SEO for Education sites and University College Websites

SEO for Schools and University College Education Websites

Search engine optimization is continuously changing dynamic industry like education niche. From 2010 onwards there was a rapid need of seo for education websites. Do you know Why SEO for educational websites and college sites.

Every education institute website to say an online portal with a lot of web content. Students and faculty, research scholars, online training attendees, and other staff may access the education institute website or university website or college site to get update information. Having a website is not only bring the more admissions, online visits etc.

SEO for Schools Search Engine Optimisation for College Education sites

From 2005 onwards, student parents are searching online with a variety of search queries like what is the best school for kids or which school is best with student aminities etc. For colleges, the parents are using the search queries such as what is best engineering college or engineering colleges with campus interviews or which managemet college is best for MBA students or best colleges for MCA students etc.

The increase in school or college or university or education institute search on online is telling the need of SEO for education sites. Searching for school or college or university or other educational organization is rapidly increased online.

What is SEO for Schools and Colleges?

Search engine optimisation for schools and colleges is the process of increasing the website visibility over the popular search engines with ranking top positions in the organic search results in SERP pages.

What are impacting SEO for Schools and Colleges sites?

There are many factors affecting the seo for schools and colleges, educational sites. The major parameters impacting the website are as below.
  1. Website design and layout
  2. Website navigation structure
  3. Web content architecture
  4. Parent's search query
  5. Search engine algorithms
  6. Optimized keywords
  7. Keyword efficiency index
  8. Visitors location
  9. Offering courses and programs
  10. Number of students
  11. Brand image
  12. Online availability
  13. Web marketing activities
  14. and few more...

How to Optimize Education Websites to Search Engines?

URL Optimization - Provide Search Engine friendly URLs

Best practice for college or university website URLS structuring for search engines is addition of relevant department name to its URL. Some of the examples are like follows with dashes separating keywords.
  1. http://www.university.com/maths/a-level-alzebra-course
  2. http://www.university.com/computers/mater-of-science-course
  3. http://www.university.com/management/a-level-mba-course
  4. http://www.university.com/sports/sports-medicine-course
Write Effective Relevant Page Titles 

Add your target keywords in the every page title within 55 characters.
Follow search engine guideline in writing the effective user titles
Best practice is - Your page title | College name
example is "Master of Business Administration (MBA) Course | Your Brand Name"

Use awesome Site Navigation Structure

Website navigation is playing key role in finding the needed content on the pages. The web pages should linked from menubar and internal contexual links. Try to reduce the visitor click depth and keep 2 to 3 clicks optimal through menubar navigation, and internal links, imagelinks, relevant courses lists etc.

Update Web Content Regularly

Normally all universities, colleges sites are updating their websites and blogs with various forms of online content on notification to exam results etc. No need to hire expert or freelance content writer services to create the site content. Due to the availability of multiple departments and authorised content creation personnels the site content easily get upade on daily those attract the search engine spiders to crawl and index the published web content quickly.

New Ways to Get Content to your Education, College University sites:
  1. From Professors - articles, own portfolio, books, blog postings,
  2. From Research Scholars - research documents, technical papers
  3. From Students - resume, jobs applications, blog postings, course reviews, training ratings
Learn How to Optimize your college or education or university or schools site with search engine optimization. Get useful Tips for SEO for Education Websites.

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Online Advertiser - friendly Content Writing - Adsense Optimisation

Advertiser - friendly Content Writing require user centric landing pages. User landing pages are playing key role in online internet marketing. Developing the user content in terms of advertiser prospects if your website making money with Google Adsense and best alternates to Adsense to earn money online. Google Adsense is still a promienant online passive income source to many website owners, content writers, house moms and many netizens.

If you are not familiar with Google Adsense and Adsense alternate sources, learn how to write advertiser friendly content writing to make online money. Advertiser friendly writing is one of the best way to make quick money with your laptop and smart phones etc. latest electronic technology gadgets.

What are Advertiser - friendly Content Writing Techniques?

SEO content writing makes your website more visible online. Website optimisation and online promotion over the internet sources can lead to huge scope to earn money with your online content. The landing page content is playing major role in reaching your web goals such as reach of target customers, visibility improvement, customer conversion and online revenue generation etc

If your online content is not playing in making money then what are your best alternate ways to getting business leads, online revenue  generation. If you are landing page is not ranking on top search results pages, the the landing page analysis and content audit are highly required in order to make your web page most advertiser friendly in terms of web design, web page development, user experience, visitor engagement, relevancy writing and organic search engine optimization etc.

