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Digital Marketing Internships and Content Writing Internship Opportunities

Digital Marketing Internships and Content Writing Internships

Are you a self-motivate team player? Looking to join an internship in digital marketing and  internship in content writing...! Want to provide your ideas and marketing methods for client facing business issues? Want to work with company management and clients but without travel just on the computer?

Are you ready to learn latest online internet marketing techniques, web marketing methods, marketing tools usage, marketing research, marketing analysis, project management skills, website management tips, also want to go-getter attitude to improve your career scope; here is internship opportunities in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Internships - What will learn

The Digital Marketing Company is offering Digital Marketing Internships and content writing internships for MBAs, non MBAs, degree students, B Tech students, fresher content writers and those who are seeking career in online writing and web marketing. Want to demonstrate your skills those what you have are enough to join in these Digital Marketing and content writing internships. In return, you'll learn hands-on training and crash course in digital marketing, content writing etc. areas includes;
  1. Search engine optimization,
  2. Search engine marketing,
  3. Social media marketing,
  4. How to make money online,
  5. Online monetization,
  6. YouTube marketing,
  7. Video marketing,
  8. Video blogging,
  9. Business blogging,
  10. Website optimization,
  11. Blog marketing etc. 
Internship candidates will learn Digital Marketing and Content Writing (Marketing Writing) Skills and Techniques

The interns will learn following digital marketing techniques and content writing in terms of marketing writing.
Skills Development Programs:
  1. Web Analytics
  2. Marketing Analytis
  3. Marketing Research
  4. Marketing Analysis
  5. User Optimization
  6. Website Optimization
  7. SEO Optimization
  8. SEO Marketing
  9. Blogging
  10. Blog Management
  11. Website Management
  12. Online Research techniques
  13. SEO technical audit
  14. Website Analysis
  15. Content Audit
  16. User Relevancy Writing
  17. Visitor Engagement writing
  18. Customer Education Writing
  19. Marketing Writing
  20. Google Analytics
  21. Google Webmaster Tool
Internship Responsibilities - Interns will learn

Here is a brief summery on what these digital marketing interns and content writing internship candidates will work and learn following things. The major responsibilities are including,

  1. Provide support to the existing team on Search Engine Optimization (seo) for websites
  2. Provide support to the existing team on Pay Per Click, search engine marketing campaigns
  3. Provide support to the existing team on Web Content Writing and User Relevance Content Writing
  4. Provide support to the existing team on Internet User Optimization and Online Visitor Engagement Practice
  5. Provide support to the existing team on Competitive Analysis and Competitor Analysis along with your ideas and best solutions
  1. Provide recommendations to company management on website projects
  2. Provide recommendations to clients on website projects on online
  3. Provide recommendations to improve website optimization
  4. Provide recommendations to increase business online leads
  5. Provide recommendations to increase customer conversions
  6. Provide recommendations to online brand and web visibility
  7. Provide recommendations to company on website management
  8. Provide recommendations to improve organic traffic and referral visits
  9. Provide recommendations to promote company verticles on social media sites
  10. Provide recommendations to improve online revenue from varios internet sources
  1. Opportunities of understanding on what are and how to meet client goals and objectives
  2. Opportunities of understanding the preparation needed reports and reporting methods
  3. Opportunities of understanding what is website optimization and online marketing
  4. Opportunities of understanding the digiatl marketing industry trends
  5. Opportunities of understanding how digital strategy works
  6. Opportunities of understanding and learning the communication skills
  7. Opportunities of understanding the team play and team move towards clients and company
  8. Opportunities of understanding how digital industry is changing
  9. Opportunities of understanding how to improve the results online
  10. Opportunities of understanding what is social media marketing
  11. Opportunities of understanding the role of Google certifications
  12. Opportunities of understanding the how to share improvement ideas and revenue make ideas
  13. Opportunities of understanding how to create brand online for company, products and offering services
  14. Opportunities of understanding what are content writing criteria and requirements
  15. Opportunities of understanding how to earn money online with your existing and learned skills
  16. Opportunities of understanding managing corporate social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+
Required Experience for Internships:
  1. Current college student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in any B. SC, B. Com, BBA and MBA in Marketing PGDBM, PGDM, etc. 
  2. Previous years students can be apply for these internships in digital marketing and content writing 
  3. Basic knowledge in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are preferred
These are Not for You (Interns)
  1. No need to travel to client location
  2. No need to telecalling to generate Business leads
  3. No any kind of restrictions to suggest improvement ideas
What’s for You (Interns)
  1. Comfortable Work hours
  2. Trainy digital marketing position
  3. Trainy Content writer position
  4. Comfortable Work culture
  5. Skills improvent suggestions
  6. Opportunities to work closely with leadership team and clients
  7. Paid internship opportunity
  8. Certification in digital marketing skills
  9. Certification in Content writing
  10. Permanant job opportunities depending on your improvement
  11. In-depth knowledge of digital marketing domain
  12. Freelance digital marketing job opportunities
  13. Freelance content writing job opportunities
About Us - Digital Marketing Company

