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SEO Education - Learned with Digital Marketing Blogging Experience

SEO Education Guide Blog - a Pet Duck in Online Pond
This month December 2014 marks the 2 nd year of website seo guide's blogging on SEO search engine optimization, SEM search engine marketing, SMM social media marketing, adsense optimization tips, online writing tips, technical writing tips, digital marketing, etc. user topics. So, in this post it was on what website seo guide is learned in the past 2 years of online blogging on various user search topics. Read this article on what this digital marketing blog is learned in these two year of blogging.

Online blogging is one of a incredible source of making passive money online with personal blogs and business blogs from past few years and decades. In this 2015, the personal blogging is become an older-style, the newer trend in this 2015 year is regular blogging. This is because, the blogging is best source with the multiple opportunities for your personal career growth and professional growth in the life. The blogs and websites articles content is best source to generate regular money online.

Learned Blogging Lessons

  • With this post today, 10 things website seo guide is learned in 2 years of blogging. There are around 137 posts and over 120,000 words.
  • In this two years learned, especially from the technical aspect of online blogging (back-end) and long-term blog marketing.
Here are learnt lessons from the 2 Years of SEO Digital Marketing Blogging.

Website SEO Guide Goal

  1. Being a best online source to learn new concepts and experienced tips on various digital marketing seo optimization techniques.
  2. Becoming best source to learn seo digital marketing on internet for fresher search engine optimizers, link builders, beginner internet marketers and digital marketers also who are attending internet marketing classes to get expert knowledge in web marketing with popular SEO certifications.
No Short Cuts to Learn New Things

Website seo guide is researched for few days on what topics in seo are best blogging on long-term basis and how to win online audiences and search engine traffic visitors. Finally the seo education guide concluded that it was a "Blogging Duck" in the "Internet Pond (WWW)".

Digital Marketing Blog - a Blogging Duck in WWW Pond

Regular blogging to meet predefined blog goals is hard task that needs long hours to analyze visitor search intent, user content creation and publishing. There are no short-cuts in writing the blog postings and user's articles.

It requires hard work in terms of marketing research, marketing psychology, online promotion, competitor analysis, keyword research and identifying unique efficient keyword phrases, primary keywords optimization and secondary keywords optimization, landing page optimization, visitor education writing tips, online writing techniques, relevance writing tips.

Learned things - Website SEO Education Guide 

  1. It’s the internet, anyone can inspired you and any other take inspiration from you
  2. Had lot of fun user experience with various types of web design templates
  3. Found that blogging is not about free books downloading or making money online
  4. Blogging is not a competition on online, but need to focus on web competitors
  5. Comment freely and feel the blog commenting experience
  6. Blogs on online doesn’t grow overnight even with blog marketing skills
  7. Social networking is necessary for blog growth over the time
  8. Blogging brings people together online and offline
  9. Search traffic is not predictable from the web sources
  10. Search traffic can be improvable as time goes on ...
Finally, the website seo guide, a blogging duck from internet pond is wishing...

Wish you a Happy Blogging in 2015...

Wish You a Happy New SEO Year 2015...
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SEO Skills Improve Your Website Optimization and Online Promotion Knowledge

Improve Your Website Optimization and SEO Skills 

SEO Search engine optimization industry is dynamic field with a lot of known and unknown changes. So every search engine optimization consultant, seo experts, seo company services web masters are need to have continue education in internet marketing.

Here are the various SEO niche categories are having a lot of educational articles on how to website optimization, how to seo for website, how to make money online, online content writing tips, how to learn seo sem smm to improve your existing website optimization and online marketing skills in order to get high paid salaries in your web marketing career with your internet marketer skills.

Website seo guide is blogging regularly on seo education, tips to become expert search engine optimizer and online marketer with listed below niche categories.

SEO Keywords Pro Research Tips 

The digital marketing blog is offering pro tips on how to do keyword research and how to optimize primary keywords also how to optimize secondary keywords for search engine optimization and website promotion, online revenue generation with various advanced keyword research analysis methods.

By accessing these pro articles you can learn what is the Role of keywords in online website promotion, online revenue generation, how to choose effective keywords for landing pages optimization. You can learn how to research money make keywords to generate business leads and web search traffic.