How to Audit your Landing Pages to Make Online Advertiser friendly?

Checklist for Advertiser friendly User landing page elements:

Here are few questions before analyze your web pages and web content published online.

What is your web page type?
What type of content you are adding?
What is the frequency of content update?
How you are measuring your site user experience?

Webpage Type:

There are 3 types of web landing pages are existing depending on your content. The types of web pages are namely 1. Static web page, 2. Transitional web page 3. Dynamic web pages.

Webpage Content should with - Tips to Make your site Advertisers friendly
Web page type           
Content Writing Tips
 Evergreen or ever lasting web content
Supportive pages, About us page content etc.
  • Keep industry words in your post,       
  • Post all varieties of content types like text, images, videos etc.
Trending / seasonal web content
Blog posts, Blogging articles etc.
  • Keep industry words with relevant call to action terms in your post,   
  •  Post user search intent content types like text, images, videos, pdfs, e-books, infographics etc.
Time to time content that need to update quickly
Pressroom page postings, News releases etc.
  • Add latest industry statistic along with Call to action phrases like download report,
  • Develop new content to solve user problems to fix the issues etc.
Checklist for On-page Elements of a Web Page:
Meta Title, description, headline, subheading, web content, anchor texts, free stuff, special offering, effective call to action, user supportive information, privacy policy & disclaimer, contact info. These are not fixed factors. Depending on your website niche, content theme these user landing on-page elements can change accordingly. These are most advertise friendly seo landing page elements using to reach target users and audiences online. Focuse on these effective and seo supportive landing page elements to make ypur website most advertiser friendly.

Checklist to Create User - Centric content with Visitor Personas:

Are you using any personalised features to write user focused web content? Then what are the personas you are including in your content developing to publish online on your website pages.

Personas using to develop user content are,
  1. Name
  2. Skills
  3. Educational qualification
  4. Job
  5. Search requirements
  6. Advice
  7. Reading level
  8. Age
  9. Location
  10. Gender
  11. Device
  12. Available web platform
Online Audiences Analysis:

Here are few tips to anlyze your web audiences to understand their online search intent, online behaviour, customer purchase behavior etc. user conversion optimisation parameters.
  1. Who are your online audiences?
  2. How is their online behaviour?
  3. What are your best ways to connect with your online audiences?
  4. Are you targeting any social audiences?
  5. Are you using customer education writing techniques?
  6. Are you publishing real-life case studies?
  7. Are you adding freshness content with user focused?
  8. Are you designing user practical and personalised content?
  9. Are you adding user FAQ - Questions Answer content regularly?
  10. Are you using content audit to improve your web content performance?
Call TO Action phrases Performance Measurement:

Call to action terms are key role players in online conversion process. Effective call to action terms will increase your customer / user conversion. Analyze your call to action phrases performance periodiaclly. Many web masters, e-commerce website managers are currently auditing their call to action terms performance regularly. Audit to analyze the performance of these visitor conversion terms. These money making words are different to each industry.

What are yours Call to Action Terms?

Pay Now, Hurry up, Download now, Signup now, Call today, Book your ticket now, Reserve now, Don’t miss, Read more, Continue reading, Click here, Call now, This weekend only, Save money, Upgrade now, Choose now, Enquiry now, One-time offer, Get today, Buy today, Buy now, Get training, Attend classes, Join course, Get certify, Advance your skills, Buy 1 get 1, Donate now etc.

Online Advertiser - friendly Writing Tips:
  1. Write user focused heading page titles
  2. Each paragraph should with 70 to 75 words
  3. Use your brand name along with keywords
  4. Add appropriate 1 or 2 Call to Action phrases
  5. Use bulleted lists whenever possible
  6. Write frequently asked questions / conversational content
  7. Number of keyword repetitions should limit to 2 to 3 times (maximum)
  8. Use neutral language
  9. Use active voice; avoid passive voice
  10. Use keyword in the beginning of paragraph sentences
  11. Craft engaging and relevant content with "how to" type content
  12. Should write only one personalised user topic per paragraph
  13. Maintain the avaliability of White space on web pages
  14. Regularly add fresh and non plagiarised user search content
  15. Research to optimise money make keywords on the web pages
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Internet Marketing Services Company's PPC Audit Reports & Website Marketing Reports

Internet Marketing Services Company Reports

Internet marketing services companies are provide a web search engine optimization and website marketing consulting services at their rates. The PPC pay per click management reports are includes from ppc campaign keywords audit to local search engine marketing ROI results. The ppc campaign management and performance reports are vary from each client. In addition to campaign audit reports, these ppc management service companies provides a ppc keywords and campaign insights and the implemented activities, recommendations to their clients.

