PPC Ad Position in Google AdWords Advertising

PPC Ad Position in Google AdWords Advertising

PPC is the paid online advertising marketing strategies of many small medium and corporate companies promoting websites and businesses locally and internationally to promote their business products or services. They are using the search engines to promote their business products or services (including SaaS) by getting a clickable position in the search engine result pages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Vs Pay Per Click

Search engine optimization (SEO) is free process useful in website promotion on online and work successfully in long-term basis. Pay Per Click is paid advertising channel help in promoting the websites and business products or services on immediate basis and short term oriented too. Example of PPC is Google AdWords.

PPC Advertising is Online Advertisement

This PPC advertising method of web advertisement provides the website or business advertisers to set up the budget for their online advertisement cost. The online advertisement cost of investing in this PPC advertising method rely on visitor clicks. Visitors clicks whenever a similar ad displays after his search term entry. In this online advertising, PPC the platform providers charge the website or business advertisers whenever a visitor click on the displayed advertisement. The visitor click leads automatically to the advertiser’s website or web pages.

Ad position are playing key role in ROI of your budget on online advertising. Visitor clicks on the displayed or positioned ad in the search results pages. 

Determine your Ad Position

Ad position is a place where your ad is displayed to search visitors in the search results page. It is a dynamic factor influencing your PPC budget. Ad position is every time calculated whenever your ad triggered for user search term depending on your ad competition in the action. Ad position is determined with Ad Rank formula.

What is Ad Rank formula?

Ad Rank = Quality Score * Max CPC Bid

Quality Score 
  • Quality Score of your keywords is a measurement of relevance between your ads and landing page.
  • It can improved by ad extensions and other ads formats like ...
  • The relevance of your keywords and ads is helps you in achieving the top ad position even though you pay less than your competitors in action bidding.  
  • The quality score can be increased by CTR improvement, ad relevance and experience of landing page.  
Ad Position Places in SERP page

In SERP page, < 10 Ads can be appear in 2 places from after Februrary's latest AdWords shakeup update.

1. top of a search results, (2-3)
2. bottom of the search results page. (2-4)

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Pendem Raju acquiring DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals Certification

Pendem Raju is to acquire DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals Certification 

Who is Pendem Raju?

Pendem Raju is a Digital Marketing Expert in Hyderabad, working in digital media marketing with the more than 6 years experience. 

Pendem Raju acquiring DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals Certification

DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals Expert Certification is an eLearning course with easy accessible online training by Rich Media Studio Certification training on the fundamentals of how to create and manage rich media creatives by sitting in front of your desktop or laptop. Learn DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals and get certified with Rich Media. 

Why Pendem Raju is acquiring DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals Certification?

Rich Media is training online to learn how to design rich media products for advertising or promoting online in Google. To become a DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) user with working knowledge of rich media creatives, Pendem Raju is preparing with DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals Certification course materials on online. 

What is minimum score required for DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals Certification?

The required score of 80% or higher in "Fundamentals Exam" to pass and to earn DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals Certification after completion of basics in rich media creatives designs and other knowledge of the Fundamentals of DoubleClick Rich Media.  

What are other digital marketing certificates are Raju earned?

  • Professional Internet Marketer Certification from SEO in Practice (License PIM-01579) in September, 2011.
  • A Google Analytics individual qualified professional Certificate in Google Analytics Academy Course from Google Digital Analytics Fundamentals.
  • Google Advertising Fundamentals from Google (License 5893796545953792) in March 2014 and valid up to March 2016.
  • Google Display Advertising from Google (License 6657278103519232) in March 2015 and valid up to March 2016.
  • Google Adwords Professional Certified from Google in March 2015 and valid up to March 2016.
  • Certified from the Google in Tag Manager Fundamentals Certification
  • Scored 90% and gained "SEO Expert level" qualification in SearchEngineLand's SEO Quiz Question and Answers on January, 2016
  • Pursuing Certificate in DoubleClick Rich Media Fundamentals from Google Digital Marketing Academy.
On Page Optimization:

                SEO audit, Canonicalization, Meta tags, Header tags, Keyword research, Image optimization, Internal linking structure, Anchor text diversification, Content optimization, URL optimization, Page redirects, Fixing HTML and CSS validation errors and broken links, and Lead conversion landing page optimization, Optimizing custom 404 page. Generating XML and Robots.txt files, Developing HTML sitemap, Video sitemap and Image sitemap,

Off Page Optimization:

                Social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. Optimizing YouTube Channel, Wiki pages optimization, Video sharing and image sharing activities, Running link building campaigns, such as press release and article postings, Local business listings, Blog posting and Forum postings, RSS feed submissions, Event site listing, Business profile creation submissions. Email Marketing and content marketing.

Digital Marketing Skills

Website Analysis | SEO Audit | Search Engine Optimization | Keyword Research | Link Building | Website Traffic Optimization | Content Optimization | On Page & Off Page Optimization | Google Analytics | Google Adwords | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | PPC Management | Small Business SEO | Market Research | Google Maps | Online Branding | Internet Marketing | Competitor Analysis | Customer Acquisition | Conversion Optimization | CRM | Bid Management |Search Engine Ranking | Digital Strategy | Social Media Marketing (SMM)  | Google Web Master Tools and Social Networking | Web Analytics | Online Advertising | Affiliate Marketing | E-mail Marketing | Social Media Optimization (SMO) | Leads generation| Driving the Organic, Referral and Paid Traffic | ROI Measurement and Reporting | Blogging |Technical SEO | Implementation of Link Building Campaigns | Content Marketing | ORM |

Technical Skills
MS-Office, HTML, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, WebMaster Central Tool, WordPress, DotNetNuke (DNN), CSS etc.
Tools Knowledge
Alexa, Google Analytics Tool OR Google Webmaster Central Tool, Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Google Traffic Estimator Tool, Google SK Tool, Google Trend, Google Base, XML Sitemap Generate in Google, Yahoo Explorer and Bing (MSN) Spyfu, iSpionage, Ubersugest, Advanced Web Ranking tool, Google AdWords, WordPress, Basic DotNetNuke (DNN), Google Trend, Google Insights, Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool, Word Tracker Keyword tool, Keywordspy, AHREF, Moz tools, Microsoft SEO IIS Toolkit, Webconfs, Pingdom, Google PageSpeed Insights, Web Developer Toolbar, SEO Quake, Wayback Web Archive Machine, SEO-browser, Majestic SEO, CopyScape, Feedthebot, SEMrush, Open Site Explorer, QuickSprout Website Analyzer, Schema Creator, Panguin Tool, Plagspotter, and Hoot suite, Follower Wonk, social shared, etc. online tools. 
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Top Ways to How Improve Your Online Writing Skills

