Search Engine Marketing Services - Choose Best PPC Management Company to Advertise Online

What is PPC?

PPC is abbreviated as Pay Per Click, It is an online internet advertising model in which advertisers have to pay money for each time whenever user clicks on their ad.

What is Google AdWords for PPC?

Google AdWords is one of the best online advertising platform for Pay Per Click, in short PPC. In this Google AdWords advertising platform, the advertisers (those want to promote their products or services) will create the relevant advertisements (ads or ad copies). The advertiser creates the ads about their business products, services or online links etc. and these ads will displays in Google search engine results page and other Google products. The advertisers have to manage bid amount for their keywords used to create their advertisements and also have to pay money for each click when a visitor click on these search advertisements.

Why you Choose Best PPC Company Services?

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is an instant online promotion method to increase the paid traffic to your website through the clicks on the placed advertisements on any search engines. Now a day’s online advertising is very powerful to promote your website immediately after launching. By using this web advertising you will get immediate results without waiting for a long time.

The PPC advertising campaigns are one of the best website marketing method online. Everyone can use these PPC firms services to improve the return on investment (ROI) through the web advertising. Want to increase the sales or want reach the potential customer base immediately, use the best search engine marketing company services i.e. any PPC company services in order to achieve your online goals planning for website promotion with PPC campaigns.

The Typical Process of Search Engine Marketing (Google AdWords or PPC)

  • AdWords Account Set up
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Grouping
  • Setup AdWords Campaigns
  • Ad Groups in AdWords
  • Developing Multiple AdCopies
  • Landing pages Split Testing
  • Preparing Budget Plan
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Campaign Management
  • Bid Management
  • Overall Account Performance Report

List of SEM Services provided by PPC Companies:

Best search engine marketing (SEM) companies in India are providing the following PPC services in order to achieve advertisers expected return on investment through the search engine marketing solutions:

  1. AdWords Account setup,
  2. Account review and goal setting,
  3. Keyword research and shortlisting,
  4. Keyword grouping,
  5. Ad copy writing,
  6. Account structure or restructure,
  7. Geo-targeting,
  8. Manual bid management in Google AdWords,
  9. Ads on both search and display network,
  10. Conversion tracking setup,
  11. Landing page optimization recommendations,
  12. Monthly calls and reporting,
  13. Manual phone tracking in Google AdWords,
  14. Competitor analysis,
  15. Remarketing,
  16. PPC strategy development,
  17. Conversion rate measurement,
  18. Tips to get better leads and sales,
  19. Ad campaign setup,
  20. Advertising ROI improvement
  21. Ad extensions,
  22. Campaign optimization,
  23. Profitability analysis,
  24. Monitoring managing the campaign,
  25. Tracking the performance of ads,
  26. Monitoring campaign budgets
  27. Keyword conversion rates,
  28. Split-test of landingpage
  29. Split-test of ad copy
  30. Landing page optimisation

PPC management Firm Services Rates

  • The PPC management packages are varies from one business websites to other depending on the niche / industry.
  • The packages for smaller local business firms are somewhat low.
  • The search engine marketing packages for the corporate business companies are relatively affordable.
  • The sem services packages for e-commerce industry sites are higher than other industries or business.

Advantages of (Google AdWords) PPC services:

  • You will get immediate results while using PPC advertising services and can easily increase traffic to your website.
  • You will have flexibility – At any time you can enable or pause your campaign.
  • You will target the customers locally or globally.
  • You can promote the products or servicess across the web.
  • You can start advertising campaign with smaller amount of money.
  • You will easily manage your budget and bidding of keywords to improve your ROI.
  • You can reach a lot of potential customers with this PPC advertising.
  • You can also added negative keywords freely in order to avoid irrelevant clicks to your ad.

Disadvantages of PPC Services:

  • PPC advertising is very expensive for medium and small business firms.
  • There is no guarantee for customer conversion from each click on your ad.
  • The major disadvantage is keyword bidding i.e. you need to bid high amount for the keywords with higher competition in order to improve your ad position.

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Off-Page Organic Search Engine Optimization Techniques - Be Ethical Friend to Search Engines

Ways to Make your Website, an Organic SEO Friend to Search Engines

There are 3 well-known ways to become a seo friend with organic search engine optimisation with yours website. These 3 ways are essential for yours any website live with relevant web content and organic seo promotion strategy. The 3 ways to become a long term organic friend to your target search engines are 1) On-page seo 2)Off-page seo and 3) Technical seo optimisation techniques. These 3 ways are must for any website niche from Health websites to Wealth websites.