Reporting is an Important Part of PPC Management

Similar to web search engine optimization, the pay per click campaign management is prpares the search advertising and display advertising reports on daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis etc. These website marketing companies are reports the current day status of PPC campaign and daily budget information, online conversion details etc. website marketing and performance reports to their customers on regularly.

Online Advertising Campaign Performance Report

A regular PPC report is consists of regular online advertising metrics such as received impressions, gained clicks, CTR, conversions, conversion rate, and cost per conversion etc. adwords campaign performance KPIs. High level of reporting tools and reporting structures are not needed in order to prepare Adwords campaign management and PPC managers reports.

PPC Management Services

Search engine marketing consultant of PPC management firm or internet marketing services company that is managing adwords campaign will report you with a valuable information on your web search engine optimization and website marketing with online advertising program Google AdWords, Microsoft's Ad centre, etc.includes of fully customised campaign reports with an on-demand weekly or monthly frequency etc.

PPC AdWords Campaign Analysis Reports

A successful PPC campaign report developed by your internet marketing services company or local internet marketing company or website marketing services firm will compose of following ppc campaign management report. Internet marketing consultants or ppc consulting managers are develop these campaign management reports.
  1. Initial questionnaire report for adwords campaign
  2. PPC ceh campaign keyword research report preparation
  3. Budget estimation report preparation
  4. Google adwords campaign setup report preparation
  5. PPC landing page optimization report preparation
  6. Content modification report for old and new landing pages
  7. Campaign adcopies report preparation
  8. Adcopy change reports preparation
  9. Division of adgroups report preparation
  10. Call-only campaign report preparation
  11. Separation of keywords and adcopies in both ad groups report preparation
  12. A/B splitting landing page report preparation
  13. Old and new landing page optimization reports preparation
  14. New keyword research report preparation
  15. Suggested bid optimization of keywords reports preparation
  16. Addition of negative keywords report preparation
  17. Keyword level changes report preparation
  18. Ad group level changes report preparation
  19. Weekly base campaign performance report preparation
  20. Monthly base campaign performance report preparation
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Google Answers with Bold In Search Results - Internet user optimisation tips

Google Answers with Bold In Search Results Not Queries

See here few examples on How Google able to show "BOLDING" in its knowledge graph answers.

1. Search Query - Highest cricket odi score by a team.

Highest cricket one day match score in the world

 Till now the "highest score in cricket one day matches" is 443 for 9 wickets by Srilanka cricket team in 2006. See the above Google knowledge graph answer snapshot 443 /9 is highlighted by bold by Google.

2. Search Query - IAS officer salary in India.

IAS officer salary in india month salary year earnings benefits

For the search query "IAS officer salary in India" is also displaying BOLD in the Google knowledge graph answer.The monthly salary of IAS offices in India is 90,000 INR.

3. Search Query - School teacher salary in India.

School teacher month salary in india benefits earning sources

For the search query "School teacher salary in India" is showing now the average salary earning for school teacher is below 20,000. But this this not final one and fixed price one. The real salary of school teacher jobs is depends on many factors like local government, schhol students number, location, using technology, educational qualifications, and teaching experience etc.

4. Search Query - What is Rohit Sharma highest score in ODI cricket.

What is highest score by India odi cricket Rohit Sharma

A surprise was shown in the Google knowldege graph for the search query "what is Rohit Sharma highest score in ODI cricket". Google is failed to show BOLDING for this query what is Rohit Sharma highest score in ODI cricket. See the above snapshot to find how Google knowldge graph answer is failed to display bolding.

Here is benefits and demerits of showing bolding in the Google knowledge graph answers. Find how to optimise your website page with proper website optimisation and seo supportive online content writing with Internet user optimisation tips.

  • Easier to find the answer in search results (SERP) pages
  • No need to scroll down to find best matching results
  • No need to click the top ranked websites in SERP results
  • Easy find the needed information in SERP pages
  • Loss the traffic visits
  • Loss the CTR
  • Loss the online revenue
Internet User Optimisation

Internet User Optimisation Tips for Content Writers and SEO
  1. Produce quality online content regularly
  2. Create Hummingbird supportive content
  3. Craft user FAQ style content 
  4. Analyze the visitor engagement factors
  5. Analyze the online search behaviour
  6. Analyze the online purchase behaviour
Is this Google's best way to keep Online Googlers from delivering search visitors to your site?