Best Ways to How Improve Your Online Writing Job Skills

Online writing for landing web page content and business blog is with huge demand in this online writer trend days. Every website and business blog are needs the fresher content writer or expert copy writer job role in web blogging for business improvement online. Web writers are back ground supporters in achieving the business goals with websites and blogs. With your writing skills and online writer efforts you can turn your laptop into money make machine.Learn content management tips with Digital marketing guide.

Online Content Writing with Search Engine Optimization

Online content writing is need of search engine optimization fundamentals in order to understand the visitor search intent and target customers etc. to align the relevance writing skills or interactive writing techniques to improve the organic search visits, referral web traffic, social media visits, leads gen and online sales conversion etc. Learn what is difference of content writer and content writer to understand their job description. You can understand the required writing skills and efforts to achieve the website goals within the timelines.

Digital Marketing to Make Money Online with Web Writing Skills

Web content writer is one of the best online freelance job for income generation by making money online. You can earn money with web content writing skills and efforts. Write to earn money is no need of any internet marketing degree and online training certification. Digital marketing channels like Google search engine optimization, Social media marketing, Affiliate marketing and Email marketing are playing a key role in make money online with web writing skills and latest writing techniques

Best Tips to Improve Content Writing Skills
  1. Content theme must focus on target audience benefits
  2. Curate user search content for target visitors and businesses
  3. Design the page content that is brief and concise with target keywords
  4. Ignore keyword density for long or brief write-ups content that helps the audience
  5. Aim to relevance, interactive and search interest-based content
  6. Provide business or industry stats, facts, user data and quotes
  7. Write 1 to 2 articles per every day or correct whatever is wrong in your write-up
  8. Read the local and national newspaper or online articles to understand how to journalism writing
  9. Use a new word in the language dictionary to develop your online writer job skills
  10. Join in any Online blogging - blogger groups
  11. Create a content editorial plan and post accordingly
  12. Curate user based attention grabbing title and landing page content
  13. Practice conversational writing style
  14. Use a checklist for online writing for web page  
  15. Visualize your content theme ideas wit relevant images
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Better Search Engine Optimization for Websites

 Do a Better Search Engine Optimization for Website

Search engine optimization for a website is making the website optimization and online promotion effectively with best seo tactices to get a head of web competition. The search engine optimization for website is begin with a website audit and competitor analaysis to analyze the current website competitiveness over the web. SEO strategy for new websites is differ from older well established sites and business blogs. So what is your Digital Marketing Guide for SEO?

SEO for Website Optimization Practice

SEO for website optimization is start with website audit process including analysis of site on-page factors, keyword selection strategy, content audit, current seo optimization issues, goals alignment etc. Are you looking begin with seo for your website? Then, get here how to seo for a website. The SEO audit report is consist of website analysis for major on-page seo factors such as site navigation, information architecture, keywords selection process, primary keywords optimization and secondary keywords optimization, image optimization, etc. to analyze & improve the user experience and visitor retention.

Web Page Content Optimization with Keywords

How to optimize keywords in best places of web page content is one of the key practice in online content optimization. The online content optimization is improves the relevance for user search. Website User search behavior analysis is required to understand the visitor's search intent to prepare the user-centric content development for web pages. How to prepare User interactive content or visitor education content or interactive online content creation is begin with selection of effective target keyword phrases for website. So, what are your keywords in your online internet marketing strategy for your website and how do you optimize keywords for seo ranking improvement?

Choose and Select Efficient Keywords for your Web Pages

After determining the best keywords for your website pages (NOT to entire website); the next process in the organic SEO for website optimization is developing the user-centric web content for target visitors and search engines. Many webmasters are regularly updating the website with unique content. SEO analysts are preapare unique on-page seo checklist for web pages optimization. Let your online internet optimization company or consultant in doing their SEO analyst job role in website optimization and marketing.

Write Unique Value Offering User Content for Better Visitor Engagement

Unique content by defination is the content that not appeared on online. This NOT enough to reach your target potential customers. To reach the potential online customers you need to develop unique value offering web content with target keywords phrases. The unique value offering web content development is user searching online content creation. Your web page content should enhance the role of On-page SEO optimization for your website performance. Use various content writing tools to curate effective web page copy with user search intent orintation.

Content Marketing is New SEO Strategy

Hire the web content writers when you not able to produce user-centric online content. Many seo companies and seo consultants are providing this user contnet writing services at lower prices. Try to ask them to write for business blogging to get ROI by reaching potential internet customers. Your web content is playing the major role in seo efforts success. Online content writing is differ from copywriting. Know here the difference between content writing and copywriting. Content marketing strategy is now becoming the latest seo tactice in website promotion.

Search Engine Submission for Website Crawling and Indexing

The next step in seo for website optimization is submitting your website to target search engine such as Google etc. There are 2 ways are exists in submitting the website for crawling and indexing with higher rate. Creating the Robots.txt file and submission in Google Webmasters tool is 1 st and effective process for website crawling at faster rate.

Ways to Improve Website's Crawling and Indexing Rate

Anothe way to improve the website's crawling and indexing process is XML Sitemap creation and submission in Google Webmasters tool. Online pinging services are also improves the website crawling and indexing process at Google search engine. Create various types of Sitemap with Sitemap generator tools and softwares to develop latest Sitemaps and submit them in search engine for improved crawling and indexing process for your website.

Your Website Promotion Activities are Off-Page SEO Tactices

After publishing thye web page content you need to start website promotion activities as a part of your search engine oprimization strategy. This is wellknown as off-page seo and a unique process of website marketing with quality inbound backlinking techniques. All backlink sources are not necessorily good for your website.

