wall banners, Street advertisements, Events, Toys, Media sponsorships, etc. marketing and brand promotion methods to promote the brand on regular basis and maximizes the new effective opportunities in reaching targeted customers.

Digital marketing and web advertising are the effective sources to promote the company brand image with end user logo graphics. This made many national and international organizations globally accessible and reach of potential customers across the world nations.

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Common SEO Mistakes in your Website Internet Marketing Strategy

Logo and website design are beginner website marketing activities prior to SEO search engine optimization. After launching fully structured website along with user required online content and primary keyword optimization and helper keywords optimization also technical seo factors optimization etc.

Though many websites are with search engine friendly content and user navigation friendly page layout, etc. lakhs of websites are not receiving their predefined web goals such as search engine ranking, massive organic search visits, online revenue, business leads, sales and deals etc. SEO for websites is one of the toughest and creative, interesting one also.

Continue to read and the best tips to overcome the existing SEO mistakes in your websites and business blogs even though you are optimized with effective SEO optimization and marketing plan. SEO process is a continuous process of internet marketing channel. You will blog for best seo tips and tricks, how to avoid the non-ethical (bad) seo optimization practices etc. Each of website optimization and promotion strategy can results in search engine penalty and loss of website rank position in SERP results.

Common SEO practices to avoid in your Website Internet Marketing Strategy

Lack of idea on How search engine bot crawls and index your site

Many beginner seo executives and links builder job, bloggers lacks the concept behind how search engine works. They lack of knowledge on best tools and softwares to check how a website get crawled and indexed, how the sites appear for the search engine robots.

Tip - Use a free tool to check crawling process - http://www.seo-browser.com/ ( SEO Browser Tool)

Lack of effective keyword research and analysis process

Many web masters and seo analysts simply add search word in regular and latest keyword research tools. They include the search term and measures the search volume and competition global wise or location wise. Appropriate keyword selection is playing key role in website success over the internet. After collecting the keywords and plans to optimize the at effective places for keywords placement.

Tip - Search engines do not pick the keywords, they pick web pages from the crawled sites. Focus on choosing appropriate long tail (lengthy) keywords for regular blogging and business blogging. Understand the nature of keywords (navigational, informative, money making) before finalizing during the analysis of keyword phrases for website optimization. Targeted user search intent and relevancy of phrases you finalized as your keywords.

Know what they Know

Targeting The Wrong Person

Many web masters and seo consultants, internet marketing managers are collecting the keywords optimized from on their online competitors and business competitor websites manually and with the help of online tools etc. (from meta title, description, body content, anchor texts, call to action terms of lead buttons etc. from homepage as well as landing pages). It is a kind of scraping the optimized online information from other sites.

Tip - Use Google Analytics and Web master tools or any other Web Analytics tools

The keyword phrases may be relevant or irrelevant to your targeted customers on online. Many tools are nowadays helping the online users search intent analysis. The right person can improve your site relationship and establish search engine brand, online trust, authority and online performance etc. those supports you in reaching maximum number of targeted customer base and new opportunities to find the potential customers and online audiences.

Approach with SEO techniques with care

Keyword life span

It is the optimized keyword phrases life saturation. Search engines are very intelligent systems detects the over optimization and content quality, key phrases performance, visitor engagement, bouncerate and othet landing webpage parameters. User search behaviour and search engine algorithm updates are playing major role in keyword existance.

Tip - Do keyword research periodically and optimize the new rising, trending keyword phrases for your website optimization and marketing process. Use Google Analytics or any other web analytics tool to find the online visitor search behaviour. Analyze your visitor enagement performance.

Periodically produce original and quality content according to search engine algorithm friendly user online intent based information. Add Google Hummingbird based content such as in the form of FAQs, headings and paragraphs etc. diversified webpage content formats etc.

Determine new seo methods and ideas after Search engine algorithms updates

Poor quality of content - Focus on long-term relationship

The plus of blogging is writing the content with targeted keywords. Every blogger and webmaster, content writer think that language grammer is not a seo factor nowadays. But the recent web content based algorithm Panda algorithm latest updates are targeteing the sites and blogs having poor engish language grammer and keyword stuffed page information.

Tip - Use primary and helper keywords along with synonyms to write effective content that required by your focused customers. Learn her best places to add the primary key term phrases and suitable locations to add your secondary key phrases. Avoid low quality online content writing. Learn customer educative web content and interactive content writing tips.
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