On-page Optimisation for Organic SEO

After launching the website and during the online promotiojn of website with effective web marketing comapny services or effective seo optimisation and marketing plan, you can have two types of online audiences regularly. Namely, the first is search engine robots or spiders etc. and another regular one is web visitors either from search engines or referral live humans traffic. Get here best website seo optimisation techniques to make your website, a everlasting friendship with target search engines.

Two Visitors are Common for your Every Website

Search traffic visitors and refferal traffic visitors are purchase your business products or services online. Whereas the search bots crawls the website and adds the collected webpage information to its database system as the part of indexing. These search bots decides your online content performance according to relevancy basis to user search intent. The most relevant content and the webpages ranks in the search results pages for visitor search queries.

So every website needed these two types of regular visitors to get success with the website optimisation and online marketing. Don't underestimate the on-page seo in the website organic search engine optimisation. On-page search engine optimization techniques are improves the web pages performance with effective organic seo optimization solutions. Hire ethical search engine optimization companies for organic seo services for optimising the website and promoting the webpages with effective ethical search optimisation at avail lower web marketing seo prices or rates.

Off-page Optimisation for Organic SEO ROI

Many off-page seo sources are valilable online in order to improve your website performance at search engines. Use these diversified online sources to get quality inbound backlinks in order to increase the website perormance with referral sites. These backlinks are acts as votes for your website on online. So choose your backlink building plan carefully without scoping to webspam. Quality backlinks are enhances your website visibility, brand awareness, reach of target customers. Your online existance is depended on yours off-page stategy over the backlink generation sources too.

Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission is the major part of off-page seo optimisation in order to make your website a friend to your target search engines. Submit your website manually. Focus on multiple search engines instead of considering one seach engine targeting like Google SEO services, Yahoo SEO services or Bing SEO services or Yandex SEO services etc. Don't go for automated backlinks genetaion softwares and online tools. These aumated backlink building softwares and online tools destroy yours website existance over the search engines.

Diversify your Online Backlink Building Plan 

Diversify your online backlink building sources in order to provide life to tour website and to make an effective ethical communication to make your website a friend to search engines. Your website organic search engine optimization process is supported by this ethical backlink building techniques. Backlinks are essential to increase the website online presence with distributed links on effective relevant sites, authority sites, niche sites etc. already existing and emerging in target search engines.

Referral Sites Submission

There are a number of traditional backlink bulding sources are exists 0nline includes of article submission sites, pressrelease submission sites, niche directory sites, blogs, authority sites submissions, business profile sites submission, social media sites submission etc. But during last 4 years the new backlink building sources are emerging online. They are infographic sites submission, image sharing sites submission, video blogging, video sharing / marketing submission sites etc. are ruling the current online trend days.

Content Marketing - Latest SEO Activities to Promote your Websites

Content Marketing is the latest seo trend online in this year ruling over the traditional off-page seo stategy with latest link bulding sources. So, what is your content marketing plan to promote your website through available online referral websites and sources. Hire experts content marketing consultants services to get referal web traffic benefits from effective web content marketing strategy. Diversify your backlinks (wellknown as inbound links) instead of traditional sources. Use social media sites submission if you are available online on daily basis. Follow up the latest social media marketing trends to engage the online audiences and visitors. 

What are Visitor Reach Factors?

Effective content marketing plan for your website is needed to consider various types of online audiences and social citizens, web visitors factors. The considerable visitor reach factors are includes,

  1. Visitor needs
  2. Visitor place
  3. Available time online
  4. Search behavior
  5. Search history
  6. Demographic info
  7. Visitor technology  

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Website Search Engine Optimization Tips - Organic On-Page SEO Techniques

How to Make your Website, a Friend to Search Engines

Website Organic Search Engine Optimization is still highly searching keywordin SEO optimization and web marketing niche. Website Organic Search Engine Optimization is playing crucial role in ethical seo solutions and organic seo company services. Are you searching for how to design, development and how to make yours website as a desirable natural search engine optimisation friend to target search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, Yandex, Baidu etc.

Organic SEO to Get Success with Website - Hire organic seo company services
Organic SEO - Way to Get Success with Website

Effective Website Search Engine Optimization for Organic SEO ROI

The organic seo roi of your website is highly depended on how is yours website online visibility and its performance over the search engines with implementing ethical seo strategy, online promotion seo techniques. The seo roi is one of measurement in organic search engine optimization strategy for websites from helath sites to wealth sites.