All your Off-Page SEO Tactices are Under Google Scaner

Do careful backlink bulding strategy to get quality inbound links with regular online submission in .gov sites, .edu sites, pressreleases sites, local directory sites, industry websites etc. Linkbulding executives and fresher seo analysts are help you in identifying the best online backlink building sources and submisting your website pages in them with diversified anchor texts.

Your off-page seo promotion over the intenet is boost your on-page seo optimization efforts in gaining the search engine's reputation, user authority, visitor trust, business goals achievement. So NEVER neglect your website's off-page seo marketing with automate backlinks generating softwares and online tools, buying backing links, link wheeling etc.black hat seo tactices to improve your website performance with backlink building activities. 

Analyze Latest Google Algorithms Updates to Stay Top

Track and measure the latest Google algorithms updates including content algorithms changes like Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Venice, Hummingbird algorithms updates etc. and Link profile algorithms such as Google Penguin update and other changes etc. in order to make your website optimization, online promotion efforts most seo friendly with ethical search engine optimization tactices to gain longlasting top position in SERP search reults for your target keywords. Follow organic seo optimization tactices to improve your website traffic and online conversions with ethical website optimization strategy.

Make Google as your SEO Trainer

Google is playing as a SEO trainer job in promoting your website over the internet with organic search engine optimization strategies and teach you seo education with latest seo tips, website improvement methods, ethical seo activities, how to beat your competitors with simple seo tactice, how to avoid digital seo disorders, what is effective seo optimization strategy for website etc. Find and read Google's messages in your Google Webmasters tool account. Stick to Google webmaster and content guidelines to adapt to best seo tactices to rank in top 1 position in SERP results, to gain regular leads, to improve sales conversion etc. Learn how to track and measure your seo efforts performance with SEO KPIs.

Digital Marketing Guide for Website SEO Optimization

Read Google's Digital Marketing Guide on SEO pactice course and learn organic SEO tactices. Become yourself own SEO consultant with specializing in ethical search engine optimization services for your website and improve your SEO efforts for better ROI results with Better Search Engine Optimization for Website. 
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Online Internet Marketing Strategy for Website Performance

What is your Online Internet Marketing Strategy to Improve Website Performance?

Is it ethical organic SEO tactices or any other online internet marketing strategy?

Digital marketing guide article on How Online Internet Marketing Strategy Improve Website Performance.

SEO is a ROI Results-Oriented Online Internet Marketing Tactice

SEO is a return ROI results-oriented web tactice if you manage your website optimization and online internet marketing strategy. Many webmasters, website owners and seo managers, business bloggers are focus on digital marketing campaign metrics such as website or web page rank, search engine traffic, referral traffic, leads gen and online sales conversion, revenue generation, online reputation management, branding, error free web site etc.

How to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Websites

How to learn and how do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing online internet marketing process. Company marketing and sales teams identifying the value of website optimization and how seo optimization is driving regularly qualified leads, sales conversion, online revenue generation via search traffic and referral, direct traffic. However, SEO on-page optimization and technical search engine optimization are changing constantly and resulting like a unriped grapes fruits with sore taste results for many webmasters. SEO for new websites is differ from SEO tactices for older websites.

Search Engine Optimization tactice NOT a Black Hole in Sky

Many small medium business website owners and newbie bloggers treating seo is a black hole as search engine optimization tactice are changing everyday in unknown dark directions under search engine algorithms updates scanners. Beginner seo executives and marketing job employees are face too many questions such as why websites need seo optimization, how to do seo for websites, where do I measure my SEO efforts, how to do effective keyword research, how to select relevant keywords to my business, how analyze your visitor's search intent etc.

Measure your Online Internet Marketing Campaign Results

Every website seo optimization and online internet marketing campaign is trackable and measurable with web analytics tools and other softwares of search engines also third party companies. In the online internet marketing campaign, your every effort for linkbuilding, content creation, content marketing, website optimization, keyword research, competitor analysis, visitor search behaviour analysis etc. are under scanning and able to report daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly depending on client requirement.

Improving your Website Performance with Online Internet Marketing Strategy

Google constantly change their all search engine algorithms, sometimes without any prior confirmation of Core Algorithm Updates. Many online internet marketing consultants, expert seo analysts and seo managers, digital marketing campaign managers are playing with Google algorithms changes and planning a online internet marketing strategy in order to promote company brand, business products and services to gain the web goals. Small medium business owners need to learn seo to understand where to invest money for online internet marketing strategy. Learn digital marketing course at your flexible hours for getting your better future with overall website performance improvement.

Organic Search Engine Optimization Services for Website ROI

SEO company consultants and senior web marketing professionals are providing search engine optimization services as part of their online internet marketing services with ethical and organic seo tactice to improve website performance to get into longlasting Top 10 in search results page one to earn ROI for seo optimization efforts. One of the primary goal of every website owner is reaching the potential customers to communicating, engaging, and gaining leads, sales, revenue for seo investment on sources like Google search optimization, referral traffic management, content management strategy, conversion rate optimization etc. Measure your website optimization strategy with SEO KPIs in order to avoid SEO disorders and to determine how is your website performance after an effective organic search engine optimization practices pediocally.

Attend Global digital Marketing Training in Digital Media Education

Nowadays internaltional Indian metrocities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, Hyderabad cities etc. are becoming main centers for global digital marketing training in digital media education. Regular computer training institutes and technical courses training institutes are offering search engine optimization training, search marketing training, email marketing course training, affiliate marketing course training, social media marketing course training, and content marketing (a new SEO trend) training, blog training etc.

Get Certify with Online Internet Marketing Degree

After your digital marketing course completion, You can get certified in popular online internet marketing certification courses. You can get the practical knowledge in website design and development to website optimization & online promotion with online internet marketing tactices along with the online internet marketing degree or digital marketing education degree.
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Digital Marketing in Hyderabad to Promote Your Website and Company Business Online

Digital Marketing Consultants (DMC), Online Internet Marketing Expert in Hyderabad

Digital Marketing Consultants is a Digital Marketing services Hyderabad based since 2009. Digital Marketing Consultants (DMC) is delever Digital Marketing expert services in Hyderabad and initiative by real-time digital marketers in Hyderabad, Secunderabad Cyberabad in brand promotion, brand positioning, search traffic improvement, referral visits improvements, lead gen, online sales conversion optimization and improvement. Experience with more than 7 yeras of DM, founded to grow a Digital Marketing company and convert it into a bankable digital brand with SEO SEM SMO SMM EMail Marketing AdSense, ROI Conversion etc.