SEO Pro Tips

These category articles are best seo resources, which covering an important search optimization and website marketing topics. These SEO Pro Tips are top free seo sources to learn search engine optimization without attending online classes or classroom training to improve web marketing skills and to get best paid salary. Access these search optimization and marketing articles to become a successful internet marketer with seo analyst career.

Learn how seo for hotel restaurant websites and seo for education school websites, college site promotion online with effective advanced search engine optimization techniques. You can find how to use seo skills to improve visitor engagemet for customer conversion, seo checklist to fix Pand algorithm impact, how to avaiod Google Panda penalty, landing page audit and content analysis techniques etc. to improve your seo optimization and website marketing skills.

Learn SEO Marketing

Learn SEO optimization and website Online Marketing methods to promote your company offerings, business products, online services. By accessing these online articles you can earn working knowledge in how to learn digital marketing, seo sem marketing and how do seo for your website with your skills and simple efforts.

Learning seo skills can helps you in imroving existing web marketing strategy for various industries websites and business blogs. These online tips can help you in earning industry required fundamental internet marketing and website promotion methods.

Tips to Make Money Online

Make money online is emerging trend in current internet technology. With a website or blog and YouTube video user channels, video marketing blog anybody can earn money with search engines like Google, Microsoft etc. Google Adsense is one the prominent source to make money with writing skills and any industry knowledge. Writing tips on user techniques, tips on blogging, tricks for targeted users attention capturing etc. are improve your online earing with Adsense.

Learn here the prequisites for Google Adsense account approval and various techniques in adsense optimization tips to increase online income with blogging and online writing skills. Access these areticles with pro tips on how to make money with your existing skills and visitor engagement techniques.

SEO Content Writing Tips

Online writing is not "one size fit for all".  Access the online writing tips articles in order to improve your writing skills to get high paid content or copywriter jobs in the current market. SEO technical writers are nowadays with lot of writing jobs in corporate to medium sized companies irrespective of industry. These online writing tips can improve your web conversion rates and how to writer visitor oriented online content.

SEO writing is helps you in getting knowledge in grabbing the web visitor attention with quality content, interactive wiring tips, online writing tips, relevance writing tips etc. The technical writing jobs are one of the high payable opportunities for unique creative technical content writers. Product witers and marketing writers can look about these online writing tips.

Finally Wish you a Happy New Year of blogging and online marketing era...
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Organic SEO Tips 2015 - Website SEO Guide

Organic SEO Techniques 2015

Search engine optimization 2014 is one of the happiest year for organic seo experts and ethical seo companies following natural search engine optimization practices in order to promote website through various on-page optimization, off-page optimization and technical seo parameters optimization methods on online.

Search engine optimization 2015 is also happiest year for natural search optimizers and website promoters with organic website optimization and internet marketing strategies. Just they need to continue their ethical internet marketing practices and regular digital marketing methods in 2015.

Happy New Year Wishes 2015...  

Happy New Year 2015 is high competing race time for all internet marketers and website promoters with organic seo services. To gain predefined seo roi and strategised seo results, the existing website promotion is needs few on-going advanced seo optimization and website marketing strategy to improve web marketing efforts on this 2015 New Year’s Eve.

SEO Tips 2015 - Make your website promotion campaign Successful

Here are few Organic SEO Expert Tips in 2015 will help to make your seo internet marketing campaign more successful than seo results in 2014 year. Most of the web masters and seo managers are wishing and working towards the best seo roi results than previous website search engine optimization year.

SEO industry and seo optimization and internet marketing process is dynamic one with constant changes in search engine optimization and online marketing process. Here few seo optimization and marketing ways to make this 2015 more profitable than last year 2014.

Shape your Funnel - Once done an effective on-page optimization activities such as meta title and description tags optimization, header tags h1 and h2, h3 tags optimization, anchor text optimization for internal linkings,  etc. there is no need of putting much efforts in website optimization expect changing website layout design modification and information architecture etc...

How to Shape your Online Funnel 

In order to support your effective on-page optimization strategy, you must continue your website promotion with off-page optimization activities. To make more perform the seo project campaigns need an effective internet marketing strategy with organic seo services, website promotion with SEM search engine marketing practices, social media optimization and marketing with top social sites, email marketing, content marketing etc.