Ways to become Organic SEO Friend with Search Engines

Learn How to be a good friend to your search engine with Organic seo skills
How to be a good friend to your search engine with Organic seo skills
There are 3 well-known ways to become a seo friend with organic search engine optimisation with yours website. These 3 ways are essential for yours any website launched online and live with relevant web content and organic seo promotion strategy. The 3 ways to become friend to your target search engines are 1) On-page seo 2)Off-page seo and 3) Technical seo optimisation techniques. These 3 ways are must for any website niche from Health websites to Wealth websites.

On-page Optimisation for Organic SEO

On-page or on-site search engine optimization techniques are enhances the website pages performance with natural seo optimization strategy. Many search engine optimization companies are providing ethical search optimisation services at affordable web marketing prices or seo packages. So what is yours organic seo rate? Is it affordable or competitor based?

Organic SEO optimisation is begins with on-page optimisation after website design and development. Offcourse, you can do a lot of work on domain registration, site architecture analysis, site design and development etc. priorly to on-page seo optimisation techniques.

SEO Audit - Website Analysis

It is one the most important on-page seo technique for any website after designed with an idea. In the seo audit process, you will analyse all landing page elements in order to find out your website pages strength and weakness towards the organic seo. Website analysis report will illustrates you about current website optimisation strategy and  how to improve the website with organic seo techniques. SEO audit report will give you a brief on page seo solutions to improve the website performance with organic search engine optimization.

Keyword Research and Primary, Secondary Keywords Analysis

This the key role seo task for any website before or after website launch online. There are many online softwares and web tools are helping the webmasters and seo professional on target keyword research. Keywords are top most cn-page seo companents for website organic search engine optimization and essential for SEO ROI. Get here how to do keyword research to achieve seo roi and learn primary keyword optimisation techniques and secondary keyword optimisation techniques.

Online Content - a Path to your Successful On-Page SEO Optimisation

Webpage content is most important factor in on-page seo optimisation. The seo for website is entirely depended on your online content quality and its efficiency. Customer education writing techniques, visitor optimisation writing techniques with relevance writing tips is having major role in success with web content performance.

Learn how to write for users for User experience with visitor engagement writing services india Your on-page seo roi and organic seo strategy roi is entirely delended on this web content features. So get content analysis periodically in order to meet the user search intent to move with suceesss path with organic seo solutions. Learn Web content writing for seo optimisation and web marketing success for your websites. 

Page Titles and Description

Page Titles and Description are oftenly known as Meta title and description. These are important on-page parameters for every landing page. These Page Titles and Description are playing key role in user search optimisation. The meta title and description are should be unique for ecach landing page of your website including visitor pages.

Meta Title

  • Attracts the search engines
  • Helps in accessing the webpages on relevance basis  
  • Need to write with Primary keywords and other target keywords
  • Brings the keyword ranking and traffic, revenue, business leads, brand etc.

Meta Description

  • Attracts the search visitors
  • Helps in accessing the webpages on relevance basis
  • Brings traffic clicks, revenue, business leads, online brand awareness, authority etc.
  • Need to write with Primary keywords, secondary keywords and other target keyword phrases.

On-page Content Optimisation

This the key part of organic seo optimisation. Many webmasters (especially black hat seo professionals) are manipulating this content optimisation strategy in order to gain effective seo results with unsafe seo techniques and to get promoted immediately short term website promotion methods. Use this On-page Content Optimisation to optimise your website pages to provide user experience and visitor engagement prospects. Your On-page Content Optimisation plan is having a crucial role in visitor attraction and reaching organic seo roi. This is the major fature desirable to make your website, an organic friend to all search engines.

Here is a list of on-page ranking factors helps in organic seo optimisation

  • URLs
  • Page title
  • Page description
  • Headers
  • Sub-headers
  • Paragraph copy
  • Image file names
  • mage alt tags
  • and few more......
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Learn From Google Panda - How to Build a Quality Website Design Content Links SEO

User Experience Optimisation is currently playing key role in website optimization and organic seo. The old word "Content is King" is being replaced with "User is King Content is Kingdom". User Experience is a ranking factor for a webpage optimised for both search engines and human visitors. Google Pand, a Content algorithm known as On-page seo algorithm works on website design, content qualityness, navigation experience and user engagement etc. webpage features.