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Your AdWords Ad disapproved by Google. Learn Why?

This Digital Marketing Blog article will discuss about how your pay per click search network only campaign ad is disapproved and how to fix a disapproved ad and get approved by Google with little efforts like PPC ad copywriting and other PPC management techniques.

Everyone knows that in pay per click advertising we have a structure as campaign > ad group > keywords > Ads. In Google AdWords every ad copy we mentioned should be verified and approved by the Google then only your ads gets visible to the users otherwise it won’t show to your potential customers.

Why your Google AdWords PPC ad gets disapproved?

In order to approve your ad copy first Google will check your ad based on following aspect:
  1. Display URL must be your valid business domain URL but not keyword based URL.
  2. They will check your given landing page URL is valid or not. Before conforming makes sure you spelled correctly, your landing page URL or not.
  3. Every word in all fields (headline, description line1, description line2, display URL, destination URL) of your ad copy should not be all capitals and no inter capitals between words. Make sure all your words are lower case or first letter capital in every word.
  4. No usage of punctuations, special symbols, no exclamatory symbol in headline and no more exclamations in your ad
  5. No HTTP error and you will make sure that your landing page doesn’t have an invalid HTTP response code.
  6. No insertion of phone numbers in your ad text and Sitelink ad extension
  7. No landing page loading error and make sure that your landing page should load perfectly without any internal server error.
  8. No spelling and grammatical mistakes in your text ad
  9. Make sure that your final URL domain should equal to your landing page URL domain.
If you even following all these above aspects and if your ad gets disapproved, then you need to check your landing page URL and display URL domain should be same and also modify the description lines of your ads then again resubmit your ad for review and check after few minutes.

How to fix and resubmit a disapproved ad?

For that you need to click campaigns tab > ads tab > click on the pencil icon at the right side of your ad. Then edit and resubmit your ad. 
In our account at the right side you have notifications in bell symbol , click on that and click fix it, then it shows the reason why your ad gets disapproved and then edits your ad copy and again resubmits (OR) Adwords e-mail you regarding your disapproved ad and its reason, know that and fix it by editing your ad copy.

If you even don't understand what may be the exact reason why your ad get disapproved, then you need to concern and take help from Google AdWords support https://support.google.com/adwords/  and you may post your questions in AdWords community then some Google AdWords experts will clarify all your questions.

The digital marketing education blog is hoping all these PPC Ad Management tips information will helpful to you how to fix your AdWords ad and gets approval by Google AdWords.

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Pick SEO Supportive Website Theme - Tips to Choose Best SEO Friendly Themes for Websites and Blogs

What is your Content Publishing Platform

From the search engine results, online visitors are landing to your website pages and spend their time to get what they searching. Search Engine Optimisation for websites is depends on what is your website theme / template and how your website theme is providing search engine friendly design and user experience with website navigation and content information architecture. 

Many website designers and web developers are using the various programming coding languages such as HTML, CSS, basic java, jQuery, ASPX, and DotNetNuke, PHP etc. to build an SEO friendly website. These website coding languages are helping in designing user impressive web page design and website optimization, search engine crawling.

Boost Your SERP Ranking with SEO Supportive Website Themes

Search engine ranking positions are changing with latest SEO best practices and online competition. Every search enhine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu etc. are preferring user friendly websites those successfully tested with search engine algorithms and content algorithms. User experience is dominating the current era of organic search engine optimization.

To choose an SEO friendly website theme, consider the given criteria to select the seach engine optimisation supportive website thems / templates. SEO supportive website themes are enhances online visibility of your website or business blogger site.

How to Improve SERP Ranking with SEO Friendly Website Themes

Content is playing a major role in search engine optimisation and visitor engagement. The content presentation for visitors within few clicks from homepage is creating the good user experience in addition to user friendly website and webpage layout design. If your website theme with coding error free design and with proper information architecture then there is a huge scope to improve your search engine results (SERP) ranks.