DMC is Skillful Digital Media Marketing Agency in Hyderabad

Digital Marketing Consultants (DMC) is a young skillful digital media marketing agency to provide digital solutions for B2B and B2C small medium business company websites with customer-centric promotion with digital marketing strategies by ensuring latest search engine algorithms updates to gain the ROI of digital marketing efforts with industry specific professional online internet marketing services across the Telangana and AP.

Digital Marketing Consultants (DMC) is delivering maximum ROI by developing and executing online internet marketing strategies that are unique to each website and digital marketing project & client. Digital Marketing Consulting experts analyze the current situation with seo and content audit to develop a online internet marketing plan and execute the digital marketing plan for your website or company or business products and services. The digital marketing strategy is to make your potential online customers or consumers, more engaging and converting online them into busness leads and revenue, sales potential.

One of Digital Marketing Consultants (DMC)'s primary goals is to reach your business goals through captivating websites and online presence with digital advertising and online marketing services in view of user and search engine friendly. DMC follow a two way process where in Digital Marketing Consultants (DMC) exchange ideas with Digital Marketing services clients, so that both benefit maximally from the Digital Media Marketing collaboration approach that make DMC as an digital marketing extension of their client’s in-house digital media marketing team.

Why Choose Digital Marketing Consultants (DMC) - Marketing Partners for Success
  1. DMC value our clients and their trust in Digital Media Marketing Consulation Services.
  2. DMC Provide quality web design services and Digital Marketing services.
  3. DMC's web services are not restricted to one particular category in online advertising & Digital media promotion.
  4. Provides SEO services and business blogging services for WordPress / DotnetNuke / CMS based e-commerce or retail websites along with other industry sites and business blogs those need to Blogging from TRASH to CASH.
DMC Vision

DMC Vision is being as a valuable digital marketing extension of their client’s in-house marketing team, providing trackable and measurable ROI through transformational digital marketing efforts that result in profitable outcomes of digital marketing strategies. (digital marketing KPIs).

DMC Core Values

DMC's main core value is answering your phone call for clarifying your big ideas online with digital marketing services and website design & online internet marketing to deliver the profitable outcomes ROI with marketing strategies. Your phone call to ... will help us better understand specific ways DMC can help you market your online presence and business accessible with best Digital Marketing.

DMC Goal is Helping Make Online Businesses More Accessible with Digital Strategies

Your Online Presence Shouldn't Be Ordinary

Digital Marketing Consultants (DMC) Help you Stand Out in a Sea of Sameness Online by helping you build your online brand and capture qualified leads with conversion optimization for sales and revenue generation. DMC help you to measure your Digital Marketing Strategy Performance with KPI.

Interested in Website Marketing and Designing a Digital Marketing project? Let's Talk with DMC Hyderabad

Digital Marketing Consultants (DMC) is coming up with big ideas on small budgets for local and national & international clients, many of whom were small medium business owners and budget (investment) control for corporate companies. DMC is A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency Hyderabad based for website marketing for event, conference, ecommerce, retail, consumer goods, Adsense approval for blogs and websites, hospitality, education, universities, online colleges, HR recruitment portal, Accountant, Personal training, Business tax, health medical, relationship advice, entertainment, SEO Blogging, Webdesign, business blog writing, Digital marketing services, Top Webhosting Affiliate Marketing Companies Offers and Discount Coupons,  etc.

Talk to DMC to Know How to Improve your Website Presence Online

Digital Marketing Consultants (DMC) will work closely with you and your in-house team including seo analyst jobs, digital marketing analyst jobs, digital marketing internships etc. to enhance your current online marketing efforts with DM strategy ideas. Let's call to know how DMC can help you by improving your website online presence, brand building and capturing qualified leads, sales conversions, online inetrnet marketing ROI with Digital Marketing efforts.

DMC can work throughout your company’s life Keys to Success in Marketing Your Website and Business Products, Services Online. Avoid digital media marketing disorders. DMC help you in capturing longlasting online market share with search engine optimization strategy for your new and older websites.

Digital Marketing Consultants (DMC) is market your website and company business online. Let's talk with DMC to discuss how it can help your company get to the top of the Google search results - and stay longlasting position there with website search optimization process and off-page linkbuilding strategies.

Get from DMC

SEO for Schools University websites
SEO for Education, College websites

DMC Sponsering this Digital Marketing Guide at free Cost but with its Blogging Content

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How to SEO for New Websites and Older Website Pages

Search Engine Optimization for Websites

Why website owners and many webmasters are looking search engine optimization (SEO) is NOT a secrete practice. Websites required to place in the top search engine results in order to receive organic search traffic from online sources like search engines etc. SEO components such as on-page optimization and off-page optimization also technical seo optimization tactice are playing key role in a website success on online along with other factors.

On-page optimization is Heart of Search Engine Optimization Strategy for a Website

The website on-page optimization is wellknown as on-site optimization and being as heart of search engine optimization strategy for a website planning to promote online with organic seo tactices and ethical seo services. Web pages are one of the major sources to optimize the visitor landingpages with target user keywords and quality content. Learn here how to pick best keyphrases and how to optimize the primary keywords and best practices for secondary keywords optimization.

Effective SEO Strategy is Differ from Regular SEO Optimization

Effective seo strategy is begin with keywords selection for new websites and blogs. For older websites, the seo strategy is need plan differently instead of routine seo marketing plan. For older websites and business blogs, the seo optimization and marketing is need to analyze the existing user or visitor data collected from Web Analytics and Webmaster tools and in-house staff ideas etc. befor developing the effective digital marketing strategy (seo marketing).

SEO Strategy for New Websites

The effective search engine optimization for new websites is need the in-depth analysis of visitor kywords those most relevant to your business products and services. The keyword research is should be do the website design and development before launching. User search intent analysis is laying a path to identify the effictive keywords for your new website pages.