Learn Webdesign and SEO, Content Writing Lessons from  Google Panda Algorithm

From 2013 and 2014 onwards Google panda is become one of the biggest web content algorithms on online rheelum and filtering the poor content sites, thin content sites, poor user experience sites and keyword stuffed sites from search results pages after crawling and indexing process. More than 200 ranking parameters are examining the each paragraph of webpage content and quality results those passing out the algorithms updates are picking out and being displayed in search results pages at a ranking position depending on user search query relevancy and other factors.

After "Google Panda, a web content algorithm" evolution, website reviews, user experience and visitor engagement optimization sites, user trusted sites, high quality websites, etc. are came out into limelight. Panda algorithm updates are constantly working on these on-page seo pfactors and helping high quality websites and user content sites indirectly to get rank for visitor queries and user search intent keywords. Though what is latest Panda algorithm update version rolling and what is the Panda update impact % on US or UK or India etc. countries and English or Spanish or French languages etc., are supporting the Good user experience as well User Engagement optimization for winning the visitor time on quality website pages.

Are Google Algorithms are Applicable for all types of Websites from Health to Wealth?

Google algorithms are constantly working on all kinds of websites from health management sites to wealth management sites. But there are few different strandards including languages, country specific etc. for different types of websites and content. Now yours online business and website performance also your organic search engine optimisation is under track of Google Algorithms. So learn the new lessons of Website Design, User Navigation Development, Relevance Writing Techniques, Online Content Writing Ideas, Visitor Education Tips, How to Build Quality Backlinks in 2016 and 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 etc. coming years, How to SEO in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 website optimization and web marketing strategy etc. with Google Panda algorithms.

Yours Keywords tell What is the PURPOSE of your Webpage

The popular Indian internet marketing expert Pendem Raju, blogger of http://website-seo-guide.blogspot.com is alway says about this concepts "Yours Keywords always tell about the PURPOSE of a webpage and its content". His words are, 

Tell me what is your keyword...
I'll tell what is your purpose of yours online content...!

Pendem Raju, internet marketer from Hyderabad is saying that visitor engagement is playing key role in organic search engine optimization of visitor landing pages. Every webmaster and search engine optimisers are optimising their landing pages to achieve their own goals through seo optimisation techniques but ignoring visitor optimisation. According his 5 years of internet marketing job experience, What is the purpose of yours created webpage? Is it serving directly for visitors or search bots?

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Video Blogging - Video Marketing, a Latest SEO Optimization Marketing

Video Blogging, a New SEO Activity Trend; Video Marketing, Is it yours latest SEO Optimization Marketing strategy?

Online Video Websites are Promote your Business

Video marketing and Video blogging are evergreen trends in web marketing with personalised user engagement optimization. The reach of target customers with peronalised business message is become very easy with online video blogs. Online videos are one of the best marketing tools for business promotion and advertising, branding, industry authority, etc. Organic search enine optimization search traffic and referral traffic are resulting from these online videos. Video search engine optimization is current trend of latest seo practices.  

What are Top Rating Videos?

Online videos are best entertainment ones irrespective of all ages. Kids might love to watch comic videos, Young ones like to watch music videos, album shows, entertainment videos, online education videos etc. The most popular videos are 1) popular television shows 2) celebrity interviews, 3) movie trailors, 4) online movie watch 5) comic tv shows, 6) music albums and 7) subject tutorials 8) games etc.

There are two types of video websites are available in the current internet era. One of them is free video websites and second one is paid video websites. Example of free video site is YouTube and example for paid video site is Google Video.

Best Free Online Video Websites

With the free online video websites, you will get and watch a wide variety of free videos in many categories. These free types of videos are found on many video blogging websites (top video sharing websites) such as YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe etc.... etc. Usually these free videos are in most cases, prepared at home or work place in order to promote something through video optimization and video marketing towards business ROI and get more traffic to your blog etc purposes.

These homemade free videos are made by numerous internet users, one who have a little or no experience in creating and publishing online videos. Most of the free videos are belonging to categories of comedy, how to videos, funny, tips, tutorials, etc. 

Best Paid Online Video Websites

The paid video websites are publish somewhat target based personalised videos to get income on reggular basis, season basis, trend basis and via paid subscribption at nominal or very less user charges. These paid videos holds a legal copyrights and able to download after completion of online payment. Music albums and video programs, online movies watch and video tutorials etc. are belonging to these paid video categories. Get below Video optimization tips for seo User experience optimization and for video search engine optimization.

Create Own Videos - Video Making Tips

Creating your own videos? Oh thats sounds no fun but like routine...yes. Video production with own digital assets is become passion now. There are a large number of all aged internet users are preparing to make their own videos. Many people are making own videos and using to share with others. Are you interested in making own video and searching for video softwares...? If you are showing interest to create your own videos with a purpose is, then finalise about theme of video blogging ideas.