So shape your website marketing with effective online marketing strategy in order to gain long term predefined seo goals such as keyword ranking, organic website traffic, natural index, referral web traffic, business leads generation and online revenue improvement. Check and collect the Google Analytics data to analyze the online audience information on visitor demographic and online purchase behaviour, user search intention etc.

Check your website health - Many seo consulting firms or internet marketing companies are offering various plans for website health checkup through seo audit and website analysis. The website audit report will help you in finding the room for improvement and how to maximize the seo optimization and internet marketing in order to reach maximum customers and fan base along with proper landing page optimization and online interaction, relevance writing, visitor engagement practices.

How to insurance your website and business blogs

Run the free or paid tools to determine the broken links, on-page content spell errors, duplicate content, crawling, indexing barriers etc. website health based factors includes on-page optimization, off-page link building and technical seo parameters optimization methods. Perform website health checkup periodically or on regular basis in order to improve user experience and visitor engagement, and to avoid search engine algorithms penalty and rank filter from SERP pages.

Quit your bad practices - If your website is still not receiving expected organic search traffic from targeted search engines then must analyze your internet marketing practices and seo marketing technique followed in 2014 for website promotion online. The analysis can give you a broader ideas on how to improve website with organic seo tips and techniques using to promote the website visibility.

How to change your habits of website optimization

If you found non-search engine friendly and unethical seo optimization practices such as negative seo, blackhat seo techniques etc. included in online marketing plan 2015; then it need to eliminate from website optimization and marketing strategy for year 2015. Approach seo service company or seo experts to get best ideas to find out what is happening in internet marketing industry and what are best activities also best seo tips in 2015.

Expand to new methods - SEO optimization and website promotion is not a fixed routine task. It needs new effective online marketing strategies in order to promote business products and online services over the internet. Internet is a best web sources with a lot of creative and newer opportunities to market your website and business with various online marketing techniques like seo, sem, smo, smo etc.

Where to find new opportunities?

Find out newer opportunities to promote your website or business creatively. Analyze your Google Analytics (Web Analytics) and Google webmaster tool data to determine audience demographic information, online purchase behaviour, visitor search intention etc. The web analytics data will provide you a lot of new online promotion opportunities and online revenue generation ideas, customer base, website fan base information ready made.

Continue your efforts in 2015 - Digital marketing strategy is allowing the integration of all online marketing activities such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing etc. with traditional marketing (offline). You can treat together all your marketings teams such as web marketing team, seo team, ppc expert team, social media marketing team, content marketing team, pr team and email marketing team etc. departments. 

How to get new ideas for business promotion?

Conduct sales and marketing meetings with each team and tell out what are your goals, how the company is pursuing the predefined goals and ask some new suggestions in order to analyze and to find out future marketing managers with effective marketer ideas. Always focus on online branding, search engine reputation management, customer reviews, rating management, business promotion through expansion into new online sources etc. Monitor all your internet marketing activities and seo results should with maximum return on investment with minimal internet marketing efforts.

Honor Code of Ethics - Search engine guidelines, web master guidelines, online content guidelines are best tips those leading to productive web marketing results. There is no standard SEO techniques in 2015. But there are a lot search optimization and search engine marketing, social media marketing techniques are blogging and revealing out the various online business promotion practices.

How to honor the ethical practices

Due to high online competition, many internet marketers, web marketing consultants, seo technicians are practicing some non-search engine friendly web marketing practices like keyword stuffing, gaining inbound links from low profile sites etc. Read carefully these Search engine guidelines, web master guidelines, online content guidelines to get new ideas on promoting your website efficiently with organic seo optimization and ethical website marketing practices. So stick to code of ethics for seo 2015. These guidelines can save you from search engine penalty and filtration your money making website from online.

Adapt to mobile marketing - Content marketing is new seo techniques for business website promotion. Due to latest web technology, mobile marketing is rising and moving up in the online marketing strategy. Responsive web design and mobile content publishing is become new achievable goals for many internet marketers, digital marketers and content marketers. You can find is your website is mobile friendly or not? See snapshot for my site here below:

Be Social then Mobile

Collect ratings and effective reviews along with your happy customer testimonials and publish them local seo sources. Local search engine optimization (local seo) is best marketing practice to reach targeted customers. Popular global and local socail media sites are one of the best online sources to reach hugh customer base. Promote your website or business with Mobile Ads and mobile content. Adapting to mobile devices marketing will improve the smartphone visitors as having more relevant online content and local seo experiences that reduces website and keyword bounce rate. This will improves the website online conversions in this new year 2015.