Digital Marketing Company is a fast-growing, team-oriented digital marketing agency. The Digital Marketing Company is a group of real-time online internet marketing professionals. We offer stipend and digital marketing training for interns those instrested in digital marketing with academic knowledge in B Com, BBA and MBA etc. Other graduate courses like B. Sc, B Tech, M. Tec etc. qualification students those irrespective of academic years, interested are can be get this digital marketing crash course knowledge. The Digital Marketing Company is providing a full-time job opportunity with excellent growth potential as digital marketing executive job and online content writer jobs or freelance content writer etc.

The Digital Marketing Company is with a strong client network based relationships with clients and small medium corporate companies looking digital marketing strategy for their business and websites. The Digital Marketing Company serve these client needs help in achieving target web goals and business goals online. The Digital Marketing Company is providing organic search engine optimization services, search engine marketing services, content writing services, business blogging services, digital marketing services, Google adsense approval optimization services with an ethical tactics to retain long-term success. The Digital Marketing Company with a strong focus and long-term strategies on client ROI results not just activities to improve the client business and website performance.
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Google Maps Transit is with Indian Railways Train Timings... Travel Plan with Google Transit feature

Indian Railways now Showing all Train Arraival & Departure timings in Google Maps Transit

Google Maps are one of the techology friend to all internet citizens searching directions, ways to shortcut path to nearest and distance locations. Google on Tuesday announced that Indian railways train schedules and rail arraival departure timings are showing up in Google Maps at Public Transport categories or option in addition to buses, metros, trams, walking directions to the desired destination.

Could I get all Indian Cities Transport Information?

The Google map services providing the bus and metro also walking directions to nearest locations to bus stops, railway platforms, metro stations of Indian top cities includes of Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, Kolkata, also Pune, Chennai cities.

Where to find Indian Railway Trains information in Google Transit?

Google is helping all internet users and Google map users in India to plan and travel your next trip with Google Transit feature of Google map services. All internet and Google map users will access the information on "Google Maps". To find the all available transport information on Google map, you need to click on "Get Directions" button. Then choose the available "Public Transit" icon that showing car, bus, and walking, cycling (biking), flight options. 

To find the Indian Rail schedules on Google Maps, click on "Bus" icon. You will see 2 highlighted texts (Details and Schedule explorer) in blue coloration. Select the "Schedule explorer" option. Blue coloured popup will highlight and show a option called "Root Options". Click on this root option to select by ticking the preferred mode of transportation as "Train" in order to see the latest train timings scheduled by Indian railways. This is 6 steps process of getting Indian Railway Trains information on Google maps.

Simple Way to Find to Indian Railway Trains information on Google

To get the Indian railway trains schedule on Google Maps, here is a direct URL of Google Maps Transit to access the train schedule information. "http://www.google.com/intl/en/landing/transit". Provide the information of your location at "From" and enter your destination at "To" and click on "Get Directions". Below you will see a feature "Options". Choose your mode of transport from Bus, Subway, Train, Light rail etc. along with additional options such as "Best route", "Fewer transfers" and Less walking etc. as you need.

If you are offering any kind of public or private transportation services in your local city and to other cities, you can listing all your information by clicking on "Join Transit Partner Program", a Google Transit Partner Program help you to get new passengers and riders.