Criteria to Choose Best SEO Supportive Website Themes
  1. Design
  2. User Experience
  3. Page loading speed
  4. Webpage file size
  5. Coding
  6. Responsiveness
  7. SEO supportive
  8. Website security
Optimize your Website CMS for SEO

Popular content algorithm Google Panda is downgrading the website with poor webpage design and layout that resulting poor visitor engagement and website crawling issues. Google Panda algorithm updates are testing the each website and filtering the site and blogs with poor website design and page layout. Google Panda algorithm is examining all websites against on-page seo ranking factors. On-page seo factors playing key role in SERP ranking and website optimisation.

Tips in Picking an SEO-Friendly Website Themes

Good Design Structure – If a website theme is poorly designed with improper coding that will impact the website seo optimisation and user navigation etc. The website security issue will generate. The poor coding will attracts the intruder attacks by website hackers and destroy of the webpage information on your site. So before launching test your website design issues to fix immediately. Use popular web coding languages to design your website theme with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript’s and PHP etc. programming codes.

User Experience – Proper page layout and placement of on-page seo and design elements are playing key role in user friendly website development and seo optimisation. If you are ignoring the value of good user experience, surely you will lose a lot of organic visitors and visitor engagement. The user experience and visitor engagement are deciding the performance of your website along with on-page seo and off-page seo ranking factors.

Page Loading Speed – A lot of website themes coding with all latest programming languages such as HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScripts etc. to improve the user appearance with attractive website theme and user navigation. The major issue that resulting is webpage slow loading speed. Examine the all possible factors and design elements before buying the website theme.

Webpage File Size – Webpage file size is one of the silent on-page seo ranking factor is ignored by many website designers and developers, webmasters. There is limit for webpage file size for each website with content or pictures, videos etc. The webpage file size for content websites is 32 KB. Check the code to text ratio, image file sizes, video file sizes etc. and resize them in order to load quickly.

Coding - The coding language such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery etc. are creates the poor optimisation while developing website pages and user navigation functionality. Focus on browser compatibility. Check your website in order to identify the existing coding issues to fix to solve the various on-page factors and to provide the website security from non ethical hackers and intrusion attacks.

Responsive Website Theme - Responsive design is become one of important ranking factor for mobile website versions and for many small medium business websites. Responsive design is currently playing a huge role in increasing website traffic. Responsive website theme is load better to offering good usability in all kinds of user browsers with all page elements depending on user devices such as desktop, mobile, laptop and smartphones, tablet etc.

SEO Supportive - Website usability is a main factor affecting visitors on your site. The website design and functionality are playing the major role in site usability and on-page seo optimisation. Optimise your website with important on-page elements such as URL structure, page titles and descriptions, header tags, internal linking, Alt Text, keyword optimisation, user content and information architecture, etc. properly to improve your website search engine optimisation to increase the website ROI with SEO Job roles and efforts.

Website security - Every website design development programming languages are tend to various hacking attacks and other site security issues. Hire the security coding expert or security code developer to test the website security and fixing the code level issues and to protect your website from unauthorised attacks. Don't install the unknown seo plugin to improve the website seo performance. Validate your website codes such as HTML and CSS etc. web developing languages periodically.

Increase SEO ROI with Responsive Web Design

Responsive Design give you several benefits in terms of organic seo, user experience, money saving, etc. Find here the benefits of responsive web design for your website or blog.
  1. Saves Money
  2. Saves Time
  3. Higher Conversion Rate
  4. User friendly
  5. Less Maintenance
  6. Less Chance of Errors
  7. Device friendly
  8. Browser friendly
  9. SEO Supportive
  10. Search engine friendly

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Make Your Own Online Videos - Video Optimization Techniques

How to Make Money Online with Own Videos is one of the highly searching term in the Google. Irrespective of country and reggion, many people are searching with search query "How to make money with videos". YoTube and other online videos websites are popularised from this decade and almost influenced every netizens. YouTube is become one of the best online video tutorial tips source to many students, working professionals irrespective of industries.

The boom of online videos is allowed the many netizens to watch the interested videos. The creation of videos is not meeting the demand for user videos. Availability of video creation technology is providing the many internet users to create the own videos. Video blogging and video marketing are the latest activities in search engine optimization for user optimization. Are you interested in making your own online video? Know the important video making factors.

Video Blogging - Best Practices for SEO

Video websites are added with newly created videos on regular basis often on a daily basis. The regular video update is make you to reach a variety of target people and online audiences to find your videos and to watch. Video Blogging is helps your online videos to reach the primary goals of your video blogging strategy. The video content is play a key role in video optimization and abide brand, authority and yields fruitful video ROI results.