How to Make Own Videos?

Have strong desire to make own videos. It is the most important step before creating a video on chosen theme. Prepare a video content calendar for every month basis and stick to yours content calendar. Choose your topic that relevant to your goals like business advertising, online products services promotion and make money tips, tutorials, problem solving solutions, user engagement techniques etc. carefully. Your blogging theme (topics) will bring everything that you desire and work. Provide expert tips to biginners and online audiences. 

What is your Video Recording Device?

To make your video, you need to have a standard video recording device. The regular video recording devices are web cams, handy video cams, camcorders, etc. Think of quality of video before recording your session. Many online video bloggers are recording with cheaper electronic devices leading to poor visible lower quality videos. Your target audiences and online visitors are needed a good quality videos. Consider smartphones, digital gadgets to record high quality videos with proper video settings. Consider surrounding light, hotness etc. and adjust the video recorder device settings to create quality videos.

Edit videos with Video Editor Softwares

Video Editor Softwares are help to edit the recorded videos with available options and settings. With best video editor software, you can improve the video quality, sound effects, visibility, background color change, etc. Video editor softwares are playing a key role in quality video production for video blogging. Add any visual graphics to your video to engage the online video visitors and to attract the audiences. So select best video editor softwares inorder to produce best quality own videos.

Best Video Editor Softwares for Video Blogging

Nowadays many smartphones have own movie or video making software programs were in-builted. So use these video making softwares or applications to create stunning and effective own videos. Free video softwares such as "MovieMaker" and "IMovie", ... etc. are easy to download. You can work with these video editors programs without any kind of technical knowledge of softwares. After installing these software programs or video editor applications, open your video in these editor softwares to edit to add any desired features and finally save your video with your brand name or local keyword name or business name.

What is Video Length and Size Limit?

Consider the length (duration) of your video and the size of your video’s file. Many video publishing and sharing websites are keeping limit of video file size and time duration of videos. Keep your video not more than 5 to 15 minutes in length (duration). Video file should not be less than 100MB, in size. Keep possible lower file size.

If your topic is more than 10 to 15 minutes, try to make your video into 2 parts as video series on blogging topic. Below are video search engine optimization tips use to measure your viseo seo optimization and video marketing ROI efforts.

How to Measure your Video Optimisation and Marketing & SEO ROI?

Here are video search engine optimization rankin factors those determine your video ranking in video sharing and video blogging platforms. So consider these video ranking parameters in order to optimize your videos and to make the perform on video distribution sites. Learn how your video rank online with user optimisation and online audience engagement. In online social media world, there are many types of socail media audiences. Consider them to optimize for seo and to attract towards yours video blogging series.

How your Video get Rank Online - List of Video Ranking Factors

  1. Keyword in the Video Title
  2. Keyword in the Video Description
  3. Keyword in the Video Tags
  4. Inbound links to your videos
  5. Inbound links to your video channel
  6. Total bookmarks
  7. Total video views
  8. Total likes
  9. Total dislikes
  10. Total sharings
  11. Total embeds
  12. Total references
  13. Total channel views
  14. Subscribers
  15. Contacts
  16. Flags
  18. Posted category
  19. Frequency of updates
Video Blogging and Video Marketing KPIs

  1. Traffic
  2. Sales
  3. Online engagement
  4. SEO ranking
  5. Generated leads
  6. Inbound links
If you are with no time to video blogging, to produce your own video series on interested themes, hire budget video blogging services or video marketing services unlike organic search engine optimization services. Hire the video bloggers to market your business products and services in order to advertise your brand across the internet. Get search traffic and referral visits to yours video blog with video search engine optimization and content marketing strategies. Online videos are playing a key role in local seo services.

If you are with a business blog, add this video blogging to yours content calendar. Develop "video content marketing strategies" to get promoted across the search engines with target keywords and business products, services etc. Choose "affordable video marketing services" in order to distribute your videos. Be a video blogger and update your search engine optimization strategy with video blog marketing, a new seo marketing activity as a part of "content marketing strategies". Wish you a Happy Video Blogging.
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List of Freelance Online Jobs Websites - Get Work to Earn Money from Home

Freelance Writers Wanted

Freelance writers' part time writing services are to help website content development. If you are not a writer or have no time to write unique articles and blogging content then hire budget online writers. You can use various content outsourcing companies services to hire a budget freelance web writer to get help to grow your business and yours website on online. Online writing career is became one of the best freelance jobs to work from home. Searching for home based creative jobs at local...national...internationally?