Add your transport agency information and transportation services information on Google Maps. http://maps.google.com/help/maps/mapcontent/transit/

Advantages of Joining Google Map's Transit Partner Program

By participating Google Map's Transit Partner Program, you have many benefits.
  1. Increase the awareness of your transportation services with Google search engine
  2. Help to find best ways to reach target distance and locations
  3. You can link to your website offering public and private transportation services
  4. Improve inter - agency communication with co-service providers
  5. Reduce the transportation and travelling cost and investment with best short-ways
  6. Reach to both desktop searches and mobile users
  7. You can share all your public and private transportation services at free of cost with Google Map services.
Google Maps can Help you Plan a Family Holiday Trip to Every Corner of the Country

Google Transit, a feature in Google Maps, available in all Windows, Android and iOS devices also desktop. The Google Transit feature help in better planning to usage available local, private and public transport trips very efficiently to travel to desired locations. Google worldwide with the help of thousand hundreds of public transit agencies working on display of their schedule information online to all Google Maps users and internet users.

 Are you a frequent traveller or Planning to go on holidays with family members with hasslefree journey or searching for a travelling guide? Google is providing free travel plan service with its Google Maps Transit feature. You can access this Google Maps Transit feature from yours Windows, Android and iOS devices such as smartphones and desktop computers.

Google Maps Transit feature Guides your Travel Trips and Root Direction

When planning a travel trip with Google Transit, select your preferred mode of transport and the time that at what timing you would like to depart or arrive by preferred mode of transport. This helps you spend your time on roads and traffic jams etc. to make hassle free journey with Google Transit available both on web and mobile.

Plan a hasslefree travel trip to your desired location in India or any major Indian cities like Gujarat's Ahmedabad, Tamilnadu's Chennai, Karnataka's Bengaluru, Telangana's Hyderabad, Maharastra's Pune, Mumbai cities and West Bengal's Kolkata, also New Delhi etc.with the help of Indian Railways schedule and update information for 12,000 trains, local bus transportation, metro transportation, cycling, biking and walking directions with Google map services.

Use this Google Map Transit to meet your search engine optimization clients located in your local, regional and other cities. While travelling use this Google Transit feature in order to find best restarant in the city to take your breakfast, lunch or dinner etc. And ask your customers in order to find your search engine optimization agency location through this Google search engine's Transit feature. To use this feature on windows, android and ios etc. devices, you no need of having internet marketing degrees.
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Mothers Day - Wish your Mother with SEO and Adsense Websites

When is International Mothers Day? When is Mother Day in this Year?

May month's second Sunday in every year is Mothers day. in the 2015, the mothers day is celebrating on 10 the May 2015. Searching how to wish mother to convey her on this moms special day. Looking to give a best mothers day gifts or gift articles to mother etc.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas - What are Good Mothers Day Gifts