Finally ...Organic tips in search engine optimization 2015

The website success and seo optimization & marketing is not only create more visitor interactive and audience focused internet marketing campaigns. All these seo results can be measurable and monitorable with smart seo keyword performance indicators (KPIs) to analyze the seo technicians roi results during or after the campaign.

Wish you all organic SEOs, a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas 2015.

Greetings for SEO 2015

For organic SEO Companies, seo service firms having ethical online marketing practices, wish you Happy Merry Christmas wishes and Happy New Year wishes 2015.

For seo tips and techniques bloggers and dear visitors, Have a Happy Memorable Merry Christmas Eve & Happy New Year Wishes for this 2015 year.

All internet marketers, digital marketers and email marketers Have a Merry Christmas Eve Wishes and Happy New Year 2015.
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Credit Card or Paypal Error Message in E-Commerce Store Websites - Failed to authorize: Authorization Failed

All e-commerce websites are providing the secure payment process on their sites through https: version web pages. Some websites are in order to save money, they renting the online payment gateways like 2 checkout, woocommerce sites etc. The online payment is accepting through various kinds of credit cards, travel cards, paypal and alert-pay etc. Most of the time customers are not facing the problems with these online payment gateway system integration from e-commerce websites.

Many ecommerce sites are enables the card payments through proper settings on their wordpress, html 5 sites, joomla sites, etc. for payment channels like 2checkout.com etc. payment gateway providers and other payment systems like alert-pay or Paypal etc. The improper settings in websites and few external customer based factors of banking systems, or financial systems are leading to various error messages. For instance, "Failed to authorize: Authorization Failed" payment error message.

Failed to authorize: Authorization Failed payment error message is normally caused by various reasons of credit card or online payment failures. The top possible reasons for "Failed to authorize: Authorization Failed" error messages in ecommerce store sites integration with 2checkout gateway is listed below: -

Find the reasons for online payment failures - Solve your creditcard or paypal payment issue.

What is your approved payment method?

Failed to authorize: Authorization Failed payment error message is generate when your creditcard is not approved by your credit card financial institution such as your bank. If your card is not approved, you can't make an international purchase with that credit card. All Pre-paid cards and gift cards are not supporting the international transaction purchases as they lack of eligibility as international payment cards.

Tip - Ask your bank to enable the international transactions.

In some cases after the card approval for international transactions, you will get this "Failed to authorize: Authorization Failed" error messages on ecommerce sites due to following reasons.

If your credit card enabled for international transactions- due to the possible following reasons, the online payment error message can generate. The best reasons for failure transactions are, 
  • Inactivation of issued credit card
  • Declined card transaction due to lack of sufficient funds
  • Lack of approval for online purchases
  • Stopping the card payment for any security reasons
For above possible reasons for online payment error message, just you need to contact your credit card financial institution or bank and request to activate the payment option for international transactions.

Mismatching of card holder address and order placing address

This issue generally ignorable. But some credit card companies and online payment companies are strictly following the few guidelines for online transactions for security and other possible reasons. even they are considering the distance between geo-location of ordering IP address and address given when placing the purchase order online.

Tip - Your billing address country of the credit card must match the country or region when placing the order.

Limitations in Purchase transactions 

Many financial organizations, banks are nowadays following various limitations especially for international transactions. For example,
  • Number of online purchase order per day/month
  • Maximum amount to spent per day/month
  • Disable of certain countries where lack of proper online payment systems or security concern
Usage of open proxy sites to placing online purchase order

Nowadays many website owners, web masters and online users are using the proxy sites to mask the original ip address of using computers to gain their desired benefits. The usage of proxy sites can lead to block of online transaction from that desktop or mobile phones purchase orders.

Typing mistakes in transaction billing data 

While typing, many people are with spell errors for card holder name, card number, verification address and CVV code also card expiry date etc, for various reasons like fast typing skills, or webpage loading issues or technical problems like internet browser related issues.

