PPC Ad Position in Google AdWords Advertising

PPC Ad Position in Google AdWords Advertising

PPC is the paid online advertising marketing strategies of many small medium and corporate companies promoting websites and businesses locally and internationally to promote their business products or services. They are using the search engines to promote their business products or services (including SaaS) by getting a clickable position in the search engine result pages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Vs Pay Per Click

Search engine optimization (SEO) is free process useful in website promotion on online and work successfully in long-term basis. Pay Per Click is paid advertising channel help in promoting the websites and business products or services on immediate basis and short term oriented too. Example of PPC is Google AdWords.

PPC Advertising is Online Advertisement

This PPC advertising method of web advertisement provides the website or business advertisers to set up the budget for their online advertisement cost. The online advertisement cost of investing in this PPC advertising method rely on visitor clicks. Visitors clicks whenever a similar ad displays after his search term entry. In this online advertising, PPC the platform providers charge the website or business advertisers whenever a visitor click on the displayed advertisement. The visitor click leads automatically to the advertiser’s website or web pages.

Ad position are playing key role in ROI of your budget on online advertising. Visitor clicks on the displayed or positioned ad in the search results pages. 

Determine your Ad Position

Ad position is a place where your ad is displayed to search visitors in the search results page. It is a dynamic factor influencing your PPC budget. Ad position is every time calculated whenever your ad triggered for user search term depending on your ad competition in the action. Ad position is determined with Ad Rank formula.

What is Ad Rank formula?

Ad Rank = Quality Score * Max CPC Bid

Quality Score 
  • Quality Score of your keywords is a measurement of relevance between your ads and landing page.
  • It can improved by ad extensions and other ads formats like ...
  • The relevance of your keywords and ads is helps you in achieving the top ad position even though you pay less than your competitors in action bidding.  
  • The quality score can be increased by CTR improvement, ad relevance and experience of landing page.  
Ad Position Places in SERP page

In SERP page, < 10 Ads can be appear in 2 places from after Februrary's latest AdWords shakeup update.

1. top of a search results, (2-3)
2. bottom of the search results page. (2-4)

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Pendem Raju acquiring DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals Certification

Pendem Raju is to acquire DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals Certification 

Who is Pendem Raju?

Pendem Raju is a Digital Marketing Expert in Hyderabad, working in digital media marketing with the more than 6 years experience. 

Pendem Raju acquiring DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals Certification

DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals Expert Certification is an eLearning course with easy accessible online training by Rich Media Studio Certification training on the fundamentals of how to create and manage rich media creatives by sitting in front of your desktop or laptop. Learn DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals and get certified with Rich Media. 

Why Pendem Raju is acquiring DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals Certification?

Rich Media is training online to learn how to design rich media products for advertising or promoting online in Google. To become a DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) user with working knowledge of rich media creatives, Pendem Raju is preparing with DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals Certification course materials on online. 

What is minimum score required for DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals Certification?

The required score of 80% or higher in "Fundamentals Exam" to pass and to earn DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) Fundamentals Certification after completion of basics in rich media creatives designs and other knowledge of the Fundamentals of DoubleClick Rich Media.  

What are other digital marketing certificates are Raju earned?

  • Professional Internet Marketer Certification from SEO in Practice (License PIM-01579) in September, 2011.
  • A Google Analytics individual qualified professional Certificate in Google Analytics Academy Course from Google Digital Analytics Fundamentals.
  • Google Advertising Fundamentals from Google (License 5893796545953792) in March 2014 and valid up to March 2016.
  • Google Display Advertising from Google (License 6657278103519232) in March 2015 and valid up to March 2016.
  • Google Adwords Professional Certified from Google in March 2015 and valid up to March 2016.
  • Certified from the Google in Tag Manager Fundamentals Certification
  • Scored 90% and gained "SEO Expert level" qualification in SearchEngineLand's SEO Quiz Question and Answers on January, 2016
  • Pursuing Certificate in DoubleClick Rich Media Fundamentals from Google Digital Marketing Academy.
On Page Optimization:

                SEO audit, Canonicalization, Meta tags, Header tags, Keyword research, Image optimization, Internal linking structure, Anchor text diversification, Content optimization, URL optimization, Page redirects, Fixing HTML and CSS validation errors and broken links, and Lead conversion landing page optimization, Optimizing custom 404 page. Generating XML and Robots.txt files, Developing HTML sitemap, Video sitemap and Image sitemap,

Off Page Optimization:

                Social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. Optimizing YouTube Channel, Wiki pages optimization, Video sharing and image sharing activities, Running link building campaigns, such as press release and article postings, Local business listings, Blog posting and Forum postings, RSS feed submissions, Event site listing, Business profile creation submissions. Email Marketing and content marketing.