Are you a Web Content Writer - Searching for Home based Jobs...?

Freelance writers are writing various formats of content such as web content, infographics, video, blog articles, pressreleases, technical content, research docs etc... These writers are not online marketers, just content or copywriters. If you are looking to make money online from unique articles then it is better to find the affordable online writing services. The growth of internet is brought all freelance web writers together and serving as a long term platform to make money online with content writing opportunities and business growth online with unique content.

Freelance writers with outsourcing article writing services irrespective of country, providing high quality, original content at cheaper content writing rates. Become an online content writer to earn money with online jobs from home. Just you need to find writing opportunities... Freelance writing courses are tell you how to find freelance writing jobs and how to be a freelance writer to provide website content writing services and freelance proofreading services etc.

Get your Free Content for your Blogs and Websites from PLR Articles and Articles Directories

Article directories and pressreleases are online websites with full of free articles on multiple categories. These free articles are a great source for your blogging sites. Usually many article writers are develops these unique content depending on their web goals like reach of target users, promotion of product, service advertising etc. Do you know these pressreleases and articles directories sites are best online sources to make money with content articles. If want to promote your business products or services, then write a pressrelease and submit in best pressrelease sites to reach your customers. 

Through a number of articles directories many websites are receiving a lot of referral visits on daily basis and getting business promotion and online leads sales on regular basis. Collect most relevant article content and ensure that keeping credits to original writers or original website links. If you scare to web spam and irrelevancy, then you can hire a freelance online writer to work for you. Just search with "freelance writers wanted". See the Google results here...

Freelance writing is one of the best online job with work from home opportunities to make money immediately as well long-term basis with your writing skills and techniques. Get quality and unique articles developed for your target user or customers search intent. User engagement optimization content is nowadays ruling over the internet. Ask you freelance writers about content relevant to your web goals and business goals...at affordable copywriter rates or cheaper content writing rates.

Finding the right freelance online writer is somewhat typical task at local area or outsourcing over the internet. Before searching online for a web content writer, come to conclusion of your needs and category of your writing projects in order to produce relevant content. Many freelance online writers evolved themselves out into multiple content writing and helping to produce the type of content that you needed.

Category of Freelance Writing
  • Content writing,
  • Creative writing,
  • Fiction writing,
  • News writing,
  • Article writing,
  • Pressrelease writing
  • Technical writing
  • Story writing,
  • Copywriting,
  • Poem writing,
  • Medical writing,
  • Essay writing,
  • Report writing,
  • Courseware writing,
  • Blog writing,
  • ebook writing,
  • Research docs writing,
  • Magazine writing,
  • Sports writing, etc.  
Find & Bid your Freelance Writing Services - List of Freelance Writing Jobs Websites

To find a best freelance writer services, then take a look at various freelancing websites. To find the freelance or part time writing opportunities check on these freelancing websites. On these writing opportunity websites many web writers will bid on your writing tasks along with their sample writing, reviews and rating, previous experiences etc.

Know the difference between copywriters and content writers. Take a deep search at their writer profile before confirming hiring of online freelance writer. List of freelance websites to find your writing opportunity. Here is a hugh List of Freelance Writing Jobs Websites to find and bid your writing opportunity to work online as home jobs.

List of Freelance Online Jobs Websites - Get Work to Earn Money from Home
  1. Freelancer.com
  2. Freelance.com
  3. Freelancers.net
  4. Odesk.com
  5. Guru.com
  6. Elance.com
  7. Peopleperhour.com
  8. 3desk.com
  9. Witmart.com
  10. Freelanceuk.com
  11. Freelanceauction.com
  12. Studentgems.com
  13. E4s.co.uk
  14. Programmermeetdesigner.com
  15. Rent-acoder.com
  16. Ifreelance.com
  17. Joomlancers.com
  18. Freelancedesigners.com
  19. Authenticjobs.com
  20. Crowdspring.com
  21. Wordpressfreelance.com
  22. Krop.com
  23. Bizreef.com
  24. Freelancewriting.com
  25. Freelancebbs.com
  26. Programmingbids.com
  27. Freelanceauction.com
  28. Worldwidefreelance.com
  29. Constant-content.com
  30. Freelancersoutpost.com

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Content writing tips to Make Money with Web Content - Learn Web Content Management

Web Content Writing

Want to make money online with Articles with web content writing without any online internet marketing degrees? Yes, You can with your skills. Learn here how to make with online money with web articles writing and with your online content writing skills. Online internet marketing degrees and custom writing courses are not necessary to earn passive money and long term online income with web content writing. Get here tips on how to be a professional content writer and how to make money online with writing content articles.