Choose best gifts for your mum
  1. Her favourite Flowers - Use online florists' flower delivery today services to deliver the your mom favourite flowers to delivered same day on the vacation of this moms special day.
  2. New Mobilephone - Buy a new phone having latest and useful mobile apps and replace her old phone using to communicate with you and other family members.
  3. Latest Smartphones - Purchase a new smartphone having latest features and useful mobile applications and replace her old phone using to communicate with you and other family members.
  4. Best Electronic gadgets - Gift her the latest electronic gadgets most useful in her daily life
  5. Health insurance policy - Pay premium online to gift her a suitable health insurance policy
  6. Medical insurance policy - Take a matching and required medical insurance policy
  7. Senior citizen Saving bank account - Open a bank account and deposit some amount and gift her the Debit card or ATM card
  8. Taking to a Long drive - Take her to a long drive to visit her best family members or her native locality or her childhood friends
  9. Going to a Holiday vacation - Go to a holiday vacation along with your mom and other family members
  10. Planning to a Piligrim travel - Travel to a best piligrim along with family members and your mom 
  11. Family members reunion - Call to all your siters and brothers and their kids to get together to celebrate on this moms special day
  12. Ordering her favourite food and drinks - Order online your mom's favour food items and drinks, other stuff to gift her on this special day
  13. Have a Meal with family members - Prepare and have a lunch or dinner with all your family members on this happy mother day
  14. Child albums with her childhood photos - This is everbest gift for moms so, collect her all childhood photos or paintings and gift her as album
  15. All family members photo frame - This is mothers day best personalized gifts, so gift her all your family members photo and keep in her room
  16. Gift vouchers - Present her few best gift vouchers to celebrate herself even along with grandsons and childs
  17. Jewellery gifts - Buy a gold or diamond jewellery and gift her to say thanksgiving to being as best mom and guide in your life
  18. Cakes and Cupcakes - Simple and best effective gifts so make your mother happy with mom's special cakes and cupcakes
  19. Balloons - Cheapest mothers day gifts so, make your mom happy by decorating home and her room with special mother day ballons
  20. Hotel reservation - Reserve a table and take your mother to a best hotel and check mothers day menu to order her favor food items
  21. Cookies and Chocolates - Cheaper and everbest moms gifts (even to girls), gift her the special mothers day cookies and chocolates
  22. Laptop - This is somewhat trendy gift to your mother if she is a computer user. A best mothers day personalised gift.
  23. Homemade greeting cards - Simple homemade mothers day cards and effective homemade mothers day gifts.
There are few bad gifts for moms on mothers day. Don't choose these bad gift ideas to present to your mom.
  1. No gifts (simply forgetten by your busy)
  2. Simple greeting wishes
  3. Sending a moms special day poems to her email inbox
  4. Sending a poems to her phone
  5. Non-personalized gifts
  6. Video games gadgets and devices
  7. Cigar
  8. and any other thar resulting stress and impacting her health and medical conditions.
Latest Mothers Day Gift Ideas - Celebrate your moms day with few trendy gift ideas
  • Pet insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Property insurance
  • New home building
  • Spa and Organic treatment
Perfect Mothers Day Gift for Webmasters and SEO, SEM, SMM and Digital Marketing Experts

Mothers day gift ideas to select according your mom interests and education, habbies etc. Find few thechical and non technical mothers day gift idea to select best gift for your mom. Plan your moms special day gifts to convey your thanks and wishes.

Best Gift Ideas for your Illiteral Mother:
  1. Thank you flowers
  2. Personalized gifts
  3. Personalized cards
  4. Mothers day chocolates
  5. Electronic greeting cards
  6. Mothers day greeting messages
  7. Mothers day menu
  8. Homemade mothers day gifts
Best Gift Ideas for your Literal Mother:
  1. Domain URL
  2. Domain hosting
  3. New website
  4. New Blog
  5. Adsense account
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. eCommerce website
  8. Subscription to working women magazine
Wish your Mom and Gift her a Website with SEO......

All webmasters and SEOs try to participate in mother day celebration and Wish you your mother on this happy mother day ocassion. If not possible use the available mothers day gifts delivery services to send best gifts to your Mom.

Have a Happy Mother Day and Happy Blogging...

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SEO Emails with Website Optimization and Search Engine Optimization Prices and Offers - SEO Email Spam Analysis

SEO Emails Spam Analysis

Have you received tons of SEO Emails with Website Optimization and Search Engine Optimization Prices and Offers.

Is your inbox receiving spam emails with Website Optimization and Search Engine Optimization offers and SEO rates. It is estimated to over 100 billion spam emails are sent on daily basis on seo, lottery prize win in foreign countries, local gifts items, bank deposits help needed etc. Among them in the recent days almost every netizen receiving SEO spam emails with improve website at Google at affordable rates and regular outdated linkbuilding practices.

Are SEO offer emails Automated or sent by SEO Professional

Normal people unable to understand these seo spamming emails on affordable seo optimization and promotion to improve your website at Google with simple on-page and traditional backlink building offerings. If you are a seo professional or sem experts or smo then you can spot the kind of email purpose.

From Where you are Receiving these SEO offer emails?

Simple answer is on online from different location from where you staying or living. The received seo emails are on the main subject is improve your business online with simple seo tactics and website optimization techniques also web marketing services including seo at cheaper prices. It is not easy to judge them that the senders are spamming the inbox. Because they are offering seo services at affordable cheaper prices to improve your website and business on online with internet marketing methods (mostly search engine optimization).