Digital Marketing Skills

Website Analysis | SEO Audit | Search Engine Optimization | Keyword Research | Link Building | Website Traffic Optimization | Content Optimization | On Page & Off Page Optimization | Google Analytics | Google Adwords | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | PPC Management | Small Business SEO | Market Research | Google Maps | Online Branding | Internet Marketing | Competitor Analysis | Customer Acquisition | Conversion Optimization | CRM | Bid Management |Search Engine Ranking | Digital Strategy | Social Media Marketing (SMM)  | Google Web Master Tools and Social Networking | Web Analytics | Online Advertising | Affiliate Marketing | E-mail Marketing | Social Media Optimization (SMO) | Leads generation| Driving the Organic, Referral and Paid Traffic | ROI Measurement and Reporting | Blogging |Technical SEO | Implementation of Link Building Campaigns | Content Marketing | ORM |

Technical Skills
MS-Office, HTML, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, WebMaster Central Tool, WordPress, DotNetNuke (DNN), CSS etc.
Tools Knowledge
Alexa, Google Analytics Tool OR Google Webmaster Central Tool, Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Google Traffic Estimator Tool, Google SK Tool, Google Trend, Google Base, XML Sitemap Generate in Google, Yahoo Explorer and Bing (MSN) Spyfu, iSpionage, Ubersugest, Advanced Web Ranking tool, Google AdWords, WordPress, Basic DotNetNuke (DNN), Google Trend, Google Insights, Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool, Word Tracker Keyword tool, Keywordspy, AHREF, Moz tools, Microsoft SEO IIS Toolkit, Webconfs, Pingdom, Google PageSpeed Insights, Web Developer Toolbar, SEO Quake, Wayback Web Archive Machine, SEO-browser, Majestic SEO, CopyScape, Feedthebot, SEMrush, Open Site Explorer, QuickSprout Website Analyzer, Schema Creator, Panguin Tool, Plagspotter, and Hoot suite, Follower Wonk, social shared, etc. online tools. 
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Top Ways to How Improve Your Online Writing Skills

Best Ways to How Improve Your Online Writing Job Skills

Online writing for landing web page content and business blog is with huge demand in this online writer trend days. Every website and business blog are needs the fresher content writer or expert copy writer job role in web blogging for business improvement online. Web writers are back ground supporters in achieving the business goals with websites and blogs. With your writing skills and online writer efforts you can turn your laptop into money make machine.Learn content management tips with Digital marketing guide.

Online Content Writing with Search Engine Optimization

Online content writing is need of search engine optimization fundamentals in order to understand the visitor search intent and target customers etc. to align the relevance writing skills or interactive writing techniques to improve the organic search visits, referral web traffic, social media visits, leads gen and online sales conversion etc. Learn what is difference of content writer and content writer to understand their job description. You can understand the required writing skills and efforts to achieve the website goals within the timelines.

Digital Marketing to Make Money Online with Web Writing Skills

Web content writer is one of the best online freelance job for income generation by making money online. You can earn money with web content writing skills and efforts. Write to earn money is no need of any internet marketing degree and online training certification. Digital marketing channels like Google search engine optimization, Social media marketing, Affiliate marketing and Email marketing are playing a key role in make money online with web writing skills and latest writing techniques

Best Tips to Improve Content Writing Skills
  1. Content theme must focus on target audience benefits
  2. Curate user search content for target visitors and businesses
  3. Design the page content that is brief and concise with target keywords
  4. Ignore keyword density for long or brief write-ups content that helps the audience
  5. Aim to relevance, interactive and search interest-based content
  6. Provide business or industry stats, facts, user data and quotes
  7. Write 1 to 2 articles per every day or correct whatever is wrong in your write-up
  8. Read the local and national newspaper or online articles to understand how to journalism writing
  9. Use a new word in the language dictionary to develop your online writer job skills
  10. Join in any Online blogging - blogger groups
  11. Create a content editorial plan and post accordingly
  12. Curate user based attention grabbing title and landing page content
  13. Practice conversational writing style
  14. Use a checklist for online writing for web page  
  15. Visualize your content theme ideas wit relevant images
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