Video Optimization is Video Search Engine Optimization

Online videos will promote your business over the internet effectively. Video marketing and Video blogging is the latest seo as well social media moptimization and marketing trend in the current day web marketing. Videos are best source for personalised user engagement optimization. Online videos are the best video marketing tools for business promotion and online advertising, branding, gaining industry authority, etc. video ROI results. Organic search enine optimization of videos will provide you a regular search based traffic and referral traffic. Video search engine optimization is latest trend of seo.

Learn How to Create Own Videos

Video benefits are brings the video blogging and marketing ROI quickly. So offer the best and unique topics using to create own videos. Visitor engagement is one of the user major factor playing the crucial role in making money with videos etc. Research for how to create effective videos and step by step video making methods. You will get the brief ideas on how to create own videos effectively.

Video Making Devices

Video recording equipments or video make devices are one of the primary requirement to prepare a video even at your home or other places. Show your face to give personal touch with your video. Keep your dress simple. Check your video content should with impressive graphics and statistics etc. Mobilephones, smartphones, tablets and camcorders, webcams, digital video recording gadgets are widey using to make own videos. Video clarity one of the best user retention option. So use the best video recording device to create best user videos.

Keep your Personal Information Safe

Millions of internet users are becoming video makers and creating a different videos depending on video blogging topics. Here take care of your personal information that should not out. Use your first name or pen name etc. while you are introducing yourself. Tell your current job designation and summary of job description to attract your audiences and visitors. Never give your personal address and phone number. Never tell yours city or your state or country name. Tell your website name or user channel name to get followed up. Don't make your own videos as data breach sources. Protect your identity theft from intrusion attacks and unauthorzed access. 

Video Blogging and Marketing ROI  factors

Online videos are best ways to gain business ROI and to get predefined web goals in the video marketing. The best video blogging and video marketing sharing sites are Google Video and YouTube. These two video sharing sites are popularized due to simple design and high user friendly to use without any technical certifications and subject skills. You can upload your own video even created from your mobile device. There are a number of factors influencing your video blogging and marketing ROI.

What is best Video Content / Topic to Engage Online

The key factor influencing your video blog marketin ROI is content of your videos. What is theme or topic you are prepared to create your own videos? Many video bloggers are not adhering to their main topic. They do not realizing that what they are saying in videos. Your each video should be with a specific purpose. So carefully design your video topics and how to narrate them to engage the online audiences and visitors.

Read the Privacy policy and Conditions for Video Sharing

Many bloggers and netizens are Want to Make An Online Videos? Many video makers and bloggers are unsure what their video is about. Their first videos will tell that they have lack of proper content for video blogin and marketing. Read the privacy policy and user terms and conditions before recording your own videos to publish on video sharing sites. Don't violate the video site guidelines. Don't game with inappriate kind of video topics to prepare own videos.

Video Clarity and Picturization

Various video recording devices includes of mobiles, smartphones, tablets and digital cameras, handy cams etc. are with video clarity and other useful video settings options using to record the videos. Enable the high video clarity before recordin own videos. Use the effective lighting before making own videos. Movie making softwares are helpful in editing video background color and settings. Video clarity and background light are important video recording or making factors can influence your video blogging ROI.

Use own Music and other Stuff

Many video bloggers are using copyrighted music songs or music bits in the video. Avoid the copyrihted music in the any part of your own video. Keep your music very interesting and simple withou any kind of noise. Use the video sound editing softwares and tools to make the music user interesting and audible.   

Use Video Editing Softwares to Makup your Videos

After recording your videos, upload them to your computer. Load your video into installed movie making software to alter the videos as needed. The video edit may with deleting unnecessory scenes, addition of relevant captions and the addition of background music, changing the video background color etc... After altering, save your video with relevant title should with keywords.

Create own User Channel to Publish Videos - SEO for YouTube Channel

Use search engine optimisation techniques to promote your own video. Search engine optimisation is one of the best web marketing method useful to promote your video blogs and to market your videos online to make money with own videos. Create a user channel on YouTube and upload all your own videos and enable the video monetization option settings to make money online with own videos.

User Experience Optimization for Videos for SEO ROI

YouTube Marketing is the evergreen trend and allowing many search engine optimizers and online digital marketers to provide the Video Blogging Services and Video Marketing Services at affordable prices. Use the affordable video blogging marketing services to promote your video websites on online to reach your video ROI and to meet predefined web goals such as reach of target customer base, business advertising, etc. Learn here what are best KPIs to measure your video performance.

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