PPC Ad Position in Google AdWords Advertising

PPC Ad Position in Google AdWords Advertising

PPC is the paid online advertising marketing strategies of many small medium and corporate companies promoting websites and businesses locally and internationally to promote their business products or services. They are using the search engines to promote their business products or services (including SaaS) by getting a clickable position in the search engine result pages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Vs Pay Per Click

Search engine optimization (SEO) is free process useful in website promotion on online and work successfully in long-term basis. Pay Per Click is paid advertising channel help in promoting the websites and business products or services on immediate basis and short term oriented too. Example of PPC is Google AdWords.

PPC Advertising is Online Advertisement

This PPC advertising method of web advertisement provides the website or business advertisers to set up the budget for their online advertisement cost. The online advertisement cost of investing in this PPC advertising method rely on visitor clicks. Visitors clicks whenever a similar ad displays after his search term entry. In this online advertising, PPC the platform providers charge the website or business advertisers whenever a visitor click on the displayed advertisement. The visitor click leads automatically to the advertiser’s website or web pages.

Ad position are playing key role in ROI of your budget on online advertising. Visitor clicks on the displayed or positioned ad in the search results pages. 

Determine your Ad Position

Ad position is a place where your ad is displayed to search visitors in the search results page. It is a dynamic factor influencing your PPC budget. Ad position is every time calculated whenever your ad triggered for user search term depending on your ad competition in the action. Ad position is determined with Ad Rank formula.

What is Ad Rank formula?

Ad Rank = Quality Score * Max CPC Bid

Quality Score 
  • Quality Score of your keywords is a measurement of relevance between your ads and landing page.
  • It can improved by ad extensions and other ads formats like ...
  • The relevance of your keywords and ads is helps you in achieving the top ad position even though you pay less than your competitors in action bidding.  
  • The quality score can be increased by CTR improvement, ad relevance and experience of landing page.  
Ad Position Places in SERP page

In SERP page, < 10 Ads can be appear in 2 places from after Februrary's latest AdWords shakeup update.

1. top of a search results, (2-3)
2. bottom of the search results page. (2-4)


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