Why do Online Spammers send SEO offer emails?

Majority of these seo emails senders are offering affordable search engine optimization services and seeking website seo projects in the way of their occupation as online internet marketing company professionals. The senders are trying to find their income as seo specialist with website optimization and website marketing. The seo emails senders are trying to get the regular or freelance seo projects online.
Are they Reliable or Malicious?

No one can judge and find the correct answer to Are these seo emails are reliable or malicious?. All search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing etc. are enabled the spam filters and determining the malicious emails with spamming nature. Search engines are automatically sending these spamming natured emails to Spam folder but whereas few emails still reaching inbox. These kind of seo emails are written well by professional email writers and content writers.

Why to Care from these SEO Emails?

Beware of these kinds of seo emails. Any way all these emails are without clear address and phone number also with out any reliable links like website URL or LinkedIn profile, Google Plus, Google My Business profile inks etc. Take a precautionary steps from cyber fraud and identity theft, unauthorized access of personal as well as financial online payment, banking transaction information, login credentials, online phishing, social engineering etc. 

SEO Email Examples - Have you Received any email on business improvement with SEO practices?

SEO Email format can be in any format and not limited. Truly it depends on email writer creativity and writing skills. The most common subjects are "promote your business with affordable SEO services", "increase your revenue with us" etc. Check at your inbox and spam folder.

Here are few real-time emails sent from unknown persons. You can find from these emails that they not checked at your business website or blog. They don't know your name even, but trying to communicate with you as the part of their SEO jobs role / duties.

SEO Email Examples - 1

SEO Email Examples - 2

SEO Email Examples -3

SEO Emails Spam Analysis:

Check the the what are Bolded words. Are they main keywords to optimize for email marketing campaign?

Your answer is NO right...! its true... They are not at all target keywords. They just SEO or web services industry words.

Improtant keywords -They are not targeted any commercial keywords and local or region specific keyphrases to optimize for this email marketing campaign on seo services.

Are these seo emails are Considerable ones?  

Obesrvations are -
  1. Unprofessional emails
  2. Emails sent from free email services platforms
  3. Not provided any case-studies
  4. Poorly developed email subject
  5. Not a popular company
  6. Non-local seo company
  7. Emails are not customized
  8. Not expaining your website current issues
  9. They can get hred at affordable chepaer rates
  10. Promote your website non ethical seo techniques and practices
  11. Automated emails with of originality
  12. Lack of their website links
  13. Lack of any reliable source links
  14. Lack of contact address and other details
Are they providing real-time Best SEO Services at Budget?

There is no such guarantee on providing the website optimization and search engine optimization services at budget rates. In the emails received is they informed that they are offering affordable seo services with few wellknown practices. Anther thing here is they are not linked to any of their official online sources. They are not stating that they will promote websites and online business sources manually without use of any kind of automated softwares.

Is there any Risk Online?

There is no exact answer to this. But it is adviced to take care of these cheaper seo services to get first search page results with buying backlinks from these web marketing companies. They may provide some decent services depending on your needs and payments etc. On another hand there is high level risk is exists if you give your website access for website design, user navigation structuring and on-page optimization also for other purposes. Due to presence of malware or due to complex navigation, poor user experiences there is a high risk of search engine penalties and SERP ranks down, search traffic down etc. Beforing hiring these seo companies just enquiry about they are they fake or real-time in search engine optimization services.

Promote Websites with SEO Company Services at Affordable Prices

Finally from senior business managers to web designers, developers programmers are recieving these seo offer emials. If you are looking to how to stop spam emails then you can use free or paid spam blocker tools softwares to filter the spam emails. Adjust the email setting to enable the spam filter before receiving and delete the received spammed mails from Trash folder.

These seo offer emails are spoiling the local credibility and search engine reputation (online brand reputaion) of real-time professional seo company services serving local regional national level, international and online internet marketing places. To protect yourself just ignore these website improvement and business promotion offers with non-ethical search engine optimization company services .

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