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No internet services - What happens to you when you are without internet

 No Internet - What you are missing in your life.  TRULY NOTHING...! Simply your dependency on internet services only. Read here a list of your daily activities are missing with no internet connection provider services.

  1. Drastic increase in unemployment and loss of many jobs
  2. All IT software companies are shutted down
  3. Can not find answer for few FAQs on online
  4. Nobady purchase second hand car or mobile on internet
  5. No internet search and display online advertising
  6. No musical apps and download features
  7. No VOIP phone calls and messenger services
  8. No Google and Yahoo, Bind, Yardex, Baidu
  9. No online railway tickets for your train
  10. No online booking of flight tickets
  11. No online verification services
  12. No digital documentation
  13. No social media sites
  14. No online friends and relations
  15. No websites and blogs
  16. No online money earning and internet income
  17. No online shopping and ecommerce sales
  18. No jobs search engines and blogging platforms
  19. No improvement in technology online
  20. No online business lead generation
  21. No online customer conversion
  22. No digital marketing
  23. No web design services
  24. No web app development services
  25. No online security services
  26. No antivirus softwares products and security scanner tools, plugins
  27. No programming languages 
  28. No online education universities, colleges
  29. No online exam and skills assessment programs
  30. No internet trading of money marketing instruments
  31. No online meetings, conferences and webinars
  32. No internet banking transactions and online money exchanges
  33. No plagiarism online and content scraping problems
  34. No online movies watch
  35. No online video games
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LeadSqaured Online Webinar on How to Generate Qualified Leads Through Google AdWords Advertising Program

Summery of "LeadSqaured Online Webinar" on Qualified Leads Generation with Google AdWord Program. 

1) Webinar Attendee Question to LeadSqaured - Can you explain a lil in details why search and display search together a bad practice?? if possible with an example?

LeadSqaured Team Answer - conversion ratios of search and display campaigns are vastly different. Its better to run them as separate campaigns to optimize them better. an example : if you are advertising for "hotels", your ad might show up on sites having content related to hotels which might not convert as well as people who search for it online

2) Webinar Attendee Question to LeadSqaured - In Display network how our Extension work..

LeadSqaured Team Answer - Social extensions (google plus followers) might work(google decides this). most other extensions are specific for search network

3) Webinar Attendee Question to LeadSqaured - From Where to began for good lead generation by google adwords?

LeadSqaured Team Answer - identify the keywords first. Look at keywords which your potential customers might be searching for online

4) Webinar Attendee Question to LeadSqaured - How should you check to see if your ads are still running on Google? 

LeadSqaured Team Answer - in tools > ad preview and diagnosis. here you can check whether your ads are running at a particular location or not for keywords of your choice

5) Webinar Attendee Question to LeadSqaured - Is facebook advertising Good for Lead Generation ?

LeadSqaured Team Answer - i have seen some advertisers crack facebook well. Really depends on what you are advertising. If it is a product users can buy casually like tshirts, facebook might work really well

6) Webinar Attendee Question to LeadSqaured - Hi my business is a service thats extended in chennai market but the TG is NRIs...how do i choose location and then the keywords?

LeadSqaured Team Answer - its a slightly difficult situation. if its a real estate product, you can choose keywords with chennai in it, eg : "apartments in chennai" & location as all locations with india in negative. Your ads will only be shown to people outside india searching about chennai

7) Webinar Attendee Question to LeadSqaured - Where will I get option to select the type of keywords?

LeadSqaured Team Answer - by default all keywords are in broad. adding double quotes makes it phrase eg : "best hotels". adding square brackets makes it exact match - [best hotels]. For BMM add + in front of words - +best +hotels

8) Webinar Attendee Question to LeadSqaured - Can we use dynamic keywords depending on the search term?

LeadSqaured Answer - dynamic keyword injection essentially replaces your text in ads with what user is searching. eg if ad text is {KeyWord:Best Hotels in Bangalore} and the user is searching for Best Hotels in Koramangala, your ad will show koramangala instead of bangalore. You should always keep caution as you wouldn't want to use dynamic keyword injection for competitor keywords

9) Webinar Attendee Question to LeadSqaured - If I have a new website Through which Ad type I should go PPC or PPM?