Effective SEO Strategy for New Website Pages

Here is the latest and effective seo optimization for a web page. The seo strategy is simplified to understand the major steps in website search engine optimization process. The step-by-step SEO Strategy for New Websites is,

Keywords Research > Keyword Analysis > Selecting Primary Keywords > Choosing Secondary Keywords > SEO Audit > Content Analysis > Content Creation > Content Optimization > On-Page Optimization of a Landingpage.  

After landingpage audit, all pages depending your priority one by one will be optimized with latest search engine optimization strategy aligning to web goals. Tracking and how to measure your seo optimization efforts with SEO KPIs are come up next level of seo strategy.Hire or take the help of SEO analyst and Digital Marketing managers on How to select Best Keywords for Website Content Optimization.

Reasearch online to find the new visitors to reach them and to turn them into target customers. Then prepare a detailed seo marketing plan with the ways to reach your target customers online with effective keywords research and web page content optimization, visitor engagement, customer education writing and user relevance writing tactices. SEO for fresher websites is need the regular report your website SEO strategy with SEO Optimization and Marketing activities.

Effective SEO Strategy for Older Website Pages and Blogs

You can improve the established older website performance that is with poor seo results by analyzing the various factors of website including onpage seo audit, technical seo analysis, content audit and visitor data analysis etc. The audit of various factors and web page elements can give you a strategy on How can you improve website leads number morethan 450% with effective on-page seo optimization. Improve Your Website Optimization and SEO Skills if you are fresher seo analyst.

Step-by-Step Workout SEO for Older Website Pages

Here is the latest and effective seo optimization for older website pages. The effective seo strategy is simplified to understand the major steps in older website's search engine optimization process. The step-by-step workout SEO Strategy for Older Websites is,

Collection of Visitor Data > Visitor Behaviour Analysis > SEO Audit > Keywords Research > Selecting Primary Keywords > Choosing Secondary Kewords > Content Analysis > Content Creation > Content Optimization > Technical SEO Audit > On-Page Optimization of a Landingpage. 

After the seo audit (including both, technical seo and webpage seo practice) you can find that there are website's technical elements are interfering in regular seo optiization process. Auditing and identifying those what are technical factors of website impacting the website performance will give you opportunity to focus in what areas your seo analyst and website designers need work together to improve the website optimization results. For example: Web page speed management practice and  choosing seo friendly themes and templates etc. You can plan a comprehensive seo and best practices of web page content curation for business blogging from trash to cash. The SEO for education websites is differ from SEO strategy for automobile sites.

Website Performance is Main Purpose of Search Engine Optimization

Website optimization process is with the keyword optimization in HTML codes, content delevopment for visitor winning and making the every web page for search engine crawling & indexing. By crawling and indexing of a website pages optimized with search engine optimization tactice is not automatically promote and rank your website pages in any target search engine.

Follow Website Performance Guidelines and Avoid SEO Disorders

All search engines are have their own webmaster guidelines and web page content guidelines those testing each web pages before ranking for seo optimization. All best SEO companies and top, corporate seo consultants are having the clear idea on these guidelines those playing major role in website ranking and performance improvement. Regulary check for webmaster guidelines, content guidelines and search engine algorithms updates to avoid the seo disorders and to prepare a effective seo optimization and marketing stretegy for new websites and older website pages
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Keywords for Website Optimization with User search Intent Analysis

Keywords for Website Content Optimization

Linkbait evergreen webpage content is key for content marketing strategy for a website promotion on online. User search intent is playing the crucial role in curating the web contnet that is searchable by target visitors. User search intent analysis is the first step of Linkbait evergreen web content development that is allowing or attracting the customers in defferent stategs of sales funnel of online conversion process resulting in capturing the potential target customers as business leads and sales conversions for growth of business. What are best keywords tools for search engine optimization and web users optimization. Are you optimizing search results for your website and online business growth. Are you analyzing your keywords website optimization to optimize search engine results.

Keywords for Search Engines and Users

The web content is like a mercury as it can change its form depending on the user search intentnsion and search behaviour change. The visitors search intent is helps in creating the various types of content searching by users and online audiences. User Search Intent Keyword Research is cornerstone for User Intent Marketing. Analyze your target audiences and online customers with effective keyword research process.

Enquire Search Engine Optimization Company Experts for SEO Keywords Analysis

Take the help of in-house seo optimizers aor hire the organic search engine optimization company those acts ad User Intent Marketing analyst to determine the qualified customers to reach your digital marketing goals such as visitor education, qualified leads generation, online sales increase, brand awareness, and search engine ranking, revenue improvement, customer communication etc. Learn how to optimize website with the best keyword research tool for advanced search engine optimization.

Avoid Dgital Marketing Disasters with Website Optimization and User Content

Hire Ethical SEO company and search engine optimization consultants to avoid the dgital marketing disasters. These seo agency specialists and digital marketing experts of your local SEO companies are tack and measure your your SEO strategy performance with SEO KPIs. There are a number of ways to reach your target customers market online and offline. To reach your fanbase online, website search engine optimization is playing major role via keywords analysis and optimizing the content as per user search intent.

Enquire Search Engine Optimization Services for SEO Keywords Analysis

Keywords are specific to each niche or industry. For example, content based websites like university college sites etc. are shows differ in user search intention and can be identified during the advanced keyword research analysis. The SEO for schools websites is different to SEO for college education sites in the digital marketing campaign. Enquire best search engine optimization expert services for SEO keywords analysis for target user optimization.

Optimize your Website with Keyword Recommendation Tool

In addition to this website optimization there a lot of factors are helping directly and indirectly. Don't answer simply picking up the SEO supporting website theme is help in website optimization and online promotion. Website theme and template is one of the prior SEO optimization opportunity to how to choose SEO supporting website theme.

Technical SEO Audit to Optimize your Website for Search Engines Performance

Website loading speed is one of the theme and template dependent element playing a major role in technical SEO optimization. Technical SEO analysis is help in analyzing the technical search engine optimization. Code to Text ratio is one of hidden technical parameter of any website playing its role in search engine ranking and gaining the SEO ROI.