Writing Content for a Website

Web content writer are every day as a part of content writing job, develop a number of unique articles, pressreleases, web pages content, blog posting etc. Directly and indirectly this web content is making money online. There a number of online blogs and websites on regular basis blogging on how to be a content writer, content writing tips, online writing techniques, online content management, etc. These online writing topics and techniques are helping a lot of bloggers and fresher content writers to become a professional web content writers or web content managers.

Make a Good Income with your Writing Skills

There are a number of online services are supporting and existing in online writing industry. Automated article writing softwares, website copywriting services, web content writing services, seo content writing services and blog writing services, outsourcing article writing services, web content management services, etc. are become very popular in the online writing field. Many fresher academic students, literature students are nowadays pursuing to become web content writers. Online writing courses and online writing training, web writer certification courses are developing the quality articles writers with professional writing techniques, visitor engagement writing skills. Avoid automated softwares to create your online content and for rewriting purpose too.

What is your Writing Packages? Are they budget based or not?

Attend web writing training classes or online writing courses to become a professional web content writer. From these web content writing classes you can learn how to write customer education writing, relevance writing and seo content writing etc. You can found that there is huge difference between copy writing and content writing. After completion these web writer certificate courses you can establish your content or copywriting services to offer affordable content writing rates. Your content writing package is normally depends  on customer needs, quality writing, number of articles to write, timeline etc. and other factors... 

Factors affecting yours Strategy of Money Make Online

  1. Yours target theme or topics
  2. Yours taget niche or industry
  3. Yours target audiences or visitors
  4. Yours website design & navigation
  5. Yours writing techniques and skills
  6. Yours posting or content developing strategy
  7. Yours internet marketing strategy
Content Writing Tips - Learn Content Management

Pick your Topic Carefully and Wisely

First, you need to have idea on how to pick out relevant topic or theme to develop user or customer need based articles. Relevance writing is playing a key role in online visitor engagement and customer education. Though there are so many types of content formats, you need to craft useful content to reach the target audiences and web visitors. Before picking up right topic or theme it is better to understand the types of online audiences, types of social media visitors etc to target them or to engage them with your online content with unique and fresh in nature.

Focus on Topic not Keywords

Second, learning how to do keyword research and how to analyse keywords to pick out your primary keywords and secondary keywords. Improve your knowledge on how to optimize the keywords at better perform places (like best seo places to optimize primary keywords and best locations to optimize your secondary keywords). Know that your keywords are best tools to bring yours organic traffic (search engine traffic) as well referral traffic. Focus on relevant long tail keywords to make money with your online content. At the same time focus on topic not keywords to earn money with articles (content) etc. 

Don’t just Blog, Get Published

The whole success of website optimization and internet marketing strtegy is depend on the content creation and management. Organic search engine optimization works efficiently when your content curation is effective. Your goal of making money on web is entirely depends on freshness and unique of content you developing. So if you write content go with natural visitor search based content development. If are not able to write with your reasons buy plr articles to make money. Don’t just blog, get published visitor needs. Influence yours visitors online behavior with visitor engagement techniques.

Choose Organic SEO for User Search Intent Optimization

Third, yours website optimization and online marketing strategy is lay direct path to make money online with web content. Each search engine follows its own algorithms and content policies. Know how to optimize your websites for search engines. Yours organic search engine optimization skills, website optimization with ethical seo techniques, etc are allow you to achieve long term top seach engine ranking for your chosen niche keywords. The efficiency of keywords and user search intent optimization will help you to get more web visitors and to make money online.

Post Less and Promote More - Secret of Online Money Making Techniques

Fourth, if you are posting user articles on regular basis daily or weekly, don't let your content with poor performance. Promote your published online content through a number of various online sources in order to generate money immediately as well lon term basis. Use various internet marketing methods to promote your website content to reach your target audiences and customers, online visitors. No need of certifying in online internet marketing degrees. Get training in internet marketing courses to analyze your website performance and to determine room improvement. Posting user content and promoting across the internet is secreat tactic of popular high paid online bloggers.