LeadSqaured Team Answer - go for ppc, you are paying for performance than just impressions

10) Webinar Attendee Question to LeadSqaured - What are the best marketing research practices before AdWords Campaign creation?

LeadSqaured Team Answer - you can use adnabu (shameless pitch). The topic of adwords strategy is huge. Main points are - use all matchtypes, use negative keywords, have less keywords per ad group, have highly relevant ads, always have multiple ads in an ad group, always use extensions

User search intent and User purchase behaviour are help you to create a potential customer based campaign. Thanks to Salil and  Meenu for your answers. And Thank you Pendem Raju for asking your question though it is a broad one to answer.

11) Webinar Attendee Question to LeadSqaured - Can we Adwords campaign for Adsense Approved website?

LeadSqaured Team Answer - you can. make sure it does not violate any terms and conditions by google. But mostly i have not seen this work since the avg cpc from search ads are always high compared to what you can generate from adsense

12) Webinar Attendee Question to LeadSqaured - Which type of keywords are best for affiliate marketing BROAD EXACT or PHRASE?

LeadSqaured Team Answer - broad will give a huge reach compared to exact or phrase but it might give you a lot of irrelevant clicks also. a better way is to use a hybrid approach. use exact, phrase and broad in your account. There are some best practices while doing so such as use of negative keywords to reduce competition between match types...
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Google to Health Remedy and Medical Facts information in the Knowledge Graph

Google Health Knowledge Graph to Get Health Remedy information and Real-time Medical facts

Google is updating the Health Knowledge Graph to find the health queries information you entering in the search box. With the effective of February 2015, Google team is regularly working on to display all common health conditions, medical facts country wise, region wise, demographic wise, trendy wise etc. You can find the typical symptoms of disease, investigation methods, possible treatment, remedy methods etc, as basic details for your entering health queries in the search box.

Digital technology Statistics in US - Digital marketing blog
Digital Technology Statistics
Digital technology is attracting the new user groups like elder citizens, adult age groups etc. more on internet via latest electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. Social media platforms are nowadays playing a key role in sharing and awaring the surrounding people on existing and trending, rising health and medical problems. Google algorithms are constantly working to provide accuracy and user experience based search results in the search pages and in Google answer box.

Google Health Knowledge Graph

Dr. Kapil Parakh, and his team is currently working and with Google's Health Knowledge Graph to update all available health deseases and treatment, precaution, post-caution methods. Dr. Kapil Parakh, with a qualification of M.D., MPH, Ph.D. in medical education.

His team is constantly updating the Google Health Knowledge Graph with all clinical knowledge at various levels like compilling the health medical information, clinical facts, and curating the gathered information in a user display format then reviewing the finalised health and medical data for accuracy and user relevant with high quality.

Google Health Knowledge Graph is NOT alternate to Medical Consultations Services

Google Health Knowledge Graph is providing a lot of advantages with the health and medical search. This Health Knowledge Graph from Google is to improve the health-related search content quality and user relevant. The major advantages of this Google Health Knowledge Graph are,
  • to improve the health awareness and reaching the users with real-time medical facts; 
  • to learn more about the health medical conditions, 
  • to help you to take decision on when to seek medical advise for your medical condition, 
  • to identify your medical condition etc. 
Google Dispaly Real-time Medical Facts and Useful Health Information to your Fingertips

Medical Consultation Services for Swine Flu Treatment India
Here few levels of  Google doctors and content team is working on updateing the Health Knowledge Graph. The diaplayed health remedy information is NOT at all alternate to local medical consultation services, emergency health and medical services. The Google Health Knowledge information is to provide the good user experience in the health and medical industry (niche) for health and medical user search queries.

The summery of levels is,
  1. Google medical content team gather all basic factual information from high-quality medical sources across the web
  2. Google doctors and content team work to analyze and finalise the user relevant health and medical content curation
  3. Senior medical doctors team check the prepared content and review for user accuracy and fact based & relevancy basis
  4. Google's Dr. Kapil Parakh and his team at Mayo Clinic is test and come with final health and medical content
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