Tip -
  • Retype your credit card number again but without any spaces, and any other characters.
  • Verify and type carefully your card details such as card expiration date, card CVV code, etc.
  • After entering the card details make sure that you entered all correct information including card holder name etc.
Disable of ecommerce transaction 

Here are few possible reasons for your credit card or paypal purchase transactions might be blocked for online transactions. The reasons are like follows:
  • If your recent payment or purchase transaction history with number of declined purchases
  • If you are attempting the card or paypal payment transactions for invalid locations or blocked countries
  • Violation of card or paypal online payment guidelines
  • Interruption of unknown security issue
Tip - Don't play with payment guidelines and must with anti-virus system in your desktop or mobile phones
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SEO Optimization in 2015 - Search Engine Optimization Techniques 2015

SEO in 2015 

Website optimization for seo in 2015 is changeable with constant production of search engine algorithms and changes in online visitors search behaviour. The search engine optimization principles 2015 are to play key role in website optimization and site or blog marketing to retain in existing niche competition.

SEO Optimization 2015 on Website seo guide

  1.  This post url is optimized with keyword "seo optimization in 2015".
  2. This post title is optimized with keyword "seo optimization in 2015".
  3. This post search description is optimized with keyword "seo optimization 2015", "seo tips in 2015", "SEO techniques 2015", and "2015 seo search optimization".
  4. This post article contains "seo optimization in 2015", "search engine optimization 2015", "seo in 2015"
  5. There is no H 2 tag for keyword "search engine optimization 2015"
  6. There is no H 3 tag for keyword "seo optimization in 2015"
So guess it, will this article get rank for keyword seo optimization in 2015?

This is because in blogger's blog there is no chance to add Header tag 1 (H 1) and Header tag (H 2) also Header tag (H 3). So it is somewhat typical situation to optimize the target keywords on free blog platforms like blogger.com and wordpress.com etc. But on website you can ad all these header tages for important and target keywords in order to promote your keyword phrases through on-page optimization process for website.

Best On-Page Optimization strategy for Website Promotion in 2015

Earlier seo practices during 2011 and 2012, single keyword for a web page is played major role in content optimization process. At that time there are very less search engine algorithms worked on web page content. They are not Hummingbird, Google Panda, Penguine, Pegion etc. content based algorithms. Google Venice algorithms etc. were played their role in spam site filteration, quality search results in SERP etc.

SEO News Summary for 2014

SEO in 2014 is maily focused on visitor engagement and relevant quality search results in SERP pages depending on visitors online behaviour. Now the single keyword is replaced with LSI keyword phrases in order to optimize the webpages with higher visitor engagement. Keywords and their synonyms are now the part of latest seo practices in 2015 for website optimization and online internet marketing strategies.

Changes in Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide 2015. Are you suggesting any content modifications in Google SEO Book?

Hoping this year during search engine optimization 2015 for website marketing practices, this website seo guide blog expecting the content modification in "Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide" with a new name like "New Version Release of Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide 2015" as the SEO becoming more dynamic from 2014 tear to year 2015 with latest search engine optimization tactics.

Content duplication and keyword stuffing techniques for website promotion with un-ethical search engine optimization practices are now gradually controlling by major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. in order to provide quality search results for user entered query. Hummingbird and Panda, Penguin, search update etc. are playing key role in quality search result page and visitor click through rate for keywords optimized for websites and blogs. So carefully plan the seo optimization and website marketing strategy for 2015.

Best SEO Techniques 2015

Need to Update...
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Best Blog Promotion Tips and Marketing Techniques

Internet Blogging is become one of the habits to online professionals and business owners and web marketers. Promotion of the business is easy for static websites with targeted long tail keywords and search engine optimization, search engine marketing channels. But marketing the blog is not easy at all time of seo projects. It needs an effective search engine optimization strategy and experienced internet marketing company services, also experienced internet marketer.

One of the best advantages of blogging is display of latest posting or articles online for visitors. This is the natural advantage of blogger's blog and wordpress blog also other free blog platforms wix etc. Though you are individual blogger or business blogger, your blog success is depends on regular blogging process.

If you want to get online success with your blog, don't ignore of creating and posting a post on regular basis. You have to post blog articles on your interested topics to update your weblog. Continue reading for more  information on how promote your new or business blog and online marketing techniques.

Best Topics to Write Blog Postings

Choose the topics those required by your visitors and online audiences. There are a number of sources to determine the user search intent and visitor search queries. Understand that you need both 1) Best topic and 2) User keywords in order to develop user needed and search engine friendly unique online content.