Analyze Website User words with Keyword Lookup Tool

Longtail keywords are present trend and goldmines of web page keyword analysis. The initial step in evergreen web page content writing is understanding the user requirements on what types of content they searching online. There are a lot of online tools for keyword research and analysis. These keyword tools and softwares analyze the keyword entered to reasearch the user search behaviour and determining the matching most relevant relevant keyphrases to your business products and services for your business growth. Learn the fundamentals of content management strategies for your websites and business blogging. Keyword gropuing is playing main role in content development strategy at initial level and have improtant role in various content management strategies.

Content Management Strategy Development

Content Strategy with keywords for User-centric content creation is the making the web pages ready for online competition. The keyword types are helping in navigating the website visitors into a sales funnel for customer conversion in different levels. You need to understand that content strategy for mobile is differ from content strategy for social media sites. The content strategy for user-centric web pages is differ from business blog content management. The success of conversion process is depended on the development of user-centric content strategy. Learn the types of content analysis before web user search optimization.

Interest, Intent and Conversion are Goals of your Content Strategy

On ecommerce websites and other websites looking the online conversions of target customers are build a well structured multi-level sales conversion funnel. Find keywords of a website to increase the site performance to next level. Understand your search engine optimization words those acting as website optimization tool between search engine and target users.

How to Improve Leads Sales with SEO Keywords Analysis for Search Engine Optimization Program

Level  of Sales Funnel             Criteria of Buyer Behaviour on Online

  • Top - level    -   Visitors are shows awareness and some interest on searching product or service on online
  • Middle - level   -   Visitors are shows interest and intent towards the searching product or service on online
  • Bottom - level   -   Visitors are shows ready to convert depending on your brand, authority, discount coupons etc.                                                             
SEO Keywords Analysis for SEO campaign ROI
Keywords Analysis for SEO Program ROI

Selecting Keywords for SEO Tags for Website Optimization

The main goals of SEO is improving search visitors, customer conversions, sales, revenue generation ROI, business growth, branding etc. are mainly depending on choosing and selecting the right keywords for website optimization with search engine optimization process. SEO company consultants and digital marketing managers are always recommends the unique keywords in the seo tags and web page elements on each web page to target as per the goals. Web Developers, Website Designers, Content Writers, Product Analysts, Sales & Marketing team etc. are playing key role in keyword selection and website optimization in addition to SEO analysts and digital marketing manages.

Pick Best Keywords for Website Content Optimization

How do you choose best keywords for website optimization is cornerstone for your overall SEO efforts and ROI achievement.Digital Marketing Guide is suggest you all to Get Success with Advanced Keywords Analysis and Optimization by Selecting Keywords for SEO Tags for Website Optimization. Learn here how to pick the best keywords for website optimization and page content creation.

Types of Keywords Queries

There 3 major keyword queries are exists depending visitor search intent. They are namely,
  1. Navigational Queries - Example: Microsoft, Dell, Apple, Genera Motors, etc.
  2. Informational Queries - Example: Weather in London, Temperature in Florida, etc.
  3. Transactional Queries - Example: Night flights to Singapore, Last minute travel packages etc. 
 How to Optimize all these Three types of Keyword Queries with SEO Optimization for Website Performance Improvement

1) How to Optimize Navigational Queries Kewords for Website Optimization

Select keywords for seo tags for website optimization
Select best Brand named keywords for website optimization for SEO benefits

2) How to Optimize Informational Queries Kewords for Website Optimization
How to Select keywords for website optimization with seo tags
Select best Informational keywords for website optimization for SEO benefits

3) How to Optimize Transactational Queries Kewords for Website Optimization

How to Pick commercial keywords for website optimization with seo tags
Select best Transactional keywords for website optimization for SEO benefits

(Download Digital Marketing Guide's - Keyword Analysis for SEO ROI)  (Excel Sheet)

Keywords for Website Optimization with Visitor Search Intent Analysis

There are different types of keyword queries available in the website content development and optimization process. So the content management strategy is required to strategise well and user-centric for capturing the potential target customers. User presence in the sales conversion funnel from top to bottom level can results in success in the conversion strategy. Attracting the online searchers and letting them through different levels of sales funnel is not a simple task. It is ongoing costumer communication and conversion process with trustworthy, authority and expertise content management strategy. What tool is you using for user keyword research analysis is impact the seo optimization and Website performance improvement with content optimization and management.

Use Best Tools for User Keyword Research Analysis for SEO Improvement

Use the best tools for user keyword research analysis for SEO Improvement. Determining the how to target the right audiences with right type of web content and letting them into the simplified sales conversion funnel is the secrete mantra of successful digital marketing agencies and search engine optimization companies. Understanding the user needs and aligning the content strategy as per the needs of user search intent is the foundation of web content writing or web copywriting to achieve your goals such as building the authority, user trust, improving awareness and receiving quality inbound links, lead apturning also sales conversion, online revenue generation etc.

Keywords for Website Optimization with Types of Content Writing with User search Intent Analysis

Focus more and more on evergreen type of content forms such as online resources, user FAQs, How to, Where to, Pressreleases, Videos, Casestudies, new Landingpages, Tutorials, Checklists, and other download offering along with special discount coupons are playing the major role in quick conversion of customers appering in the sales conversion funnel of your digital marketing campaign.

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How User Search Intent Keyword Research is User Intent Marketing

User Search Intent Keyword Research is User Intent Marketing. Learn How?

Why you need User Keyword Research for your Website' Digital Marketing. See and DIY analyze the types of user search behavior and what is user search intention.

Advanced User Keyword Research for Website Digital Marketing
Example of Types of User Search Intent in Google

User search keyword research and brainstorming strategy is NOT a oneshot activitity for SEO Analysts and Digital marketing managers. If you ignore the keyword research and semantic optimization strategy, then you are planning to failing in SEO for your websites. What will happens if you have not doing keyword research for your website. Is it a best seo practice for website optimization and marketing online. 

Organic Search Engine Optimization - Digital Marketing Guide

There are a lot of opportunities useful in the search engine optimization process helps you in promoting the website on online in order to reach your web goals predecided. Keywords are user search terms those typed in search engines search box to get the relevant results for their needs. To your website more relevant to target users; you need to have the keyword phrases research and strategy in your digital marketing campaign strategy. Use the available best online tools for keyword research for Ethical Search Engine Optimization of your Digital marketing campaigns.