Online Content Writing Tips

  1. Develop your content in 3-5 lines for each paragraph.
  2. Explain one theme or topic for each paragraph.
  3. Manage content readability simple and without any technical gargon.
  4. Write for content engagement not for search engines.
  5. Focus on what your customers or visitors needed.
  6. Use various forms of content formats such as text, images, videos, ebooks, PDFs, infographics etc.
Finally, Google AdSense approval checklist, affiliate marketing, PLR articles, etc are help you in making money with various types of web content. Your articles or content ranking is depending on quality of content. Here are few content writing tips help you in developing unique content writing. Do you know this? with Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics tools you can become expert content writer. You can improve your writing techniques with these content writing tools (Yes. These are beginner content writer tools to learn visitor enagement and customer education writing techniques tips and ideas etc.). These content management and writing tools help you to make money online with yours content.
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How to Create Call-only Campaign in PPC, Call-only Ad Advantages and Disadvantages

Latest Google AdWords updates - Call-only Campaign

As you know every time Google will introduces new AdWords updates in Google AdWords platform in order to improve your AdWords campaign performance. Recently, Google AdWords has introduced this new ppc update is call-only campaign for the businesses promotion who want only phone calls with or without website landing page promoting business products or services. Learn here the process of creation of Call-only ad campaign in Google AdWords platform to advertise your phone number and to receive phone call from target customers, ppc visitors.

What is a Call-only Campaign?

Call-only campaign is only for the advertisers whose conversion goal is to increase phone calls for towards business promotion with the Adwords advertising campaign. This campaign mainly focuses on to get as many phone calls from the people who click on ppc ad. 

Bid just for Phone Calls not for Clicks

Currently this type of Call-only Campaign is available in search network only campaigns and can use CPC bidding. You need to pay for each click it means have to pay for each phone call and its pay per click costs is very expensive. These types of ads can only appear on electronic devices those people can make phone calls and are only to improve more business phone calls.

What are Adwords Call-only Campaign requirements?

For this you need to create a separate campaign with ad groups, ads and keywords. When a person clicks on your ad it doesn’t go into your PPC landing page and these ads just generates calls for us. You need to provide a reference URL to Google which contains your phone number.

How to create a call-only campaign?

You need to create a separate call-only campaign as like normal PPC campaign. The following are the steps how to create a call-only campaign:
  • Create a campaign in campaigns tab.
  • Select the network type as search network only and then select call only option at right.
  • Fill the remaining information like your targeted location, language, budget, bidding strategy.
  • Then save your details and continue
  • Create an ad group with relevant name
  • Create an ad, its fields are as shown
How to create Call only ads
Verification URL is yours business website URL simply a web page that contains your phone number and this URL should contain the same brand as you mentioned in your ad display URL.
  • Add your targeted keywords and then save the ad group
After filling this information your ad will looks in mobile device as shown below:

Character Limit for Call-only Ad

                                               Character limit for call-only ads
Character limit for most languages
Character limit for double width languages
Your Business Name
Your contact Phone number
Description Line 1
Description Line 2
Display URL

Rules to create call-only ad

The rules for creation of text ad are also applicable to these call-only ads but you need to concern only with adding phone numbers. The numbers which you don’t include are as follows:
  • You don’t use fax numbers, premium numbers (people may pay additional charge to make a call), vanity numbers (which includes some letters in between numbers).
  • The given number must be in active and accurate. And also the given number must be a local number for your targeted country.
Advantages of call-only ad:

  1. This call-only campaign is useful for the business that has their conversion goal as phone calls. By using this feature you will get more enough phone calls to your business.
  2. Adding phone numbers to your ads are very easy to people to connect with you and to enquire about your business and to get AdWords traffic for your business.
  3. You can also count these phone calls as conversions to your business
  4. You can also share these phone numbers to either your ads in ad groups and also to your whole campaign.
  5. You can kept any number to show only when you take any phone calls from people
  6. If you are providing local services such as plumber, ambulance, education, electricity, hotel dining, travel, tourism etc services including local seo services and organic search engine optimization services…etc… these call only ad are useful.
  7. You will get business with phone calls not only with visitor clicks.
Disadvantages of call-only ad:

  1. You have to pay for each phone call but AdWords advertising cost will be very expensive.
  2. If user is not intended to call you but they click on your ad it means unintended phone call then your money was wasted for that click.
  3. Your device targeting is very important. It is not advantageous for all mobile devices and it is only for the devices which people can makes call for you.
Why Google AdWords Call Only Campaign is Good:

  • You will receive phone calls only
  • Best way to measure all of the calls you receive
  • Addition of creative texts like "Speak with Experts", "Order your Pizza and Coke"
  • Simplified way to connect customers directly
  • Connecting bridge between your sales team and customers

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