New Sources to Get Articles for Your Blog
  1. Interviewing industry expert people
  2. Interviewing industry friends
  3. Interviewing office colleagues
If you are offering seo services in local city, it is better to interview the seo manager in the seo company about local search engine optimization practices and seo in 2015, online writing tips, visitor engagement tips, how to optimize technical seo factors, adsense approval checklist, content algorithms, make money tips, leads generation tips and landing page optimization etc.

Tip - You interview is just not be a conversation. It should useful to your visitors or solve user problems
Need to Update......

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Search Engine Optimisation 2015 - SEO Principles for 2015

SEO Principles 2015 for Web Optimization and Best Search Engine Optimization

SEO Principles 2015 is typical year for many small medium business owners and many in-house seo employees. This is due to Google is constantly producing a lot of search engine algorithms in order to avoid the spam websites, irrelevant search results in SERP pages. The relevancy and visitor engagement, content quality etc. are played a major role in 2014 search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

This article from website seo guide is on seo optimization tips for best website search engine optimization (WSEO) in 2015. SEO is dynamic field. The best organic search engine optimization practices are will yield the your website predefined goals and facilitates the path to achieve online success at popular search engines.

Website SEO analyst is a full time online marketing job. Many online business and organizations don’t have proper seo optimization and web marketing strategy due to lack of in-house seo specialists or affordable search engine optimization consultant, experts for search optimization. So prepare today and learn seo tips and tricks on how to seo and how to improve organic search traffic with website organic search engine optimization.

Why to adapt seo in 2015 from seo changes in 2014?

From the search engine optimization 2014, Google is showing the priority to regular blogs / websites those engaging the online audiences and web traffic with online content, good user experience, latest seo tips etc. So it is better to adapt your blogging style with focusing one or more existing / particular website optimization, online marketing problems with how to improve seo, why to seo for websites, how to increase organic web traffic etc.

Tip - Do basic online research on user search topics on particular topics and find out the pros and cons of that topics in order to develop user search keyword based articles and regular content for websites / blogs

What is SEO in 2015?

Latest SEO News 2015

SEO in 2015 = Content + Relevancy + Search +Social

There are four reasons to follow Search Engine Optimization seo in 2015:

Google algorithms are changing the search quality to provide more relevant search results those matches user search intent and search queries exactly what web visitors are searching online every time. This not a simple task. This is dynamic task at search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing also other...

Widening the seo optimization knowledge and update website marketing strategy is helps the webmasters and business bloggers to attain long-term search engine ranking in to position. Here are few possible reasons for website ranking changes in 2014.
  1. Lack of visitor engagement with user search content
  2. Practicing fraudulent seo marketing strategies
  3. Lack of good user experience site design and navigation
  4. lack of proper website promotion activities
  5. Search engines penalties in various angles
  6. Not meeting the visitor search requirement
SEO Strategy Practices in 2015

Many web bloggers and web masters are highly focused on long-term higher position organic SERP listings in the targeted search engines for user specific keywords. They focused on acquiring achieving the authority with search listing and online conversion with user search intent content. SEO practices in 2014 is highly succeed with longtail keyword phrases, developing high quality content with copy writers, regular business blogging with content writer articles, and few other factors such as landing page optimization, technical seo parameters optimization, optimizing the web page content with addition of primary keywords and secondary keywords optimization etc.to promote website through internet marketing strategies to maximize the SEO ROI results.

Tip - Follow Search engine optimization principles 2015

Focus on Google Algorithms in 2015

  • Page Layout
  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Pigeon
  • Search Quality
Best SEO Practices in 2015
  • User Design
  • User Search Content
  • Navigable Links
  • Relevancy
  • Visitor Engagement
  • Content Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation Principles - Best SEO Tips 2015
  1. Follow Web masters and Content Guidelines
  2. Understand Google Algorithms wisely
  3. Popularize your quality content
  4. Unique and useful content is not enough
  5. Focus on more Content marketing
  6. Consider both website promotion seo components - on-page and off-page
  7. Get more online people talking about your brand through comments, shares, +s
  8. Be more Social with Ethical Online Marketing practices
  9. Optimize for long clicks (long stay on pages)
  10. Minimize your website content bounce rate
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