How Pendem Raju Improved leads online with keywords optimization strategy
Online leads Numbers from 345 to 1250 with Advanced Keywords Analysis and Optimization

How to Do Keyword Research for SEO - Think Target Users First, Not Keywords

From the more than 5 years of digital marketing job experience; it was found that many clients are still ignoring the latest keyword research and strategy for websites optimizing for target search engines as well users. Relevance, search volume and real-time competition are playing the crucial role in determining the effective keywords those make your digital marketing campaign to online success. If you are ignoring the relevance keywords research then you are not making your website search engine friendly optimization and online promotion. You can loss the benefits of keywords research strategy.

Attend Digital Marketing Training for Organic Search Engine Optimization ROI

Organic search engine optimization is higly remarkable for new startup websites and larger websites. The SEO analysts and digital marketing managers  are prepare their digital marketing campaigns as per the assigned goals. The online marketing report plan is developed as per the latest Google algorithms update changes and user search behavior analysis process. Learn seo optimization with digital marketing training courses. You can learn advanced tactices in how to perform keyword research for seo.

How to Determine Keywords - Is it Identifying the keywords into Primary and Secondary Keyphrases?

To make all your website pages search engine & user-friendly, each webpage is need to optimize with target keyphrases as primary keywords and secondary keywords. There are a lot difference between primary keywords and secondary words. Digital marketing guide is suggesting you to prepare a keyword research checklist before keyword analysis for seo for website or keyword analysis for blog posts. 

Primary keywords = User search terms most relevant to your products and services
Secondary keywords = User search terms using in the industry or domain of your products and services

Learn here how to optimize primary keywords for website pages. In the organic search engine optimization (ethical SEO) process the keywords are playing a key role in achieving the online goals such as web traffic, sales conversions etc. Keywords are able to calculate your Return On Investment ROI of your digital marketing campaign. These phrases can tell about your online marketing and website optimization strategy following or followed.

Keyword Selection is Science. So Choose Best Seedwords and Relevant phrases as your Target Keywords

Keyword research and selection is Science. How to select the efficient keywords is artistic one with most scientific based. User search behaviour is the major factor mainly analyzed before choosing the effective keyterms (relevant to your products or services). Relevance is the main criteria deciding the the success of your website optimization and online promotion strategy. All keyphrases are not relevant to your marketing campaign and website optimization strategy.

NOT all Keywords are Relevant, so Choose Best for your Digital Marketing Optimization

During the digital marketing training, you will learn the science in picking up the most relevant keywords and how to optimize with an internet marketing strategy. Truly there is no need of any certification in online internet marketing degree education. You need to aware of how to analyze your audiences and types of user search behaviour ec. sales & marketing knowledge. Finding out the best and most relevant keywords are not easy task. The science part of keyword research and selection is deals with the best ways on how to find the relevancy and how to measure the keyword efficiency. You can track and measure your digital marketing campaign success (ROI) with key performance indicators (KPIs).

How to Search for Keywords - Online Sources to Where to Get your Relevant Keywords

There are 2 popular sources to get the relevant keywords. Namely they are, interanl search and identifying the keywords in target search engines.

How to do Effective Keyword Research for SEO ROI?

There are two popular sources available for every website or blog. The best sources for effective keyword research for SEO ROI are internal research and search engine analysis tools (keyword analysis softwares).

Interanl Search
  • Example: Blog or website' search box or analytics' keyword data
  • Basic and rough seedwords suggestions from interal departments or sources or client suggestions
  • Collect and Analyze internal keyword data from months to years older website
Search Engines Tools 
  • Need to type a query in the search engine search box
  • Use keyword research and analysis tools to detarmine effective user search intent terms
How Do SEO Keywords Work

Improper keyword research can results in missing the digital marketing campaign success in terms of marketing budget, ROI etc. Get here where to optimize your primary keywords on a webpage. You can learn how to optimize secondary keywords on a web page here. Your keyword optimization strategy is begin with evaluating the collected words in excel sheet for keyword mapping that is simply arranging the keyphrases page wise. Here are the best locations of a webpage require with keyword optimization. Are you looking for how do seo keywords work? Here are best locations for seo keywords optimization on a web page.

Best Locations for SEO Keywords on Web Pages
  1. Page Titles
  2. Page Description
  3. Heading texts
  4. Body of page content
  5. Interal links
  6. Anchor texts
  7. Image names
  8. Image ALTs
  9. Bolding
  10. Italics
  11. External links
User Search Intent Analysis - Find the Strategy behind your Keywords

User search intent and online purchase behaviour are crucial in determining the webite goals those able to fulfill by proper website optimization with visitor keyterms. Digital marketing company consultants, in-house seo managers are help you in aligning the online promotion for website in target search engines and target locations to reach the potential customers. Keyword research for advanced SEO is always associated with your digital marketing goals such as visitor education, qualified leads generation, online sales increase, brand awareness, and search engine ranking, revenue improvement, online communication etc. So never quit keyword research strategy for your website online promotion to achieve predefined goals through the digital marketing campaign and organci search engine optimization company strategy.

Become User Intent Marketing Specialist

Be a Search Intent Analyst with Advanced Keyword Research Strategy for Effective SEO ROI and Promotion of your Digital Marketing Campaign. No need to be a tech saavy web marketer and internet marketing degrees online education is NOT required to become a User search Analyst.

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Pendem Raju Certificate for SearchEngineLand's SEO Quiz Challenge Q & A

Pendem Raju's Search Engine Land Certificate for SEO Smarts Quiz Questions and Answers Challenge - Test Your SEO Knowledge

Pendem Raju is digital marketing analyst in Hyderabad, India. Recently in this January, when he was on online, he saw the challenge on Test Your Knowledge Of SEO - Think you're an SEO guru? Take Stonetemple's Eric Enge's SEO quiz by searchengineland's Eric Enge on January 5, 2016 on http://searchengineland.com website and attended the smarts seo quiz.

About Marketing Blogger Pendem Raju:

Pendem Raju is with more than 5 years of digital marketing job in Hyderabad and working experience on promoting the multiple domain based websites across the all major search engines. Raju work for promoting internationally as well nationally, colallythe corporate business and small business companies websites to reach multi nations target customers. Since December 2010, Raju has been working as real-time digital marketing analyst in Hyderabad in all aspects of digital media marketing for all kinds of industry websites.

Pendem Raju is a Certified Digital Marketing Analyst in Hyderabad. See here his Digital Matketing Certifications. 

Pendem Raju's Digital Marketing Certificates:

Pendem Raju's Digital Marketing Certifications:

1. Google Analytics individual qualified.
2. Google Advertising Fundamentals from Google (License 5893796545953792) in March 2015 and valid up to March 2016
3. Google Display Advertising from Google (License 5502093381074944) in March 2015 and valid up to March 2016
4. Professional Internet Marketer from SEO in Practice (License PIM-01579) in September, 2011
5. Google Adwords Professional Certified from Google in March 2015 and valid up to March 2016
6. Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Certificate in Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Course
7. 90% Scored and gained Expert level qualification in SearchEngineLand's SEO Quiz Question and Answers on January, 2016. Here the certification from Searchengineland Smart SEO Quize results of http://searchengineland.com' challenge on Test Your Knowledge Of SEO.

Pendem Raju, Digital Marketing Expert in Hyderabad is Scored 90% in SEO Quiz Challege and acquired SearchEngineLand "Expert" Certificate
Pendem Raju, Digital Marketing Expert in Hyderabad is Scored 90% in SEO Quiz Challenge and acquired SearchEngineLand "Expert" Certificate

Test Your SEO Smarts!

SEO Quiz Challenge Result:

Digital Marketing in Hyderabad India

Expert# (90%) Scored- Pendem Raju

Blogger of Digital Marketing Guide

Impressive! You really know your SEO! 

Digital Marketing expert in Hyderabad Pendem Raju with SearchEngineLand Certificate for SEO Quiz Challege
Pendem Raju - Digital Marketing Expert
Quiz SchoolTake this quiz & get your score
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Technical Writing in Hyderabad, India - Become a Technical Content Writer

Technical Writing Jobs in Hyderabad, India - Technical Content Writer Job Description

Technical Writer in Hyderabad, India is a highly rewarding Technical Writing career with indepth language copy writing and content editor job knowledge. The technical writers in Hyderabad based IT Softwares companies are works on developing the technical contnet for business products and services offering. They write technicall everything about from short articles to long In-Depth noveltic stories, product documents and user help guides, manuals also instructional materials, webcontent, video content, social content etc.

What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is a kind of information writing various kind of content and designing, user effective technical based documents. Developing customer conversion oriented technical content information is generally very tough exercise.

Technical Writers are Technical content Curators

Technical Writers job description includes of marketing, sales colleterals writing, technical products document preparation and technology content writing. The primary job role is brainstorming the technical documents writing and  creative copywriting ideas to reach the target fanbase or customers reach. This is not easy role as content writing jobs in Hyderabad.

Technical Writers Job Description

Technical Writers job description is not limited role. They should have savvy knowledge graphic designing, technology, current affairs, latest trends, sound subject matter experts skills, language editing, user copywriting, best contnet writing tools, technical writing tools etc.

Be a High Paid Technical Content Writer

Many companies of IT Software, banking, finance, marketing, entertainmnet etc. domains are recruiting the fresher technical content writers and experienced senior technical writers job positions after a well-planed interview structure.

Desired Criteria for Technical Writer jobs in Hyderabad, India

For Technical Writer jobs in Hyderabad, India; the desired criteria and education qualification, professional experience etc. are differ to each company and differ to each industry. For fresher technical writer jobs in Hyderabad, India is do not required to have much professional techwriting experience. The beginning of technical writing career they should able to analyze and create technical content.

Prequisites for Fresher Technical Writer Jobs in Hyderabad, India
  1. Basic to expert level language writing (English) knowledge and verbal communication skills with basic IT tools & language knowledge.
  2. Basic working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and other Image editing or graphic designing tools etc.
  3. Team playing skills
  4. Good understanding of user requirements
  5. Ability to meet deadlines
  6. Experience in video editing etc.
  7. Oral communication and
  8. Presentation skills
What Technical Writing skills are highly Paid in Hyderabad, India

The overall common prequisites technical writer skills for high paid Technical Writing Jobs in Hyderabad, India are includes of:
  1. Understands Web research skills
  2. User search trend analysis skills
  3. User copywriting in simple language
  4. Sound knowledge in technology
  5. Experience in writing tools usage
  6. Conversational writing ability
  7. User based informative articles development
  8. Flawless grammar of the user language
  9. Basic knowledge of technical IT skills
  10. Creative technical articles documents curation
  11. Researching the user technical topics
  12. Analysis of collected information
  13. Writing the technical topics
  14. Slideshows PPT development
  15. eBooks writing knowledge
  16. Technical writing tips and ideas
  17. Creation of the user attraction graphics
What Industry are Recruiting the Techwriters in Technical Writing Jobs in Hyderabad
  1. Agriculture
  2. Automotive
  3. Banking
  4. Construction
  5. Chemical
  6. Education
  7. Industrial Engineering
  8. Finance
  9. Food and Beverage
  10. Government
  11. Healthcare and Medical
  12. Human Resources
  13. Information Technology
  14. Management
  15. Manufacturing
  16. Marketing
  17. Meetings and Travel
  18. Multimedia
  19. Operations
  20. Retail
  21. Sales
  22. Professional Services
Technical Writer Career Scope

Technical writing course is help the fresher graduates and technical writing job seekers and deals with how to write technical content derivatives. If you attend the technical content writing training, you can learn the basics of Technical Reports Writing and How to write technical reports effictively. You get benefited with practical writing projects experience with technical writing tips you learned during the techwriters training that improve your writing skills to become a Proficient writer with high paid job opportunities.

Career Advice for Fresher Technical Writing Job in Hyderabad

To get a good career opportunities with fresher technical writer jobs in Hyderabad, India; you have to learn what are Technical Content Writer skills and language writing ideas.

Here is a summery of main criteria required for high paid career in Technical Writing field.
  1. Fundamental of Technical Writing and language editing skills
  2. Basic graphics design and image editing knowledge
  3. Fundamentals of Programming skills

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